8 Famous Players Who Are Almost Unrecognisable From Their Younger Days

Frank Lampard has had the same haircut for nearly 20 years. Philipp Lahm has probably had the same haircut his whole life. Their's is hair you could set your watch by. But for every Lampard and Lahm there are many other individuals whose appearances have changed so much over the years you'd have to look at them twice before knowing who it is... If you're an English football fan you won't remember a time when Marouane Fellaini wasn't sporting his famous afro. He had the day he signed for...

Cesc Fabregas

Cesc Fabregas' impressive attempt at a styled mullet didn't last too much longer after he was promoted to the Arsenal first-team. Perhaps realising it wasn't a good look, or just feeling like a change, the scissors had come out by the time he made his competitive debut.

Radamel Falcao

Radamel Falcao had his signature sleek locks cut when he joined Chelsea in 2015, and for as long as he's been in Europe, the Colombian has never had a hair out of place.

That wasn't quite the case during his early days at River Plate when it was a bit of messy mop that covered the deadly striker's head.

Gareth Bale

There was no Samurai ponytail for Gareth Bale back when he was first making his name as a promising left-back for Southampton and Wales. Ears used to be the first thing you noticed about him. Now, thankfully, he's grown into his looks.


As Neymar's reputation on the pitch grew and grew as Brazil's next superstar, so too did his hair until he was sporting a do that was, at times, a simultaneous mohawk/mullet combo.

It's been much more toned down ever since he moved to Europe in 2013, with the Neymar hair of 2017 a token of sensibleness by comparison.

David Luiz

Who's that handsome chap with short hair?

David Luiz looked like a different person when he left home in Brazil and arrived at Benfica in 2007. And it was all because he hadn't yet developed that Sideshow Bob tribute of a hairdo.

Lionel Messi

Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi was part of the bleach-blonde fad earlier this season. But 10 years ago a teenage Messi was sporting slicked, long, dark hair as he began his ascent from supreme talent to the very top of the world.

Arturo Vidal

Known today for tattoos and a mohawk that wouldn't look out of place in a South American jail, Bayern Munich and Chile enforcer Arturo Vidal didn't always look quite so intimidating.

Back when he was still with Colo-Colo in his homeland, he looked relatively...normal.

Marouane Fellaini

If you're an English football fan you won't remember a time when Marouane Fellaini wasn't sporting his famous afro. He had the day he signed for Everton back in 2008 and has had it ever since, even if it's been through a few colour changes in that time.

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