WTCC - Salzburgring qualifying quotes

Quotes from the fastest drivers on today’s qualifying session at the Salzburgring.

WTCC - Salzburgring qualifying quotes

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WTCC Salzburgring

Yvan Muller – pole position

“That was a crazy and stupid session, but at least for me it was fine. Of course, slipstreaming is very important here, but it is better to have no slipstream than no lap time! Some drivers had no lap time and some could have improved, but didn’t. It was very strange. Qualifying did not begin well for me. The plan was for me to pull in and then to go away but unfortunately on the last corner before the start of the lap I had big oversteer and I almost crashed and that was it. Then, on the next lap, I went straight on at the chicane, so that was two mistakes for me. Then I had to go out again to make sure I was in the top twelve, but when I went out I was in the middle of maybe ten cars. That is not normal. Luckily I was able to do a lap time that was enough to get me into Q2. The strategy was a little bit different for Q2; I had to start in front of Tom and fortunately I got a bit of a tow from the Honda in front of me and that helped me a little bit.”

Tom Chilton – 2nd

“I’m very happy with the result. As Yvan was saying, not everything went to plan; we flipped a coin to decide who was doing what with slipstreaming and I was supposed to follow Yvan the first time, but he got too much oversteer through the last corner so that changed everything. I was happy to finish Q1 in P1, but I did that with no slipstream and I know that a decent slipstream is worth between five and seven tenths around here. As I went into my second run in Q2, you might have been wondering why I was holding everyone up – well I knew that my time from the first run wasn’t fast enough because I didn’t get any slipstream as I was too far behind Yvan. Going into the second run, I was wondering how much time was left and when the team told me it was less than three minutes, I asked if I could hold everyone up and that’s what I did, with Gabriele literally pushing at my bumper going ‘come on, come on’! At the end of the day, I held everyone up and the Chevrolets have saved the tyres effectively and we’re still front row as a group. If I’d pushed, it wouldn’t have helped because everyone behind me would have gone even faster.”

Rob Huff – 3rd

“I think this is a fantastic result. I wouldn’t say our performance is improving as the gap in lap times is still huge, but at the same time I have to thank these two guys on my right as I was P3 after a good lap on the first run and I think I would have improved my lap time on a second run but I would have gone backwards on the grid. It was an interesting qualifying session – it was like nothing I’ve ever experienced! I’ve never experienced crashing in first gear in a line of ten cars in qualifying before, but I experienced it today!”

Alex MacDowall – 4th and 1st in Yokohama Trophy

“That was probably the best we could have hoped for. We aimed to be on pole for the Yokohama Trophy and, like RML, James (Nash) and I flipped a coin to decide who would give the other a tow. Obviously in Q2 I got the benefit of getting a tow from James on a better set of tyres but it wasn’t a great lap and we could have gone slightly quicker. At the end of the day, I’m more than happy.”

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