WWE Fans Think Clash At The Castle's Main Event Was Spoiled By A Promotional Leak, Let's Talk It Out

 Drew McInTyre on Monday Night Raw.
Drew McInTyre on Monday Night Raw.

Clash at the Castle is the next upcoming WWE event that has the wrestling world abuzz, and it isn't hard to see why. After being screwed out of his chance to beat Roman Reigns at the previous event, Drew McIntyre will main event once again for a chance to win the World Heavyweight title he missed out on at WrestleMania 40. Will McIntyre be able to topple current champion Damian Priest? Well, unfortunately, fans think they might've already gotten the answer, thanks to a recent promotional leak.

The WWE is famous for keeping fans on their toes but, occasionally, some information can reach the public before the company wants it to. Such is the case for a SmackDown planned after Clash at the Castle, which has some wondering if it spoiled how everything will go down between Priest and McIntyre. Let's dive in and talk out the situation as well as what it means ahead of the event becoming streamable with a Peacock subscription:

Madison Square Garden Announced A Heavyweight Title Match For A SmackDown After Clash At The Castle

Historically, the WWE has had special plans for the shows it hosts in New York City's Madison Square Garden, even if they aren't quite as big as a PLE. The massive venue has served as the location for many memorable matches over the years and, yes, that will be the case again with SmackDown on June 28th. As fans will see, however, the main event for the big night seems to be a spoiler for what's to come, as Damian Priest is set to go against Jey Uso for the World Heavyweight Championship:

Assuming this is accurate, Drew McIntyre will once again fail to win a title in front of the UK crowd at Clash at the Castle, and Damian Priest will retain the World Heavyweight Championship. This (theoretically) means another crushing loss for Drew -- and in front of a home crowd at that. I'm sure that's a development that many wouldn't see coming, given the injuries to Judgment Day. But is this really a leak, and should WWE be concerned about the venue ruining a match result of a PLE for fans?

Does This Mean Clash At The Castle's Main Event Is Spoiled?

There have been instances in the past where the WWE social media team has mistakenly dropped a poster celebrating a match result before it happened or something else of that nature. Nevertheless, this latest promotion from Madison Square Garden for SmackDown can go either way. Damian Priest may go on to retain at Clash at the Castle, especially if CM Punk is well enough -- after his arm injury at the Royal Rumble -- to interfere again.

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Liv Morgan in the WWE
Liv Morgan in the WWE

This is so out of pocket.

At the same time, the WWE has long contended that all of the match cards it promotes ahead of events are subject to change. While it might've been a smarter idea just to announce that Jey Uso would be challenging for the World Heavyweight Championship, Damian Priest is the current champion. Should that change, Madison Square Garden would merely re-announce the main event, with Drew McIntyre in possession of the title and the new opponent of Uso.

It also goes without saying that if this was a leak the WWE didn't intend, there could be a pivot of sorts, even if Damian Priest was originally booked to win. As we've pointed out in our list of opponents who can beat Cody Rhodes, the pro-wrestling company never has a shortage of directions it can take stories using its superstars. So perhaps it's wrong to assume the poster proves anything. We'll just have to wait and see!

One thing I will say is those looking for predictions on WWE PLEs would do well to stick with CinemaBlend. Our own Mack Rawden has a solid track record, and those in doubt should check out his King and Queen of the Ring predictions as evidence.