WVU's Bob Huggins mocks NCAA rules committee for considering changes

Bob Huggins is not a fan of the NCAA considering quarters instead of halves.

West Virginia coach Bob Huggins isn't a huge fan of the NCAA rule committee thinking about changing the college game from halves to quarters.

The experiment is currently taking place in the NIT where they essentially have four 10-minute quarters rather than two 20-minute halves. The same amount of total minutes are played, but the pace of play changes, and Huggins doesn't like it.

"I think we ought to stop having rules committee meetings in Palm Springs.They keep making changes to justify their existence. What's wrong with our game? I think they should meet here in Buffalo. In February," Huggins said.“I mean, I don’t know what’s wrong with our game. Why do we need four quarters? I think everybody plays four quarters in high school and they can’t wait to get into college and play halves.”

Men's college basketball is pretty much the only place left where halves are still played. Quarters are used at thehigh school, international and professional levels. TheNCAA women’s gamealso switched to quarters last season.

Technically the NIT has four 10-minute "segments" as the NCAA stressed in its press release on the change last month. Coaches in the NIT weren't too bothered about the rule change when asked about it prior to playing.

“I’m fine with it," Iowa's Fran McCaffery said. “I’ve done this before. A lot of times you have experimental rules at different tournaments. I think it’s fine."

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