27 Make Believe Things In Movies We Wish Were Real

Can we make these things real?

Let's be honest here – there are some things in movies we all so severely wish were real. I want them, you want them, we all want them. And today, we'll be going over some of the best make-believe things from films that would be so cool to have in real life because who wouldn't want them?

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That Microwave That Automatically Makes Fast Food (Spy Kids)

As someone who has watched plenty of Spy Kids movies and considers herself a major Spy Kids fan, one of the biggest things I always wanted as a kid was the microwave that Junie and Carmen had in their house in Spy Kids. That's the coolest spy gadget ever. It can make McDondalds on command. How much better could that be? Imagine it's late one night after some drinks with friends, and you can get fast food at home. That's the life. 

Droids That Help You (Star Wars Franchise)

I think I speak for everyone when we all say droids from the Star Wars franchise would be pretty useful. Not only do they help protect you when times are tough, but they are great helpers and provide plenty of significant information to keep you well-informed. 

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A Re-Breather (Thunderball)

In the James Bond movies, there are plenty of exciting gadgets and gizmos that we all wish were real, but my pick goes to the re-breather from Thunderball. Something about taking a deep breath underwater without having to lug a bunch of scuba diving equipment with you makes this device that much more needed.

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The Batmobile (Any Batman Movie)

In any Batman movie – and I do mean any one – the Batmobile exists. The car is meant to be used as a means of transportation for Batman, but it's not like any other car. It's decked out with all the excellent technology and exciting gadgets Batman uses to save the day. I think all of us would love to have this car in our garage – if not just to stare at it and think of how cool it is. 

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Transporters (Star Trek)

How can you get better than teleportation? Star Trek is another franchise that has plenty of exciting inventions that I'm sure we all wish were real, but the transporters in the franchise are the best option to pick. To travel from one spot to another in the blink of an eye through a transporter would save me so much money on air travel. 

Flubber (Flubber)

While I don't think Flubber is one of Robin Williams' best movies, I do think the film is iconic in many ways, mainly for the titular invention – Flubber. The substance, which resembles real-life slime but is nowhere near as dull, can give things the power of flight, so anything you could want to fly, just put Flubber on it, and there you go. That's cool as heck. 

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A Compass That Directs You To What You Want Most (Pirates Of The Caribbean)

Jack Sparrow's compass in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise was unusual because it wasn't like most other compasses. Instead, this compass would point toward what the owner wanted the most instead of true north. Honestly, that would be a cool thing to have in real life – imagine you're looking for your long-lost pet, and it points into where he might have gone or to a missing family member. It would save so much. 

Nano-Tech Supersuits (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

Okay, so nanotechnology exists in the real world. Still, I'm talking specifically about Tony's supersuit in the MCU, mainly the one in Avengers: Infinity War, where he only presses his reactor, and it appears on his body. That is so cool. What if I had a divide where a nano-tech supersuit could cover my body instantly? That would be awesome. 

Invisibility Cloaks (Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone)

As a fan who has rewatched the Harry Potter movies several times, the one thing I would always love to have from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is the Invisibility Cloak that Harry is gifted – for obvious reasons. Think of all the people I could scare, the food I could sneak – or even the conversations you could overhear.

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A Robot Cat That Does Everything (Lightyear)

You've heard of Swiss Army Man; prepare for Swiss Army Cat. Sox in Lightyear was a great underrated supporting Pixar character because he was Buzz's righthand man – er, rather animal. He could do anything that Buzz needed him for and had plenty of weapons in his arsenal as well. I wouldn't mind a robot cat that had laser eyes. 

Time-Turner (Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban)

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite movie out of all eight of them for many reasons. Still, one of my favorite parts is the Time-Turner sequence, where Harry and Hermione go back in time to save Sirius and Buckbeak. I want that Time-Turner. That could have changed so many situations in the past. 

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The Hydrator (Back To The Future: Part 2)

Back to the Future: Part 2 gave everyone unrealistic expectations of what 2015 would bring because I would have given anything to have a Hydrator in high school. The device hydrates dehydrated foods, and the number of pizzas I could have just made at home instead of ordering out or picking it up on the way home would have been endless. I could have saved so much money. 

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Felix Felicis (Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince)

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is one of the best Harry Potter movies, in my opinion, and Felix Felicis is such a great potion from that film. It's Liquid Luck, which gives the drinker unlimited luck for a certain amount of time. That would be awesome if I needed to take a test.

