Yorkshire Air Ambulance reveals why four helicopters were seen over York this week

The helicopters during the flight <i>(Image: Yorkshire Air Ambulance)</i>
The helicopters during the flight (Image: Yorkshire Air Ambulance)

Yorkshire Air Ambulance has revealed why four of its helicopters could be seen flying over York earlier this week.

Pictures of the helicopters quickly gathered interest on social media from residents of York as well as Wakefield, where they could also been seen during the flight.

The charity said it had taken delivery of two new state-of-the-art H145 D3 helicopters called G-YORX and G-YAAA, which will replace the current G-YOAA and G-YAAC models.

There was a cross over period of when the new helicopters arrived and the old machines left, which are to be sold to an undisclosed buyer.

York Press: The helicopters flying over York
York Press: The helicopters flying over York

The helicopters flying over York (Image: Yorkshire Air Ambulance)

During this period, the charity took the opportunity for the team of pilots to capture the rare occasion where all four were in Yorkshire and took to the skies together.

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Chief pilot Owen McTeggart, who was part of the formation, said: "Witnessing the community's overwhelming response and support, and the countless photos shared, fills our team with pride and gratitude.

"We are truly humbled by the generosity and dedication shown by the people we serve."

The new D3 helicopters boast new technologically advanced features, including a five-bladed ridged main rotor, making the system simpler, lighter and easier to maintain.

For more information about the Yorkshire Air Ambulance and how you can support the charity, visit www.yaa.org.uk