WTCC - Cars make journey via train and ship

The WTCC racing cars have left the European continent, on their way for the five overseas events that will conclude the season.

WTCC - Cars make journey via train and ship

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WTCC cars make trip by train

For the first time ever in WTCC, cars and parts travelled by train, even if this happened for a relatively short southbound trip of 450 kilometres from Porto to the harbour of Sines.

The choice of loading the 29 containers on a train instead of trucks, was forced by the strike that involved the Portuguese dock workers and resulted in unloading delays.

The exclusive train left Porto on July 3; two days later in Sines the containers were loaded on the vessel MSC Soraya bound to Buenos Aires, where she is due to arrive on July 20. The Soraya is currently sailing off Africa’s West coast and heading for Cape Verde islands.

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