7 Controversial and Memorable Mark Clattenburg Moments as He Officiates Final Premier League Game

Mark Clattenburg is sadly leaving the Premier League, having refereed his last match on Saturday in Leicester's 1-0 win at West Brom. The 42-year-old has refereed some of the biggest occasions in football, including the final of Euro 2016, as well as the Champions League and FA Cup finals of the same year. As he prepares to take up a job in Saudi Arabia we take a look at Clattenburg's most memorable moments... Clattenburg certainly added an aspect of freakishness to his refereeing...

Tongue Wagging in Champions League Final

Clattenburg certainly added an aspect of freakishness to his refereeing performances, and it was evident during his dealing with Pepe in the 2016 Champions League final.

After watching the Real Madrid defender roll around on the floor following an encounter with Filipe Luis, Clattenburg shook his head and then decided to stick out his tongue.

Why he decided show the world his tongue, we will never know.

Dealing With Real Madrid Defender Pepe

Straight after his head-shaking and tongue antics, Clattenburg was in no mood to deal with the diving antics of Real Madrid defender Pepe.

The Portugal international attempted to coax Clattenburg into sending off Atletico Madrid's Filipe Luis, but the referee saw straight through the drama and gesticulated towards Pepe after he had stopped rolling on the floor, indicating that he was watching the centre-back.

Classic Clattenburg.

Being Dropped After Travelling Alone and Watching Ed Sheeran

Referees have to travel alongside their fellow match officials to and from games, a rule broken by Clattenburg when he watched pop star Ed Sheeran.

Clattenburg drove home alone following a game he officiated between West Brom and Crystal Palace showing off his rock and roll persona and disregard for rules (off the pitch anyway).

Forgetting to Bring Cards Onto the Pitch

If you're going to officiate a top level football match you may want to check you're fully prepared.

Clattenburg somehow managed to forget his cards before a game between Reading and Liverpool, trotting off to the side to collect a pair of cards from a colleague.

Another howler from the comedic figure that is Mark Clattenburg.

Weird Stretcher Gesture at Euro 2016

If there's something which may have cheered Cristiano Ronaldo up after his injury in the Euro 2016 final, it's Clattenburg's ridiculous call for a stretcher.

It's a miracle that a stretcher managed to get on the pitch, considering that there is no way anyone could think the moves Clattenburg demonstrated called for medical intervention.

Ronaldo couldn't be sad for too long, given that Portugal eventually won the competition.

Trying to Stop Mario Mandzukic Handling Flares

A group game at Euro 2016 between Croatia and the Czech Republic was temporarily halted due to flares being thrown onto the pitch.

Croatia striker Mario Mandzukic tried to help out and clear a few flares off the pitch but Clattenburg evidently was concerned for the Juventus man's welfare, ordering him not to touch  the objects.

Just seconds later Mandzukic cheekily tossed a few off the playing surface, good job Clattenburg didn't see! 

Imposing Gesture When Dishing Out Yellow Cards

During a Europa League tie, Clattenburg demonstrated his taste for the theatrical when dishing out a caution. 

Jogging over to the scene of a foul, Clattenburg suddenly stops and spreads himself, as if he was in the wild trying to scare off a feral beast.

The tactic evidently worked, helping Clattenburg establish calm and allowing him to maintain control of the match.

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