67 amazing bathroom ideas for every space, style and budget

67 amazing bathroom ideas for every space, style and budget

The best bathroom ideas are not only beautiful but, they also make your space – whatever size it may be – truly functional. And, stunning design is achievable whatever your decor style or budget may be.

From quick swap-ins to spruce up your current bathroom – think of new paint color, tiles, and wall art – to bigger changes that will dramatically transform your space, there are so many decor avenues to explore whether you want a timeless look or a very on-trend and topical home. 

Double bubble with twin sinks

No more excuses for arguing over who left toothpaste smears all over the mirror! If space allows, get your symmetry smiles on with double basins and mirrors. Not only does a duo add impact and pleasing balance to any scheme, but doubling up under sink storage allows you to maintain an organized bathroom countertop, free of clutter. Start by choosing the best bathroom sink and you're golden.

(Industville; @roseontherow)
Drench your space in sunbaked terracotta shades

Evocative of hazy, summer days, and romantic Mediterranean idylls, warming terracotta is a key bathroom trend 2022. In research conducted by the design team at WeThrift, searches for terracotta bathrooms on Pinterest have soared by a whopping 122%.

There are many ways you can radiate your space in terracotta gorgeousness… Use terracotta tiles on floors, walls, or both for a rustic look, abundant in texture; paint walls in a reassuring clay hue, and incorporate the hottest house plant trends 2022 for a desert style spin; channel a Tuscan vibe by incorporating terracotta with olive and sage greens, and reclaimed materials; or say yee-ha with a Southwestern-Inspired scheme that plays with turquoise blue, desert sand and crisp white ceramic tiles.

Feeling inspired to whisk your bathroom scheme off to sunnier climbs? Create the perfect sunset mood with a spirited coral shade from Sherwin-Williams' orange paint colors.

Introduce another dimension with texture

Get tactile with three-dimensional textures as a creative way to decorate bathroom walls, whilst creating a calming and authentic space, rooted in nature…

Richard Ticehurst, Brand Expert at Crosswater, says: 'One of the biggest new trends in bathroom design is texture. From impressive feature walls to intricate bathroom taps, texture can add depth to any bathroom design with tactile, three-dimensional detail. As we continue to bring the outside in, naturally occurring textures are at the top of everyone's bathroom wish list, with stone, concrete, wood, and marble creating a unique focal point.’

Sink into a sumptuous freestanding tub

Soak away the stresses of the day, with the ultimate indulgence – a decadently deep, freestanding bath, that adds a sense of grandeur, whilst making the most elegant focal point. For a luxurious statement, opt for a rich metallic finish, or color match your tub to the existing scheme palette. If you’re feeling playful, have fun with a bright contrast shade like lipstick pink or breezy blue. 

(Photo: Katie Lee Photography)
Add a pattern feature with a decorative basin

Create a luxury bathroom look with a richly decorated basin that showcases intricate patterns and shapes with a unique character. This is a great idea for introducing pattern and interest, without confusing or ‘visually cluttering’ a space.  

Shown here, the Marnie basin, from London Basin Co., features an intricate floral pattern of pinks, blues, and greens set against a sky blue backdrop. It takes inspiration from India’s kaleidoscope of colors and offers a bold and vivid visual feast for the eye. A chic brass and marble bathroom vanity, and coordinating brass fixtures complement the luxe aesthetic. 

(London Basin Company)
Bloom, (wash) and grow with a floral feature shower wall

Long before technological advances, the thought of using bathroom wallpaper ideas just wasn't viable. And, if it was... It would have to defy the laws of chemistry and physics to make it work.

In this bathroom idea by West One Bathrooms, their wallpaper by Wall and Deco is specifically designed for use in this high-moisture environment, so much so it can be installed directly in the shower.

We love this Vivido pattern which has a semi-gloss finish and is resistant against yellowing caused by abrasive household cleaning detergents. What's more, it's suitable for application on surfaces made out of cement, plasterboard, concrete, glass, and ceramic tiles. So if you're looking to create a retreat-like atmosphere, or immerse yourself in a Japanese garden scene, this is the way to go.

(West One Bathrooms)
Express your cloakroom's personality with an eclectic pattern

'You'd be forgiven for thinking that in what is often one of the smaller rooms in the house that you should opt for light, bright and unfussy walls,' says Lucy Henderson, head of design at My Bespoke Room.

'Pattern provides depth, tricking the eye into thinking that the space extends beyond. Should you decide to experiment with fun wallpaper, use it as inspiration and pull the darker shades to match the paneling in the lower half of the room or floor.'

'A downstairs toilet is often a space predominantly used by guests, so it's a perfect opportunity to add some glitz and glamour to their visit! Gold accents from the tap to even the loo handle really do add a touch of decadence compared to chrome.'

(My Bespoke Room)
Display framed prints for an attractive focal point

Grown-up and sophisticated, there's something about a pink and gray scheme that feels prim and proper. And this bathroom by Greg Penn (aka @manwithahammer) has been consciously curated. 

'The dark blue of the Burlington Baths freestanding tub and the windows really pop against the soft, Woodland Jay pink walls and pale marble floor. In old houses, I try to soften bathrooms and make them feel as much like a normal room as possible with texture, color, and softness so they feel warm and inviting even in a north-facing room such as this.'

'The little surprise of wallpaper around the corner which leads to the W.C provides some additional interest – the prints for it were taken from the Natural History Museum and dates from around the same age as the house was built in 1804.'

Position your bath by the window

If you're blessed with idyllic landscapes of a farm or some forestry, make good use of it by positioning your bath and windows next to it. Depending on the privacy you have around your estate, you may need to dress your windows to bathe with dignity.

