In pictures: Federer, Woods, Ronaldo, Messi, Murray and more - the world's 30 most marketable sportsmen and women in the world

Which injured tennis star earns as much as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi combined? And how does Kei Nishikori earn the same amount as Usain Bolt, Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova? Researchers at the London School of Marketing have crunched the numbers and found only 3 Brits make the list of the most marketable athletes in the world, while Tiger Woods is still in the top 5 highest-earning sportsmen in the world.

29= Kyle Irving (Basketball, £9m)

Sponsors: Nike, Panini, Pepsi, Verizon, Skullcandy, Activision

29= Gareth Bale (Football, £9)

Sponsors: Konami, Adidas, EA, Sony, Footlocker

24= Stephen Curry (Basketball, £9.8m)

Sponsors: Fanatics, Adidas, EA, Sony, Foot Locker

24= Drew Brees (American Football, £9.8m)

Sponsors: Nike, Wrangler, P&G, Verizon, Microsoft, Pepsi

24= Dwayne Wade (Basketballl, £9.8m)

Sponsors: FanDuel, Gatorade, Hublot, Li-Ning, Pepperidge Farm

24= Floyd Mayweather (Boxing, £9.8m)

Burger King, FanFuel, Hublot

24= Cam Newton (American Football, £9.8m)

Sponsors: beats, Gatorade, Belk, EA, Under Armour

23. Derrick Rose (Basketball, £11.5m)

Sponsors: Adidas, Powerade

21= Andy Murray (Tennis, £12.3m)

Sponsors: Head, Jaguar, Standard Life, Under Armour

21= Peyton Manning (American Football, £12.3m)

Sponsors: Nike, Gatorade, Directv, Buick, Fanatic, Papa Johns

20. James Harden (Basketball, £13.9m)

Adidas, New Era, beats, BBVA, Foot Locker

19. Virat Kohli (Cricket, £14.8m)

Sponsors: Nike, Pepsi, Toyota

15= Maria Sharapova (Tennis, £16.4m)

Sponsors: Nike, Evian, Head, Netjets, Avon, Porsche

15= Serena Williams (Tennis, £16.4m)

Sponsors: Nike, beats, IBM, Pepsi, Delta, Wilson, Gatorade

15= Usain Bolt (Athletics, £16.4m)

Sponsors: Puma, Gatorade, Hublot, ANA, Nissan

15= Kei Nishikori (Tennis, £16.4m)

Sponsors: Adidas, Wilson, Tag Heuer, Uniqlo, Jaguar, Nissan

14. Neymar (Football, £18.9m)

Sponsors: Nike, Red Bull, Konami, Gillette, Panasonic, Unilever

13. Kobe Bryant (Basketball, £20.5)

Sponsors: Nike, Panini, Hublot

12. MS Dhoni (Cricket, £22.1m)

Sponsors: Reebok, Pepsi, Sony

11. Lionel Messi (Football, £23m)

Sponsors: Adidas, EA, Gatoraid, Audemars Piguet, Gillette, Tata

8= Rafael Nadal (Tennis, £26.2m)

Sponsors: Nike, Tommy Hilfinger, Babolat, Kia, Telefonica

8= Jordan Spieth (Golf, £26.2m)

Sponsors: Netjets, Titleist, AT&T, Coke, Rolex, Under Armour

8= Cristiano Ronaldo (Football, £26.2m)

Sponsors: Nike, Tag Heuer, Herbalife

7. Novak Djokovic (Tennis, £27.9)

Sponsors: Adidas, Uniqlo, Head, Seiko, ANZ, Peugot

6. Rory McIlroy (Golf, £28.7m)

Sponsors: Nike, EA, Omega, Upper Deck, Bose, EA

5. Kevin Durant (Basketball, £29.5)

Sponsors: Nike, BBVA, beats, 2K Sports, Panini

4. Tiger Woods (Golf, £36.9)

Sponsors: Nike, Rolex, Upper Deck, Hero Motocorp

Federer earned as much as Ronaldo and Messi combined in 2016 while Tiger Woods banked £36m in sponsorship

2. LeBron James (Basketball, £44.3)

Sponsors: Upper Deck, Nike , beats, Coke, Kia, Samsung

1. Roger Federer (Tennis, £49.2)

Sponsors: Nike, Wilson, Credit Suisse, Mercedez-Benz, Rolex

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