New Zealand vs Australia LIVE! Marsh leads win - T20 World Cup final result, match stream and latest updates today

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New Zealand vs Australia LIVE! Marsh leads win - T20 World Cup final result, match stream and latest updates today
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New Zealand vs Australia - LIVE!

Australia beat New Zealand by eight wickets to win their first ever Twenty20 World Cup title.

After the Black Caps posted 172/4, Australia reached their target with seven balls to spare after a brilliantly powerful batting display.

Opening batter David Warner scored 53 off 38 balls while Mitchell Marsh remained unbeaten on 77 from 50 deliveries to see Australia home, and spark wild celebrations among his teammates.

New Zealand captain Kane Williamson earlier led by example with a whirlwind 85 off 48 balls, in what proved to be almost a one-man show.

While that looked to be a very competitive score, the innings’ of Warner and Marsh ensured Australia secured the title in relatively comfortable fashion.

Here’s out it happened with our LIVE coverage below...

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Key Points


  • 50! Marsh takes game away from New Zealand

  • WICKET! Boult bowls Warner

  • WICKET! Hazlewood gets Black Caps captain

  • 50! Williamson brings up half-century

Australia get their hands on the trophy

18:17 , Matt Verri

T20 World Champions

18:13 , Matt Verri

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Full interview from Williamson

18:09 , Matt Verri

Kane Williamson’s thoughts

18:05 , Matt Verri

The Black Caps’ captain didn’t deserve to be on the losing side today, but he was typically gracious.

“We got what we thought at the halfway stage was a good total, but it was chased superbly by Australia.

“We made every effort to get a good total. Guys came out and committed to their plans. We weren’t far away but having said that, credit to the way Australia chased that total. They did not give us an inch.

“I’m really proud of our team’s efforts throughout the tournaments. We came here and gave it our best shot, but it wasn’t good enough tonight.

“We had high hopes coming into the game. It’s never nice. You sign up to these sort of things. It’s just a shame we couldn’t get the job done tonight.”

Here’s what Warner had to say...

18:00 , Matt Verri

“I always felt really well. I didn’t get much time in the middle in the practice matches but it was about going back to basics and getting on some hard synthetic wickets and get hitting balls.

“I managed to do that and then I scored runs.

“This is definitely up there with 2015. Being part of the 2010 defeat to England hurt but the women winning made us a feel a bit of that.

“These guys are a great bunch of guys. We’ve got a great support staff and support around the world.”

David Warner player of the tournament

17:58 , Matt Verri

Babar Azam and Adam Zampa both would have been in the running, but it’s the Australian opener who gets the award.

Marsh’s reaction...

17:58 , Matt Verri

“I don’t really have words, what an amazing six weeks with this group. Love them to death. World champs.

“The coaching staff came up to me in the West Indies and said you’re going to bat three for this tournament, and I jumped at it. Have the staff to thank for backing me and getting me up the top there.”

Mitch Marsh player of the match

17:54 , Matt Verri

77* off 50 balls, to win his country a World Cup final. No surprises with that decision!

Oh dear...

17:48 , Matt Verri

Coach Justin Langer

17:44 , Matt Verri

“This is such a special group of people. We’ve got some amazing cricketers here.

“There’s so many close relationship there, and some very, very special moments for everyone.

“We embraced fun. In the situations where everyone talks about bubbles, these guys have had so much fun on and off the ground. In this form of the game, in the game of cricket, it’s important to have fun and enjoy it.

“The guys have done that. That was a really important part of our success here.”

Steve Smith on David Warner

17:41 , Matt Verri

“His last two weeks have been amazing. A lot of people were writing him off, saying he’s out of form, but it took one good innings and he was away.

“Today I thought he came out with exceptional intent again. Him and Mitchell Marsh really set us up for the game. Really proud of those two boys.”

That’s one way to win a World Cup

17:37 , Matt Verri

Adam Zampa still very low-key...

