Yahoo Fantasy launches single-game DFS contests just in time for the Big Game!

Andy Behrens
·2-min read

If you were hoping for one last chance this season to be wrong about Tampa Bay’s receivers in DFS, well ... YOU’RE IN LUCK!

We've got an easy-to-play contest you're gonna love, and plenty of you will find it profitable, too. Check out Yahoo's daily fantasy lobby or go straight to our NFL $50K Big Game Baller — which has a first prize of $10K plus a $5K MGM Resorts Vegas Getaway — and get yourself signed up.

Here are the basics of Yahoo's new single-game DFS contest (available on web only for now):

Using this Sunday’s Big game as an example...

- Choose any five players involved, operating within a $200 budget;

- Designate one of these as your Superstar, a player who receives a 1.5X scoring multiplier;

- Make sure to have at least one individual player (non-DEF) from both the Chiefs and Bucs;

- There is no fourth item, actually. We've covered everything. Told you it was easy.

All five roster spots are essentially flexes, fillable by any QB, RB, WR, TE, or DEF. Player salaries range from a minimum of $10 all the way up to Patrick Mahomes at $81. And yes, you can have both Mahomes and Tom Brady on your squad, which is pretty fun, but that pair will eat up $151 of your $200 budget. So you wouldn't be able to squeeze in, say, Tyreek Hill at $43 or Mike Evans at $31. Like any DFS contest, this game forces a few tough decisions.

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But hey, we're only talking about five choices to make involving two teams. You can fill these rosters in shockingly little time, without feeling like the hardcore DFS veterans have an overwhelming edge.

My first instinct is to stack the usual suspects on the Chiefs (Mahomes, Hill, Travis Kelce), along with a pair of Scotty Miller-variety fliers. On the other hand, a big sprawling multi-player contest might call for a contrarian approach, perhaps with a Playoff Lenny (or similar) on top. It's your call — that's the beauty of this thing.

Jump in the game, people. We've got prizes of various sizes, highlighted by that $50K Big Game Baller I mentioned earlier. How about even more ways to win? Try our free-to-enter $10K Fantasy Slate contest, where you answer a series of predictive questions about the Big Game.

Come get this money.