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Vibranium (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

Vibranium is considered the strongest material in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's why Wakanda is so rich; because of its supply of Vibranium and how efficient it is. It's what Bucky's metal arm is made of and what Captain America's shield is composed of. If we had Vibranium in real life, I feel there would be better-made uniforms, shields, guns – the whole lot. 

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A Smart Home (Smart House)

While Smart House is a Disney Channel original movie, the actual home in this film is one we all want, specifically PAT, the robot assistant who runs the Smart Home in this film. While we all have Amazon Alexa and Google Home nowadays, something about PAT makes her stand out in her service. I want her assistance without her turning evil, but that's beside the point. 

Pensieve (Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince)

As someone getting older, this is a device anyone can benefit from. A Pensieve in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is a device which you can pour your memories into, and when you dip your head in it, you can revisit those memories. If this existed in real life, there are so many memories that people might be able to remember – maybe even those with dementia or something else. It could be a real help. 

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A Flying Car (Back To The Future: Part 2)

We must put Flying Cars on this list from Back to the Future: Part 2. It's arguably one of the most-known things from the movie. The Flying Car is something that we all wish existed already. However, we are getting closer to something like that happening with things like Tesla and other cars, so who knows? This might become a reality. 

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A Genie Lamp (Aladdin)

Okay, it's great that the Genie was released from his lamp; good for him! But imagine having a Genie Lamp to escape into when you're having a bad day or something. Or if you genuinely did want a Genie, those three wishes would come in handy – or at least two of them if you wanted to free your Genie. Either way, I wouldn't mind having one on my person. 

A Time Machine (Back To The Future)

I mean, duh. I must put the Time Machine from the Back to the Future franchise here. While it's usually essential not to change anything when you travel, I would love to go back to older times to discover history in person – or to the future to see what happens. 

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The Remote (Click)

So I don't recommend what Adam Sandler's character does with the remote, but all of us would be liars if we said we would never use the remote in Click to fast-forward certain moments in life. To skip through commercials on TV or the opening credits of a movie, push the line at a theme park quicker, or get through a meeting faster. It would come in handy. 

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Gyrospheres (Jurassic World)

Dinosaurs are one thing I'm happy are gone, but the Gyrospheres in Jurassic World? Those could stick around. In the reboot film of the second trilogy in the Jurassic Park movie franchise, I loved watching how they maneuvered the land that the dinosaurs roamed and how they were just giant hamster wheels if you think about it – just with seats on the inside. But respectfully, without the Jimmy Fallon tutorial, please. 

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An Elastic Bus (Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban)

The Knight Bus scene in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is hands down one of my favorite of all time. It's so well done and has some great acting and visual effects, but what's the best part? Watching that bus shrink and expand to get between cars in traffic. Man, I wish those existed in real life. The amount of time I saved while driving back home for the holidays would have been crazy good. 

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The Neutraliser (Men In Black)

I love the Men in Black movies, which feature plenty of fun gadgets, but I have to give the entry to the Neutraliser. This device is used by the agents in the film to make people forget what they just saw. Can you imagine the amount of times that would have been used in high school? Or college? Just ignore this uber-embarrassing moment; it never happened. That would be awesome. 

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Magic Hair That Glows When You Sing (Tangled)

I stand by Tangled being better than Frozen, and Rapunzel's hair is just one part. Because of Rapunzel's hair, she has time powers and can turn back time to heal people's injuries or their age. Still, that hair has helped her in many situations, like surviving underwater or even using it as a rope to escape. That's the kind of magic hair I want. 

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The Med-Bay (Elysium)

This would be life-changing for civilization if the Med-Bay from Elysium existed. Think of how many diseases would be cured once you stepped inside, and suddenly, you come out Scott-free, and you're healthy again? It would be an absolute dream. 

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The Multi-Flavor Gum (Charlie And The Chocolate Factory)

I mean, of course. I've rewatched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and that gum is one thing that I would give anything to try. Imagine tasting a whole Thanksgiving dinner just from that – but without turning into a blueberry, please. 

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A Lightsaber (Star Wars)

It's a lightsaber from Star Wars. Of course, I want it to be real. I have a toy one back home. I would use mine just to cut through my Amazon packages – but I guess that's why I would probably not be allowed to be a Jedi. Whoops. 

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There are so many things from movies that we all wish were real. Here are some great examples.