17:34 , Matt Verri

“I tried to use my strengths to the best of my ability. It was probably a little bit drier when I was bowling so I tried to use that to my ability.”

Mitchell Starc hails Adam Zampa’s performances

17:33 , Matt Verri

“He’s been fantastic, our best bowler for the last couple of years. It’s made it really easier for us quickies to work around him, we’re pretty confident in what we do and just run off the back of Zamps. It makes the bowling group, we know our roles and can do our job a lot clearer.”

Matthew Wade’s reaction

17:31 , Matt Verri

“It’s huge. It felt like a lot of people wrote us off but we spoke about being the first team to do this for Australia and it feels really special.”

Marcus Stoinis on how Australia won it...

17:31 , Matt Verri

“The key to the win? This group of boys. We actually love each other. it’s beautiful. I am so proud of them. You won’t find bigger supporters of Mitch Marsh right here other than his family. We’re so proud of him.”

Maxwell and Marsh celebrate

17:27 , Matt Verri



17:23 , Matt Verri


Maxwell hits the winning runs, a boundary down to third man. The Australian team are onto the pitch before the ball has even hit the rope.

David Warner played another brilliant innings, but Mitch Marsh has been the star of the show. 77 runs off 50 balls.

17:22 , Matt Verri

Short ball, Maxwell tries to hammer it away. Desperate to keep the strike by coming back for the second, but Marsh says no. He wants to be the one hitting the winning runs!

Flat-batted again by Marsh, but it’s only a single to long-off. He’s on 77 now, and Australia are pretty much there.

Australia need 4 runs off 8 balls.

17:20 , Matt Verri

FOUR! Full ball from Southee, and Marsh hammers it back down the ground. Neesham at long-off can’t cut it off.

He mis-times a pull shot next ball, but they still get a single. One hit away now...

Australia need 6 runs off 10 balls.

17:18 , Matt Verri

AUS 162/2 (18.0 overs)

Marsh 71, Maxwell 23

Australia really swinging for the hills now, but not able to make contact. Just a single from Milne’s first three balls.

Maxwell very nearly flat-bats one straight to Southee at mid-off, who does really well to gather it on the bounce. Low full toss, and Maxwell whips it away for a single.

Just three runs off the over. Has Milne given his side a sniff?

Australia need 11 off 12 balls.

17:13 , Matt Verri

AUS 159/2 (17.0 overs)

Marsh 69, Maxwell 22

Trent Boult back for his final over. 3-0-9-2 so far for him, and this is New Zealand’s last hope.

Marsh drills it down the ground for a couple, and next ball hammers a pull away for four. He has been superb tonight.

Single to long-off, Australia cruising now. Maxwell cuts it away for a single... doesn’t look where he’s running, and clatters into Boult. Smiles all round.

DROPPED! Marsh chips one back to Boult, but he can’t take it as he falls forward.

Australia need 14 off 18 balls.

17:07 , Matt Verri

AUS 149/2 (16.0 overs)

Marsh 61, Maxwell 21

This is getting away from New Zealand. Down the leg side from Southee, and Maxwell helps it down to fine leg. Four.

SIX! Maxwell wants this done! Sodhi was briefly interested at fine leg, but it’s over his head. With eight wickets still in hand, Maxwell has the freedom to hit out.

Marsh caught on the pad as he tries to whip one away... not out, going down. Similar delivery, but Australia get a leg bye this time.

Australia need 24 off 24 balls

Standard Sport’s Will Macpherson

17:05 , Matt Verri

Australia are strolling home. David Warner and Mitch Marsh have batted brilliantly.

17:02 , Matt Verri

AUS 136/2 (15.0 overs)

Marsh 61, Maxwell 10

Marsh gets away with a pull shot that lands just short of Mitchell, who came flying in from the boundary. It’s looking like it’ll be Australia’s night.

Espeically after Maxwell hits consecutive fours! The first a pull shot to fine leg, the second a very fortunate top-edge over the keeper.

