Yanga SC-Sevilla deal could help players move to Europe - La Liga's Botella


After signing a consultancy agreement with Spanish giants Sevilla and the Spanish top flight earlier this week, Yanga SC's players could land future deals playing in Europe, according to La Liga Africa regional manager Juan Botella.

La Liga and Sevilla entered into a three-year deal with Yanga in which they will help the African side develop in various managerial aspects.

Although the pact entails helping Yanga evolve on areas of digital transformation, marketing and sales, economic control, digitalisation or international development, Botella has not ruled out the possibility of helping players seek greener pastures in Europe.

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“The promotion of talent is certainly a fundamental aspect of the partnership, but we must not forget that first, we want to help grow the local championship,” Botella told Goal.

“Therefore, the migration of a player abroad must be seen as a possibility [in relation to the sporting scenario of each player] and we will definitively work hard to enhance local players potential with our expertise on the field.

“It is key for a professional football club to understand and interact with its fan base using data, providing them with new and better experiences, and develop its own training system using La Liga coaching techniques.

“Develop and share La Liga's unique training methodology is part of the collaboration.”

The official further elaborated how the deal will help the development of grassroots football.

“It would not make sense if we do not develop grassroots football," added the regional manager.

“It is actually one of our pillars in which we would like to help Tanzanian players and we will do it not only with Yanga but also with the Tanzanian Football Federation, an institution that we have a great relationship with.

“The transformation of the Tanzanian club will gradually take place across all different areas, in order to make Yanga a professional football entity towards efficiency entering in a new era of sports.

“We will transform the whole entity from its current management structure to digital and new technologies.”

Botella is confident the project is headed for success even though the record Tanzanian champions have tried to transform, twice before, with little success.

“The most important asset to success is the willingness and Yanga clearly have it. They are full of enthusiasm and they are ready to jump into the next step,” continued the official.

“This time they are not alone, we will walk together with them throughout the ambitious path of transformation.

“In addition to it, GSM [Yanga's sponsor], which has a broad view of the world of football and a lot of experience in various fields [logistics, trading, manufacturing, retail, travel] is also keen to support the project.

“We, La Liga and Sevilla have as well great expertise in our fields and there is no better partner than someone that already gone through the same process you are about to start.”

Coaches from Sevilla are expected to travel to Tanzania when travel restrictions are lessened in order to help jump-start the project.


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