Young Life to host Clays for Camp at Ranges at Oakfield

Mar. 12—THOMASVILLE — This Saturday the Ranges at Oakfield will play host to Young Life of Thomas County as they gather for their annual Clays for Camp event. The event, which will include clay shooting and a raffle for multiple items, will act as both a fellowship opportunity and a way for Young Life to raise money for camp scholarships.

"This fundraiser is gong 100% to camp scholarships for our Young Life summer camp coming up this summer," said Young Life area director Cole Ramaekers. "May 25-June 2 we're going to be taking a group of 30 Thomas County area students out to the Rockies to Young Life camp. It's called Crooked Creek Ranch. It's just an incredible, life-changing opportunity for kids to not only experience something that they've never had before, but also get to hear more about the Gospel and have just real conversations about who God is and what that means for us."

Young Life is a ministry that puts students first, supporting them wherever they are. Whether that is at the ballfield or in the lunchroom, Young Life wants to support the students of Thomas County. As Ramaekers put it, "Wherever kids are, Young Life leaders want to be." The idea is to build relationships with the students of Thomas County, helping them to feel as though they belong and ultimately lead them to faith in Jesus Christ.

"I feel like, especially today with social media and things like that, it's really easy just to stay surface level with people," Ramaekers said. "So, as Young Life leaders, we try to go deeper with kids and get to know them and through those relationship get to share the Gospel with them."

The Clays for Camp event with be hosted at the Ranges at Oakfield and shooting will begin at 10 a.m.