Milne keeps going short, but it’s too short and that’s a wide. Another mis-timed pull off the final ball... they get a single.

Australia need 37 off 30 balls.

16:56 , Matt Verri

AUS 125/2 (14.0 overs)

Marsh 60, Maxwell 1

50 up for Marsh, and he gets there with a monstrous six. Sodhi floats one up, and it disappears for an 89m six back down the ground.

Shorter this time, and pulled away powerfully. Guptill does well to keep it to two. Horrible delivery... dragged down, and that’s pulled again, but nobody is cutting that off. Four more. And a wide now, Sodhi really struggling.

Another wide, Williamson over to have a chat. Really slow, and Marsh can only find the cover fielder.

Australia need 48 off 36 balls.

16:51 , Matt Verri

AUS 109/2 (13.0 overs)

Marsh 47, Maxwell 1

Looks like that ball might have just stayed a bit low, and it did for Warner. Glenn Maxwell in at 4, ahead of Steve Smith. He’s not been in great form.

Off the mark with a push into the off-side. Marsh finishes the over with a single to long-on.

16:48 , Matt Verri

WICKET! Warner b Boult 53

AUS 107/2 (12.2 overs)

Boult back. Williamson desperate for a wicket. AND HE GETS ONE!

Full, Warner swings across the line, and he misses. Warner bowled, and it’s a massive wicket.

16:46 , Matt Verri

AUS 106/1 (12.0 overs)

Warner 53, Marsh 45

Brilliant fielding from Phillips on the boundary.... but Marsh survives. It looks like the batsman has pulled Santner to the fielder, who dives forward so well, but is bounces just short.

Smoked. Drops slightly short, and Marsh muscles it away for four. Flew like a bullet to the boundary.

67 runs needed off 48 balls.

16:41 , Matt Verri

AUS 97/1 (11.0 overs)

Warner 52, Marsh 38

Time for a bit of Jimmy Neesham. And SIX first ball! Short, straight into the swinging arc, and Marsh flicks it away over the boundary. Short again, but just a single this time.

MASSIVE. Full, and Warner slogs it away for six. That’s his 50 up, off 34 balls. Incredible how quickly his form has turned around. New Zealand have to get him out, and fast.


Warner in ominous form

16:35 , Matt Verri

16:34 , Matt Verri

AUS 82/1 (10.0 overs)

Warner 45, Marsh 30

Running between the wickets is so, so good. Swept away by Warner, doesn’t catch all of it, but it’s enough to get him another couple.

Santner again beats Marsh’s outside edge as the batsman looks to drive through cover. Looks far less comfortable against spin, does Marsh.

Short from Santner, and crunched away by Marsh, but it’s straight to the fielder on the fence.

Time for drinks, with Australia needing 91 off 60 balls.

16:30 , Matt Verri

AUS 77/1 (9.0 overs)

Warner 42, Marsh 28

That’s a seriously good shot. Short and wide from Sodhi, but Warner has somehow managed to drag it straight down the ground and it beats long-on. Four.

Reverse sweep, and more great running gives Warner two more. Really poor ball from Sodhi, a drag-down... pulled away, and it’s four more. Milne couldn’t get down to save the boundary.

SIX TO FINISH THE OVER. Tossed up, and launched straight back down the ground. Wonderful hitting, 17 runs off the over.

16:25 , Matt Verri

AUS 60/1 (8.0 overs)

Warner 26, Marsh 27

Will Australia target Mitchell Santner?

YES. Marsh down on one knee and sweeps it away for his second six of the innings. Spinner under pressure immediately.

Warner happy to be a bit more conservative, clipping it away into the leg side for a single.

Slower, wider from Santner, and it spins away from Marsh and beats the outside edge. Nice bowling. Single to long-on to finish.

Standard Sport’s Will Macpherson

16:21 , Matt Verri

This game is absolutely perfectly poised. New Zealand need to get David Warner out.

