6 People From the World of Football Who Are as Gaffe-Prone as Prince Philip

So that's it. Prince Philip is retiring from public engagements at the age of 95. The Queen's husband has been in the public's beady eye since 1947 - around the same time Francesco Totti made his Roma debut - and has delighted and infuriated in equal measure ever since with his tell-it-like-it-is, no Christian Fuchs given approach to diplomacy and statesmanship. Few from the world can match the Duke of Edinburgh on the gaffe-o-meter but several come close. Here's six players, coaches, pundits...

Wayne Rooney

Man Utd's record goalscorer's public performance days may be coming to an end at Old Trafford, but Rooney has never been shy in providing the awaiting merciless press with easy content.

Rooney's greatest hits of social media-based gaffes include posting the Ivory Coast flag on St Patrick's day, misspelling 'birthday' in a message to his son and, of course, threatening to put himself to sleep within "10 seconds" during an ill-thought out Twitter fight. 

You do you, Wayne.

Joey Barton

The self-appointed bad boy philosopher of the Premier League is no stranger to being unexpectedly removed from his very high horse on short notice.

Barton has among his collection of notable errors of judgement described, on the BBC Question Time, the local and European election candidates as being like "four really ugly girls".

He's also engaged in a more than few Twitter spats even Donald Trump would've steered clear of, famously calling Paris Saint-Germain and Brazil defender Thiago Silva a lady boy.

Surely however, the banned midfielder's faux French accent after joining Ligue 1 Marseille ranks among his greatest hits for it's teeth-grinding awkwardness.

Paul Merson

Generally more spoonerism than gaffes, Merson has transcended the world of post-Twitter pundit vernacular, making you question your own knowledge of the English language with phrases like 'damp squid', 'streak of bang', and descriptions 'unbelievable belief'.

The loveable(?) idiot infamously had one 'ooo that's a shame moment' this season when he questioned Marco Silva's appointment as Hull City manager, claiming the Portuguese manager who has not lost a home tie in over 40 games and counting didn't "have a clue".

It's worth noting that Merson has since backtracked spectacularly on his initial amazement at Silva's appointment by tipping him for the Leicester job. 

Franz Beckenbauer

Widely-recognised as one of the all-time great players, his intelligence on the pitch has never stopped Der Kaiser from a blunder off of it.

In 2013, Beckenbauer famously denounced the criticism of forced labour and dreadful conditions for workers at the Qatar World Cup, where many are reported to have died in stadium construction, by saying: "I have not seen a single slave in Qatar. I have been to Qatar many times and therefore have a different view, which, I believe, is more realistic."

Sepp Blatter

To give a snippet of his form, the disgraced ex-FIFA president has previously suggested: women play in more 'feminine' clothes such as 'tighter shorts' to attract more support, racism should be solved with a friendly handshake and gay fans should not to engage in any sexual activity at the monumentally controversial World Cup in Qatar.

Oh well, he's gone now. And unlikely to be back in football, thanks to a six-year ban from all FIFA activity on account of y'know...his corruption and everything. 

Still we'll always have this video of him falling off a stage.

Richard Keys

The Archbishop of Banterbury and first President of Bantarctica is out of sight and mercifully out of mind for many football fans based in the UK now, but there was a time in the not too distant past when he seemed a hairy omnipresence in televised football.

Alan Partridge without the comedy was forced out of his job at Sky in 2011 over a sexism row, which involved linesman Sian Massey.

Less offensively, Keys also once insulted an entire nation with a rant (he apparently assumed was off air) about his displeasure at having to cover a game in the Faroe Islands. 

Daft little man, silly little list...you know the rest.

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