WTCC - Michelisz tests Honda Civic

Defending Yokohama Trophy winner Norbert Michelisz tested his new Honda Civic car for the first time on Thursday at the Circuito San Martino del Lago, nearby Cremona, in Italy.

WTCC - Michelisz tests Honda Civic

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Zengo Michelisz Norbert 2013

Michelisz and the Zengo Motorsport team joined the Honda Racing Team JAS in the test session and the Hungarian youngster sat behind the wheel of the 2012 Civic WTCC, driven by Tiago Monteiro in last year’s final three race meetings.

“The plan was to go testing as soon as our own car was ready, but because I needed to get used to the Civic it was decided to start with JAS car from last year. The first impression was really good. I was prepared to struggle in switching from BMW to Honda, but to find the feeling with the Civic was easier than expected. This test boosted my confidence looking forward to the first races of the season.

"It is amazing working with JAS Motorsport and Honda engineers. They are so professional, and have a tight schedule. I have been visiting the JAS workshop just before the test, and saw the way they work. This is a great opportunity for Zengö Motorsport to learn from them, just like for me is learning from experienced drivers like Gabriele (Tarquini) and Tiago. We share all the information and this is going to be a big, big help."

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