16:21 , Matt Verri

AUS 50/1 (7.0 overs)

Warner 24, Marsh 19

Fielding restrictions done, and Ish Sodhi brought straight into the attack by Williamson. Shorter ball, and Warner rocks back to pull it away... quick running, and they get two.

Marsh frees his arms at a ball with a bit of width, but it’s only a single. Tidy enough start from Sodhi, but Australia knocked him around pretty easily.

16:17 , Matt Verri

Aus 43/1 (6.0 overs)

Warner 19, Marsh 17

Milne taking all the pace off early in the over... until he cranks it up with a 87mph bouncer. Warner leaves that one well alone.

Manages to get the cut away, even though the ball was right on top of his stumps, and he gets a single.

Marsh defends a straight one, and that’s the powerplay done. Great second over from Milne.

16:13 , Matt Verri

Aus 40/1 (5.0 overs)

Warner 18, Marsh 17

Southee back for his second. New Zealand definitely sticking to their plan of bowling short and into the pitch. Warner gets an edge on one that stays a bit lower, and they get a single.

HUGE SIX. Slower bouncer, Warner rocks back and hammers it over the boundary. He’s expecting the short ball now.

Cuts it away for a single. 10 runs off the over.

16:08 , Matt Verri

Aus 30/1 (4.0 overs)

Warner 10, Marsh 15

That is outrageous from Marsh! Milne into the attack, short ball first up, and Marsh has absolutely dismissed it into the top tier. Massive six.

And now he guides it down the third-man... four. Great start for him. Pulled again, FOUR AGAIN. This is incredible hitting.

Middles a cover drive, but he’ll just get a single. Milne gets him off strike. Couple of dots to Warner to finish the over.

16:04 , Matt Verri

Aus 15/1 (3.0 overs)

Warner 10, Marsh 0

Mitch Marsh to the crease, but Warner is on strike. Slower ball bouncer, Warner just about pulls out of the shot and it runs away to mid-on.

Another dot to finish the over. Just that boundary from Finch from the over, and Boult then hit back with the wicket.

16:02 , Matt Verri

WICKET! Finch c Mitchell b Boult 5

AUS 15/1 (2.3 overs)

That’s dominant batting from Finch. Down the pitch to Boult, and hammers it back down the ground for four.

BUT GONE NEXT BALL! Advances again, but Boult bangs it in short. Finch goes through with the shot, but it’s a bit of a top edge. Miles into the air, and Mitchell does brilliantly to get round and take the catch.

15:59 , Matt Verri

Aus 11/0 (2.0 overs)

Warner 10, Finch 1

Southee has almost released the ball as Warner pulls away, that’ll be a false start.

Looks like the Aussie is going to go hard here... slashes at some width and it flies over the fielders for four. And again! Almost a carbon copy, smacked over point for four more.

Straighter from Southee, and tucked into the leg side for a single. Finch gets an inside edge on one, and he’s off the mark.

15:55 , Matt Verri

Aus 1/0 (1.0 overs)

Warner 1, Finch 0

Short first up from Boult, Warner cuts it to the fielder. Bit of an edge next ball from the Australian opener, but it runs away safely to third-man. He’s off the mark.

Finch trying to get forward and negate any swing, hits it straight to mid-off. Quick bouncer, Finch goes hard at it but misses. That might push the batsman back.

Huge lbw appeal... not out. No review. Great first over from Boult.

15:50 , Matt Verri

Warner, Finch. Boult, Southee.

It could be a six overs that defines this final. Players are out in the middle.

Williamson the star

15:46 , Matt Verri

Standard Sport’s Will Macpherson

15:41 , Matt Verri

Well, that feels a decent total from New Zealand. A slow start, an excellent explosion from Williamson, then a reasonable finish. Good game ahead!

15:41 , Matt Verri

NZ 172/4 (20 overs)

Neesham 13, Seifert 8

Wide... and they sneak a single off it too. Still two balls left in the innings. Low full toss, Seifert clips it out to the leg-side boundary. Just a single, with Stoinis charging in to field it.

