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Young mom makes Walmart stranger uncomfortable for saying baby was ‘flirting’ with her: ‘Gross, side-eye’

A young mom shopping in Walmart was taken aback by a stranger’s sexualized remark toward her baby, and TikTokers are applauding how she handled it.

Brooklynn, known on TikTok as @yourfriendthewitch, gained over 2 million views, 391,000 likes and 3,300 comments when she shared the uncomfortable encounter to her account.

Now, much like the complete stranger who shamed a mom for shopping for baby formula at Walmart, Brooklynn’s story has TikTokers musing at the audacity of some people.

According to Brooklynn, she and her daughter Ophie were walking the aisles of Walmart when an older woman approached them.

“Oh my gosh, your son is flirting with me,” Brooklynn coos, imitating the stranger.

“Gross. Side-eye. Gross. Side f***ing eye,” Brooklynn says to the camera.

“So I looked directly at my daughter and was like, ‘Ophie! I didn’t know you were part of the LGBTQ+ community…'”

The woman then scowled at Brooklynn and said angrily, “Well next time you should put a bow on her.”

However, according to Brooklynn’s video caption, her anger wasn’t spurred by the woman misgendering her baby — but rather, accusing her of being a flirt.

@yourfriendthewitch isn’t the only TikToker to point out the sexualization of babies.

TikTok user @one.ina.millie.on has made a tongue-in-cheek series dedicated to all of the inappropriate onesies she comes across online.

“Daddy works the pole so Mommy doesn’t have to” and “Lock up your daughters” are just a few of the bizarre designs she’s come across.

‘i get the ick when ppl … say a baby is flirting with me’

Judging by the TikTok comments, Brooklynn isn’t the only parent to experience bizarre sexualized remarks directed at their babies.

“Nah if anyone says my child LITERAL BABY CHILD is flirting with them I will deadass ask ‘why are you thinking about my BABY in that kind of manner?'” user @kiefyog commented.

“u better than me. an old man visiting my neighbor said to me ‘oh ur daughter is so cute. does she wanna go home with me?’ and I went OFF,” wrote @sweeterthanpeaches.

“My son smiles and waves at EVERYBODY and we always get ‘He’s flirting’ and I correct with ‘He’s not a great judge of character yet,'” shared @mommamcphate.

“One of my moms friends said ‘you better save him for me!’ And I said ‘if you make it that long…’ I don’t know why she doesn’t like me🤷‍♀️” @kelseylizarraga commented.

“it always bothers me SO MUCH when people say babies are flirting. THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT IS,” wrote @bysmallandsimple_things.

“i get the ick when ppl at my job say a baby is flirting with me… like babes i’m wearing contrasting colors so they can just see me really well LMAO,” commented @asapyammy.

“where do people get the audacity to say stuff like that omg 😭😭” @ihearttsweaterz commented.

Hopefully these antiquated perspectives on babies — and all the strange onesies they come with — will fizzle out thanks to the new generation of parents.

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