Yellowjackets' Christina Ricci Explained Why She Gets ‘Uncomfortable’ Over One Comment She Hears About Playing Misty

 Misty smiling in Yellowjackets
Misty smiling in Yellowjackets

Every so often a new TV show will come out that gets instantly popular, and becomes fodder for  watercooler conversation. Showtime’s Yellowjackets is definitely in that category, with the second season only increasing interest in the thrilling series. Yellowjackets has a killer cast, including Christina Ricci’s version of adult Misty Day. And Ricci explained why she gets “uncomfortable” over one comment she hears about playing Misty.

Yellowjackets is so intriguing thanks to its two timelines, and long-standing mysteries like who Pit Girl is. Christina Ricci got an Emmy nomination for her performance as Misty, and clearly puts a ton of care into her character. And during an Emmys Roundtable chat that’s made its way to Instagram, the Black Snake Moan actress explained why she doesn’t like hearing about how “funny” her character is. In Ricci’s words:

I play her in the most truthful way I can and then she ends up being funny. And it makes me so uncomfortable when people tell me that they think it’s funny. Everyone’s like ‘Why don’t you want to be funny?’ And I’ll be on set and I’m friends with the other actresses and they’ll be like “Oh, you were so funny in that one.’ And I’m like ‘Mmmm.’ And they’re always like ‘You have to figure this out. Why you hate that she’s funny.’ And I think it really is because it’s like me being, my ego has melded with hers. And I’m just like, it feels like, you know what I mean? She wouldn’t want to be laughed at.

Talk about commitment. It looks Christina Ricci is so invested in her character that they’ve sort of become one entity. And since she’s playing Misty with deadly seriousness, it makes her uncomfortable to hear about how comedic her performance is for Yellowjackets. After all, Misty does take herself extremely seriously.

Those who have watched Yellowjackets might be surprised by these comments, as Christina Ricci is arguably the biggest comedic relief in the modern day timeline. But she’s simply not trying to play her scenes funny; they’re actually dramas for Misty. Later in that same roundtable she further explained her character’s motivations, offering:

And she always feels like she’s being made fun of, too. Even in the scene where they’re laughing at her, I feel made fun of. And it’s just a whole thing.

Ricci might have been preaching to the choir during this actor’s roundtable. Dame Helen Mirren agreed with that strategy, and she was even sitting next to Succession actor Danny Strong, who went viral for being a method actor while filming. His serious approach paid off with another great performance, just like Ricci’s.

Fans are already counting down the days till the Showtime drama returns to the small screen. The finale of Yellowjackets Season 2 was full of twists, especially for Misty (both of them). Audiences are ready to see how the girls survive the wilderness without a cabin, and the fallout from that big character death in the main timeline.

The first two Yellowjackets seasons are out now. Be sure to check out the TV premiere list to plan your next binge watch.