Neesham on strike for the final ball of the innings.

Another low full toss, smashed to long-off. They come back for a second. New Zealand post 172/4, which looks a really good score.

15:38 , Matt Verri

NZ 167/4 (19.4 overs)

Neesham 11, Seifert 7

Tries to go yorker first up, but it’s just clipped away for four by Seifert. Wasn’t quite full enough.

Wide full toss, and it’s carved away to third-man. Just a single. Neesham back on strike.

It was in the slot, and Neesham took a massive swing at it... just misses it. That would have been out of the ground.

He’s called for a new pair of shoes now, bit of a delay before the final two balls of the innings.

15:35 , Matt Verri

Starc to bowl the final over. Just the 50 runs from his first three overs tonight.

He’ll be very happy to see Williamson is not at the crease.

15:33 , Matt Verri

NZ 162/4 (19.0 overs)

Neesham 11, Seifert 2

Neesham bullies one away for six! Stands still, and flat bats it straight back down the ground for an 82m maximum.

Good comeback from Cummins, slower bouncer and Neesham balloons it away for a single. Short again, Seifert can only mis-time it for another single.

Short slower ball... wide. Is he gone now though?

Brilliant fielding from Maxwell on the boundary, and Neesham could be run out trying to come back for the second. NO... he’s safe.

15:29 , Matt Verri

NZ 149/4 (18.0 overs)

Neesham 1, Seifert 0

Neesham up and running with a single.

Just 12 balls left for New Zealand. Can they get up to 165 and beyond? Will be tough with two new batsmen.

15:27 , Matt Verri

WICKET! Williamson c Smith b Hazlewood 85

NZ 148/4 (17.5 overs)

First ball after the wicket, Williamson ramps Hazlewood over short fine leg for four. Too good.

BUT THAT’S THE BIG WICKET! Williamson is gone. He tries to launch it over long-off, but there’s not enough on it and Steve Smith is under it. Juggles it a bit, but he holds on. Stunning innings though.

15:24 , Matt Verri

WICKET! Phillips c Maxwell b Hazlewood 18

NZ 144/3 (17.2 overs)

Hazlewood back, and back among the wickets! Full ball, Phillips tries to hammer it over deep midwicket, but Glenn Maxwell moves to his left and it’s a simple enough catch in the end. Phillips had to go big, with so many wickets still left in hand.

15:21 , Matt Verri

NZ 144/2 (17.0 overs)

Williamson 81, Phillips 18

Can Cummins bring some control back to this bowling effort? Williamson punches it straight, the bowler gets something on it but they will still get a single. Phillips tries to hammer away a pull, but doesn’t time it at all.

Short again to Phillips, and again only a single. Really good over this from Cummins... six off it with a ball to go.

One-handed pull shot from Williamson, and they come back for the second.

Standard Sport’s Will Macpherson

15:20 , Matt Verri

Simply sensational from Williamson. Starc still has one over to come. New Zealand on for a big score now.

15:16 , Matt Verri

NZ 136/2 (16.0 overs)

Williamson 77, Phillips 15

Starc has gone for 28 off his first two overs, but he’s back for more.

Williamson... edged past short third-man for four. Not many have come off the edge of his bat today. But that has too... and it’s four more! A wild hack from Williamson, but it’s over the fielders and bounces once into the third-man boundary.

SIX! The New Zealand captain is hitting Starc all over Dubai tonight. Too full, and flicked over deep midwicket for six. Pure timing. 14 off three in this over!

Round the wicket, wide yorker... a precious dot. But it’s four again next ball, lofted inside-out behind point It’s a batting clinic.

FOUR MORE... 22 OFF THE OVER. Deft, late cut past short third man. Ridiculous from Williamson. Starc’s figures... 3-0-50-0.

