7 Non-League Titan Clashes Likely to Be More Entertaining Than International Football This Weekend

The international break has done that thing again where it rears its ugly head and bores the entire nation to death for an entire fortnight (unless you're a Crystal Palace fan - you probably need a break right now). It isn't all bad news, though. The current international break happens to fall in time for Non-League Day (October 7); celebrating everything good in terms of grassroots football. As a result of this, what better way to celebrate such an occasion than to go and support your local...

Wantage Town vs Bracknell Town

Headlining our list is the absolute blockbuster set to take place at Alfredian Park on Saturday.

The Hellenic Premier League is home to some of the south of England's finest non-league sides, and sits in the ninth level of the FA's league structure.

With Bracknell currently cemented into fourth place, and hosts Wantage in fifth, this game matches up two clubs fighting for promotion to the Southern Football League.

Make sure to keep an eye on Bracknell's Joe Grant. The fiery striker has endured a relatively slow start to the season by his usual astronomic standards, but his four goals this term could easily double against a Wantage side ill-prepared for the 'non-league Neymar'.

Workington vs Coalville Town

Borough Park sees the battle for 'I hated Margaret Thatcher more than you' take place next Saturday, with home side Workington hoping they'll strike gold as they host Coalville Town.

The visitors, said to have recently all chipped in for a steam-engine train to replace their team bus, will be planning to chimney-sweep the floor with their upcoming opponents.

The Spartans vs Whitehill Welfare

No prizes for guessing where this joke will lead.

Rumour has it the Spartans' Ainslie Park can only fit 300 fans into the home enclosure, but will lift the corrugated iron roof off the stands with their voices.

In all seriousness, you can't help but wonder what kind of celebrations these guys come up with - you dread to think of how many players have been imaginably kicked into a massive, glorified well. 

Haverfordwest County vs Croesyceiliog AFC

Wales always throws up a curve-ball. 

You should see how much the Croesyceiliog ultras struggle to chant their team's name after five or six pints at around the 65th minute - especially when they're confined to 'baa', and nothing else. 

Yes, a (poorly executed) sheep joke. But seriously, Welsh non-league football is nuts. Half of them think they're playing rugby and the results are hilarious.

Salford City vs Leamington

Remember that BBC documentary where Gary Neville a few others from the class of '92 bought a football club and started receiving hate from the few fans that decided to show up every now and then? Well they're playing at Moore Lane on October 7.

Apparently they still exist - it wasn't just a gimmick to promote non-league football by pretending to care about the club, before signing an investor from Singapore and trying to buy the league circa Chelsea 2004.

Black Country Rangers vs Wolverhampton Casuals

The battle of 'my team are more boring that yours' takes place in (surprise, surprise) Birmingham.

Wolverhampton Casuals will make their nonchalant walk, in single file, without talking, to the Grove - where fans will be under-enthusiastically waiting in their tens to welcome a lacklustre game of poorly-kept possession football. Don't expect flares here - they're too fiddly.

Roy Hodgson is expected to be in attendance for this one.  

Wallingford Town vs Ascot United

In the weekend's most middle class rivalry, the Hellenic Premier League plays host to the intense match up between Wallingford and Ascot, in a hugely anticipated battle of 'my boots cost more money than yours'.

With its 1500 capacity, Hithercroft Wallington Sports Park is sure to bump up an almost lively atmosphere of middle aged men discussing their tweed jackets. 

Helpful advice: make sure to beat the half time rush to the cafe - those prawn sandwiches sell out fast.

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