You've got one more chance to watch Oppenheimer in its best format

 Benny Safdie in Oppenheimer.
Benny Safdie in Oppenheimer.

Oppenheimer was one of the biggest blockbuster movies of 2023 (right along side its Barbenheimer running mate, Barbie). Having made nearly $1 billion dollars at the worldwide box office, most of you have probably seen it, but have you watched Oppenehimer the way that director Christopher Nolan intended — on an IMAX screen?

If you haven't, you're going to get one more chance to do so, as Oppenheimer is heading back to IMAX screens for just one week, starting Friday, November 3. In fact, six movie theaters are going to have the IMAX 70mm print playing at their locations. They are: AMC CityWalk Stadium 19 in Hollywood, Calif.; AMC Irvine Spectrum in Irvine, Calif.; AMC Lincoln Square in New York City; AMC Metreon 16 in San Francisco; BFI London in the UK; and Melbourne Museum in Australia.

To find out if and where you can watch Oppenheimer in IMAX, either check out the Oppenheimer movie website or Fandango.

The reason that the movie is only going to last a week on IMAX in this run is because The Marvels is going to take over most IMAX screens when it premieres worldwide on Friday, November 10.

In case you missed it somehow, Oppenheimer is Nolan's magnum opus about J. Robert Oppenheimer, the man known as "the father of the atomic bomb." The movie chronicles his work on the Manhattan Project during World War II and what creating such a weapon meant for him and the rest of the world in the years after.

The movie stars Cillian Murphy as Oppenheimer, with Emily Blunt as Kitty Oppenheimer, Matt Damon as Leslie Groves and Robert Downey Jr. as Lewis Strauss. Other actors in the Oppenheimer cast include Florence Pugh, Alden Ehrenreich, Jason Clarke, Kenneth Branagh, Josh Hartnett, Benny Safdie, Olivia Thirlby and Matthew Modine.

Why we're emphasizing this as the last chance to watch Oppenheimer in its ideal format is because the movie is heading to digital in the very near future. Universal has announced that the movie will be available to rent or purchase via video-on-demand starting Tuesday, November 21 (just in time for some Thanksgiving viewing). November 21 is also when the Oppenheimer DVD is being released. Worth noting that we still don't know when Oppenheimer is going to land on the Peacock streaming service in the US, where it is expected to debut for streamers.

While these options will make Oppenheimer easier to see by a wider audience, unless you have an IMAX screen at your house, it may be hard to compare to what the movie is like to watch at a movie theater.