15:09 , Matt Verri

NZ 114/2 (15.0 overs)

Williamson 55, Phillips 15

Zampa’s final over, interestingly from the other end. Phillips welcomes him back by hammering him down the ground for a six! That was so powerful.

Legbreak next ball, and he’s very nearly stumped. Great response from Zampa. Williamson whips him away to long-on for a single, continuing his serene progress.

Another beautiful shot from Phillips, against Australia’s big threat too. Lofted over cover, into the game... four. 12 off Zampa’s final over.

15:05 , Matt Verri

NZ 102/2 (14.0 overs)

Williamson 54, Phillips 4

Cummins in for his second over. Wider line for much of the over, batsmen content to carve him away for singles.

Leg bye brings up New Zealand’s 100, with Phillips completely beaten by a slower bouncer. Williamson gets a couple off the final ball of the over, slower ball into the surface lifted over cover.

Standard Sport’s Will Macpherson

15:03 , Matt Verri

New Zealand appear to be timing this beautifully. Kane Williamson has had a quiet tournament, but his class there for all to see. What a cricketer.

15:00 , Matt Verri

NZ 97/2 (13.0 overs)

Williamson 51, Phillips 3

Maxwell into his third over, and he goes up for an lbw appeal against Williamson. Surely pitching outside leg. Finch decides against the review.

SIX! Williamson isn’t going to let Australia get through another over of Maxwell without some punishment. Down the ground, hits it one-handed, but it’s still more than long enough over deep midwicket.

AND AGAIN! More of a slog sweep, a bit flatter, but it’s the same result. 50 for Kane Williamson, off 32 balls. Brilliant batting.

14:55 , Matt Verri

NZ 80/2 (12.0 overs)

Williamson 39, Phillips 1

Shorter ball from Zampa, and Glenn Phillips pulls it away. Good running, they get a second run on the throw.

Five off the over, Zampa is once again producing a wonderful spell for his country.

14:52 , Matt Verri

WICKET! Guptill c Stoinis b Zampa 28

NZ 76/2 (11.1 overs)

Zampa hits back for Australia! Guptill decides to go for a big shot first up, but he’s slogged it to Marcus Stoinis at deep midwicket. Barely had to move a muscle.

Just as the Black Caps were starting to move, Australia hit back.

14:50 , Matt Verri

NZ 76/1 (11.0 overs)

Guptill 28, Williamson 35

Williamson gets us back underway, clipping Starc away for a single. The left-armer still has three overs to bowl.

DROPPED! A massive, massive moment. Williamson moved across, flicked the full toss straight to Hazlewood at fine leg. It was straight at him. It goes through his hands, and rolls away four four.

That’s not going to help Starc’s mood... the New Zealand captain nails a straight drive for four. Glorious timing.

Wheels coming off! Massive no-ball for height, which Williamson still pulls away for four anyway, and he’ll have a free hit to come. Drives it away for a couple, good fielding on the boundary. 19 runs off the over.

14:42 , Matt Verri

NZ 57/1 (10.0 overs)

Guptill 27, Williamson 18

Zampa to continue. New Zealand not looking to take any risks against Australia’s biggest wicket-taking threat.

Long-off and deep cover getting a good workout, plenty of singles being played to them.

Six balls, six singles. New Zealand with a pretty conservative opening ten overs, but they have plenty of wickets in hand.

14:38 , Matt Verri

NZ 51/1 (9.0 overs)

Guptill 24, Williamson 15

Mitch Marsh into the attack, as Australia look to get their fifth-bowler overs out of the way as early as possible.

Two more singles to long-off, before Guptill tries to be a bit more aggressive but mis-times the pull shot. Dribbles away to deep midwicket.

A boundary! Wonderful shot. Williamson skips down the pitch, and lofts Marsh over cover for four. Not too far away from going all the way either.

And four more, a crunching pull shot brings up New Zealand’s 50. Right out of the middle from Williamson. Tries to go again next ball, but the slower bouncer hits him.

