WTCC - Nykjaer on pole as 12 drivers penalised

The Panel of the Stewards has hit out with force at the drivers who turned today’s WTCC qualifying session at the Salzburgring into a slow procession.

WTCC - Nykjaer on pole as 12 drivers penalised

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WTCC Salzburgring

Fourteen of them were investigated and 12 deemed guilty for “Unsporting behaviour on the track which damages the image of motorsport in general and in particular the FIA WTCC” either in Q1 or Q2 or in both. The relevant offences relate to breaches of Appendix L, Chapter 4, Article 2e (that states: It is not permitted to drive any car unnecessarily slowly...) and Article 151 of the International Sporting Code.

The Stewards imposed the following grid penalties for tomorrow’s Race 1: Tarquini (6th) 24 places; Oriola (8th) 16; Coronel (12th) 15; Muller (1st), Chilton (2nd), Monteiro (7th) and Michelisz (9th) 12; Huff (3rd) 10; MacDowall (4th) eight; D’Aste (11th), Valente (18th) and O’Young (19th) five positions.

These competitors also received fines ranging from €1,000 to €6,000.

This places Michel Nykjær – the only Q2 qualifier not under investigation – on pole position for the first race.

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