What Are Some Things About "Modern Parenting" That You Think People Will Later Regret?

I often hear my mom comment on how this younger generation of parents do things very differently compared to parenting styles back in the day.

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There's a difference because we're living in a different world compared to when my parents were raising my brother and me but also because my parents are considered "older parents" so their way of thinking is a bit different in general.

So I'm turning to the BuzzFeed Community to ask older parents what modern parenting styles you think are more detrimental to kids than people realize.

Maybe you think gentle parenting is ineffective because is doesn't teach children boundaries which may do more harm than good in the long run.

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Perhaps your parents made you get a job at a young age to learn the value of a dollar — something you don't see many parents making their teenage kids do nowadays.

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My parents made my brother and me open a checking and savings account and learn how to balance a checkbook at like, 14-years-old. I honestly thank them everyday for teaching us this.

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Or maybe you feel that all the technology this generation of parents sometimes relies on to occupy their children will have long-lasting negative effects.

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Whatever your opinions are on today's parenting styles, I want to hear more in this anonymous form or in the comments below.