14:33 , Matt Verri

NZ 40/1 (8.0 overs)

Guptill 22, Williamson 6

Things aren’t about to get easier for the Black Caps, with Adam Zampa called upon by Finch. Guptill drives it to long-off for a single to get the spell underway.

Couple of dots ties down the New Zealand opener, but he gets off strike with a single to deep cover.

Dot to Williamson to finish the over, just three runs off it. Great start from Zampa.

14:30 , Matt Verri

NZ 37/1 (7.0 overs)

Guptill 20, Williamson 5

Maxwell back into the attack, now he has a bit more protection with the first six overs done.

Batsmen happy to just knock him around for singles though. With Zampa’s set of four to come, and plenty of overs from the faster bowlers still left, you’d have thought New Zealand might look to be aggressive.

Just five singles from the over. Australia will be delighted with that.

14:27 , Matt Verri

NZ 32/1 (6.0 overs)

Guptill 17, Williamson 3

Hazlewood has figures of 2-0-9-1 so far, and he’s going to be given a third over.

Williamson tries to work it into the leg side again, but it sticks in the surface and the leading edge falls short of the bowler. Doesn’t look the best of wickets to bat on.

Four dots to start the over with Williamson happy to defend, only two balls left of the powerplay now.

Hit straight to cover... they can’t get Hazlewood away. Short ball, and Williamson latches on to it. Doesn’t really catch, but it drops safe and they get an easy couple of runs.

14:23 , Matt Verri

NZ 30/1 (5.0 overs)

Guptill 17, Williamson 1

It’s a great start from Cummins, bowling it into the surface and slightly off-pace. Guptill eventually gets off strike with an easy single into the leg side.

Williamson off the mark, shorter ball but he just tucks it away. Only two runs from the over, Australia really tightening things up in the powerplay.

14:19 , Matt Verri

NZ 28/1 (4.0 overs)

Guptill 16, Williamson 0

Dot to the New Zealand captain, and that’s a brilliant over from Hazlewood. Slower ball completely deceived Mitchell, and there will be no repeat of his semi-final heroics.

Pat Cummins in to bowl for the first time...

14:17 , Matt Verri

WICKET! Mitchell c Wade b Hazlewood 11

NZ 28/1 (3.5 overs)

Lovely shot, Guptill stands tall and punches Hazlewood through the off-side fielders for four. Timed beautifully.

But it’s a great response to that from the Australian bowler... and he has the breakthrough!

Slower ball legcutter, so well bowled, and Mitchell can only edge it behind. Wade does will to dive forward and catch it.

14:12 , Matt Verri

NZ 23/0 (3.0 overs)

Guptill 11, Mitchell 11

Finch has seen enough of Starc for now, Glenn Maxwell into the attack.

WOW! Daryl Mitchell has launched the part-timer straight down the ground for six first ball! That’s what you call intent.

Quicker, wider ball to Guptill... did he edge it? Wade dropped it behind the stumps, and there was a slight bottom edge. Chance missed for Australia.

Leg bye to finish the over. 10 runs, a six, and a drop from it!

14:09 , Matt Verri

NZ 13/0 (2.0 overs)

Guptill 10, Mitchell 3

Josh Hazlewood from the other end, as expected.

Much straighter line, and it’s three dots to Guptill first up. Make that four, punched straight to short cover. Pressure building slightly?

That releases it though, short ball and Guptill swivels and pulls it to the fine-leg boundary.

14:05 , Matt Verri

NZ 9/0 (1.0 overs)

Guptill 6, Mitchell 3

Full and wide first ball. No swing, and no shot from Guptill. Wide again next up but it’s shorter, and the batsman crunches it through the off-side for the first boundary of the match.

Single to third man gets Mitchell on strike. On the pads from Starc, and it’s tucked away to fine leg... really good running, they get three.

Loose opener from Starc.

14:00 , Matt Verri

Daryl Mitchell and Martin Guptill are out into the middle. Their task is to get New Zealand off to a flyer in the powerplay.

