X-Men movie writer David Hayter reveals the oddly low-key origin behind one of Magneto's best powers


It’s not quite the Mandela Effect. How about the Magneto Effect? Turns out, Magneto’s helmet having the ability to block Charles Xavier’s telepathic powers actually hasn’t been around all that long. Instead, its origins lie in a behind-the-scenes interaction during the production of 2000’s X-Men movie.

"This happened because the director said one day, ‘Why couldn’t Xavier just make Magneto go to sleep or something?’" the movie’s writer – and OG Solid Snake voice actor – David Hayter wrote on Twitter in reply to an incredulous post about how Magneto’s telepathy blocking helmet wasn’t around until the movies.

Hayter continued, "No one had an answer. So we decided it was the helmet."

So what many may have considered a key decades-old ability for Magneto (played by Ian McKellen across three movies and by Michael Fassbender in the Days of Future Past timeline of films) is actually a 21st Century invention.

And, yes, before you mention it: Juggernaut’s helmet in the 1990s X-Men animated series also blocked telepathic powers. But we’re talking about Magneto only here. It just took the leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants some time to catch up, clearly.

What next for the X-Men? Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine is getting suited up in this summer’s Deadpool 3, while the MCU is slowly but surely integrating mutants via other means. First, Ms. Marvel was namechecked as one, while The Marvels’ post-credits scene brings in the Fox X-Men movies into MCU canon by introducing Kelsey Grammer’s Beast.

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