Zoe Saldana’s Go-To Beauty Product Costs a Whopping $6

Zoe Saldana (Photo: Getty Images)
Zoe Saldana (Photo: Getty Images)

Up close, Zoe Saldana is just as stunning as you’d imagine.

The mom of three, who plays bounty hunter Gamora in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, can afford the priciest moisturizers on the market. But when it comes to skin care for herself and her three sons — twins Bowie and Cy, and infant Zen — she keeps things simple. And very accessible.

“I buy the coconut oil. If I can cook with it, I can rub it in. It’s the best,” Saldana tells Yahoo Beauty.

She makes it a point to say she’s still learning what’s best for her and her family: “I don’t preach about anything.”

But she tries to avoid things that are full of ingredients she can’t pronounce. “It’s better for me to go into my pantry. If I can cook with it and consume it, I can apply it,” she says.

One popular product, Spectrum Naturals organic coconut oil, retails for $6.64 at Walmart.com.


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