Mitchell Starc with ball, to be backed as ever by Josh Hazlewood and Pat Cummins you’d imagine.

The final is ready to begin!

13:58 , Matt Verri

Two elite national anthems.

We’ll be ready to get underway, once the two massive flags have eventually been carried off the field.

13:54 , Matt Verri

Players walk out onto the pitch. Fans of many different teams in the crowd... including several who were knocked out earlier in the team.

Time for the anthems.

Williamson on the toss

13:49 , Matt Verri

It’s been a tournament for winning the toss and winning the match, and the New Zealand captain admits he would have also bowled first.

But putting runs on the board in a final is also a strong position to be in.

Williamson says: “Who knows about the dew. But important we focus on that task at hand, with the bat first and trying to get a competitive total.”

Standard Sport’s Will Macpherson

13:43 , Matt Verri

That’s a massive toss for Australia to win. New Zealand have to be brave. It might even help them that Tim Seifert - who is very aggressive - has come in for the injured Devon Conway.

And here’s how Australia look...

13:40 , Malik Ouzia

Aaron Finch (c), David Warner, Mitchell Marsh, Steve Smith, Glenn Maxwell, Marcus Stoinis, Matthew Wade (wk), Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Adam Zampa, Josh Hazlewood

Here’s how New Zealand lineup...

13:37 , Malik Ouzia

Australia win the toss!

13:35 , Malik Ouzia

The first big victory of the day goes to Australia as Aaron Finch wins the toss and, unsurprisingly, elects to have a bowl...

13:22 , Malik Ouzia

We’ll have team news and the toss within the next ten minutes...

Standard Sport prediction

13:15 , Malik Ouzia

Making predictions before the toss at this tournament has proved an almost pointless exercise, with such a bias towards the chasing team.

But if we had to take that out of the equation and eye up these two teams, the Black Caps stand out as the more rounded side.

New Zealand to win.

Team news: Finch backs Smith

13:04 , Malik Ouzia

Australia are expected to be unchanged for the final, after captain Aaron Finch gave public backing to batter Steve Smith despite his lack of form during the tournament.

“No, not concerned one bit about his form,” Finch said ahead of the game. “He is a world-class player and he is someone in big games has showed how valuable he is. He’s been hitting the ball as well as I have seen for a long time, so no, no concerns there whatsoever.”

Team news: Conway out

12:51 , Malik Ouzia

New Zealand are being forced into a reshuffle this afternoon after wicketkeeper-batter Devon Conway broke his hand in the semi-final while punching his own bat in frustration at his dismissal.

Tim Seifert is expected to come in his place, though he may bat further down the order.

How they got here: Australia

12:39 , Malik Ouzia

Not a great deal was expected of an Australia side who have under-performed in T20 cricket historically and whose star names looked undercooked due to their lack of action during the pandemic.

They were hammered by England in the group stage but have grown steadily into the tournament, winning their other four matches and then upsetting in-form Pakistan in the semi-final, when Matthew Wade was the hero, striking three consecutive sixes to complete the victory with an over to spare.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

How they got here: New Zealand

12:29 , Malik Ouzia

The Black Caps won four of their five group matches, including against pre-tournament favourites India, losing only against Pakistan, before holding their nerve to beat Afghanistan in their final match to book a semi-final spot.

There they faced England, and looked doomed when they still needed 57 runs off the final 24 deliveries, but superb displays from Daryl Mitchell and Jimmy Neesham saw them home with an over to spare.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

How to watch

12:19 , Malik Ouzia

TV channel: This afternoon’s match will be shown live on Sky Sports Cricket and Main Event channels.

Live stream: Sky Sports subscribers can stream the game through the Sky Go app and website.

Good afternoon!

12:11 , Malik Ouzia

Hello and welcome to Standard Sport’s LIVE coverage of this afternoon’s T20 World Cup final between Australia and New Zealand.

We’ll have all the build-up ahead of a 2pm start...

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