• Reuters

    Parthenon fragment from Italy can stay in Greece 'forever,' Greek ministry says

    A marble fragment of the Parthenon temple will be permanently returned to Athens from a museum in Italy, a significant move for Greece which has stepped up its campaign for the return of the sculptures from its most renowned ancient monument. The "Fagan fragment" is a 35-by-31-centimetre (12-by-14-inch) marble fragment showing the foot of the seated ancient Greek goddess Artemis. It was included in the collection of the 19th century British consul general to Sicily, Robert Fagan, a diplomat and archaeologist, before it was purchased by the Royal University of Palermo in 1820 from his widow after his death.

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    Ashley Graham Opens Up About Pregnancy Loss and Giving Birth to Twins

    Ashley Graham has always openly shared her personal experiences with motherhood. For years, the model has been an advocate for body positivity, sharing glimpses into difficult moments in her life and empowering other people who have given birth to speak honestly and freely about their own journeys as well.