WTCC - Qualifying quotes ahead of Porto race

Quotes from the three fastest drivers after today’s qualifying at Porto Boavista.

WTCC - Qualifying quotes ahead of Porto race

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Muller, Chilton, Nykjaer (WTCC)

Yvan Muller – pole position

“Driving on this type of city track is always more complicated – we lose more energy than anywhere else, plus the temperatures inside the car with the helmet, overalls and underwear is something like fifty or sixty degrees. We used our experience from two years ago, but the track has changed a little bit since then. Then, the part between Turns 10, 11, 12 and 13 was new but now the grip is much less. Also the second chicane is slightly different and the track – especially at Turn 2 – is more bumpy now. Compared to two years ago, in some places we are faster and in some we are slower. On my first attempt in Q2, I had huge oversteer at Turn 12 and probably got to within about one centimetre of the barrier. That’s why on my second attempt I lost a bit of time in that section because I was a bit more cautious. My best lap was still fast enough to be on pole position, so I am happy.”

Tom Chilton – 2nd

“Like Yvan, I also had a huge moment at Turn 12. We both changed the setup and we both held on for dear life and I’m just very happy I made it round. I took loads of risks and I was bouncing off barriers, so I couldn’t have used any more road if I’d have tried. As Yvan said, the circuit is a little different this year and there’s a massive bump on the apex to Turn 2. I really tried to hit it in the first Free Practice session and balance the car on the brake and throttle, but it just drifted further and further and I hit the wall quite hard. I saw Pepe (Oriola) try to do half of what I did in Q2 and he hit the wall; no-one can use that inside, it’s too bumpy.”

Michel Nykjær – 3rd and 1st in Yokohama Trophy

“This is a bumpy, technical track and if you push too much you are in the wall. The thing is, if you are going on the limit and you want to be P1 you have to be pushing hard. After Free Practice, we have made a major step up; we were very fast in Q2 on old tyres and so we then put new tyres on, but I was catching Gabriele Tarquini and that spoiled my lap a little bit. I have a good feeling for tomorrow. We are fast now and I thought I can make a better lap – I came into Turn 19 in Q1 sideways but my lap time was still quite fast, so I thought if I didn’t slide I could improve the time. It was a fun Qualifying for me and I’m very happy to be P3.”

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