Your View: How will life change after lockdown is lifted?

·1-min read

The coronavirus pandemic and the ensuing lockdown in India and other nations has thrown up a new dilemma: will life ever be the same again even after the lockdown is lifted.

Do you agree with this view? Do you think the world will change the way it lives even when there are no mobility restraints?

How do you feel will things change?

Will social distancing become a tradition? Will companies ask employees to work from home to reduce costs? Will movie halls get back to normal? Will education turn online? Will people avoid pubs and restaurants? What about weddings and social get-togethers: will fewer people attend?

What about major religious gatherings, such as the Kumbh Mela or the Hajj? What will happen to travel in trains, buses, airplanes?

We’d like to hear from you on how you think life will change and what would you do until a vaccine for COVID-19 is found?

Share your valuable Comments below and help pave the way forward for life after COVID-19.