In this dreamy modern bathroom idea by Susannah Hawkins (aka @shnordic), a freestanding tub from Waters Baths offers the perfect views of the idyllic outdoors. She's also managed to bring the outside in with a concrete sink by Kast Concrete Basins and natural textures of wood incorporated via her Crosswater vanity and rattan shelf design. The hexagonal tiles, by Claybrook Studio remind us of a beehive too!

Lighting from Dowsing and Reynolds and a mirror from Cox and Cox ensures that along with the natural sunlight to help, this room feels airy and bright.

Brass finished taps by Grohe offer a glamorous touch, and the Mandala-detailed rug from TK Maxx offers color and texture and a way to dry off wet feet after enjoying a long, relaxing soak.

Bounce the light with reflective decor

Call us Magpies, but we love a bit of metallic decor – not just for the shiny and bling factor but because, as well as a good mirror idea, it also does wonders to bounce light and make the room feel bigger.

'The first thing we purchased was Hurlingham Baths Dietrich Copper Bath, this would form the centerpiece of the bathroom and sit centrally on the back wall for maximum impact,' says Anna Straw, an interior designer and founder of Anna's Attic.

'I wanted to achieve the look of an aged wall, which I felt would contrast so well with the shiny nickel. Murals Wallpaper supplied me with their Crumble mural, which is the perfect contrast to our highly-polished bath.'

'The lighting needed reviewing, we started out with one central ceiling light and one wall light, the ceiling light was removed and replaced with spotlights and the wall light was moved to above the bath and replaced with Industville’s 8 inch pewter Brooklyn Dome wall light, this vintage-style perfectly complements the mural and window frame mirror above which it hangs. 

'We are lucky to have a Velux in the bathroom, which lets in tons of natural light and is so lovely at night when laid in the bath.'

Embrace exposed beams in a rustic home

Combining wooden beams, with organic linen to provide privacy, chalky plastered walls, and black-framed doors and windows, this rustic bathroom has been given a contemporary makeover.

This water-resistant flooring by Carpetright is suitable for use with underfloor heating and a perfect match for modern living.

Add authenticity with industrial accents

Pink bathrooms can often have strong connotations of femininity, but if you're sharing your wash space with a male counterpart or want a scheme that follows a classic trend, then add in punchy pops of industrial furniture and sanitaryware.

Here, a distressed metal cistern makes a statement out of the toilet. This, coupled with a copper towel rail can give your pretty pastel restroom an edgy touch. This slip-resistant concrete-effect, bathroom flooring idea is actually vinyl, though, with its mottled light to medium grey patches, we had to see it up close for ourselves. So if you're going for the same look, get your hands on the Roma 581 Navarra vinyl.

(the floor room)
Max-out daylight with Crittal doors

'Whatever the size of your bathroom, think about how you can replicate the tone and feel of natural light as best as possible,' says Rohan Blacker, founder, Pooky.

'Start off with considering where your bathroom lighting zones are located. In most cases, we have an overhead pendant or spotlights. Although great for creating practical or mood lighting, they are less than ideal for a powder room style setting as overhead light casts shadows.' 

'Wall lights are an especially good option in all bathroom settings as not only stylish, but you can install them at the desired eye level, perhaps on either side of your mirror which will then diffuse your light effectively.'

'Alternatively, look for adjustable fixtures which can tilt so you can bounce the light against a wall to avoid direct light shining on you as again, this would create shadows.'

Pick colorful fixtures

And if rustic isn't your scene, and you want a colorful bathroom, then we say go for it! Colorful bathrooms are back in style and we aren't talking brown carpets and avocado suites: this year, it's all about pinks and yellows and teals.

You can go as bright as you like, but we say when it comes to the actual underlying design keep things neutral-ish so if you change your mind or styles change you don't have too much work on your hands to renovate. See in this bathroom – the bath is white, and the floors and furniture are neutral but you get that overall pink glow from the sinks and the feature wall of pink tiles.

Elevate a loft bathroom with blue botanicals

It doesn't get more luxurious than having a freestanding tub in the loft. Literally and figuratively, you'll feel on top of the world after an hour's soak. This sky blue bathroom with its palm print wall covering and hanging plants is sure to make you feel like you're on cloud nine.

'This bathroom is colorful yet calming with our Wallpaper of the Year 2022 Restore sitting elegantly in the backdrop,' says Abby Hesketh, color expert at Graham & Brown.

'The smoky fog background and relaxing botanical trails of this design will make you feel like you are bathing in a tropical jungle and welcoming the outdoors into your home. I also love the variety of blue shades in this design; they are a perfect choice for a bathroom as they have naturally calming qualities and will reflect beautifully in water – perfect for taking a relaxing bath to wind down at the end of the day.'

(Graham & Brown)
Add a statement basin and bath

Washing our hands and face are simple tasks we take for granted in the developing world. But, that doesn't mean that we shouldn't pay mind to our sanitaryware.

Blending old with new, this hand-finished, country white countertop porcelain basin by London Basin Co. features a delicate floral pattern, gold-rimmed design, and glossy finish.

Whether you have a  coastal scheme or farmhouse chic suite, this basin will sink in seamlessly into your washroom space. Our best bathroom taps are also the perfect bathroom decorating companion to this washing vessel.

(London Basin Company)
Add instant pattern with vinyl flooring

We have sung the praises of vinyl tiles and similar bathroom flooring materials many times before, and we can really really vouch for them because we have tried and tested them ourselves. They are so easy to install yourself, and most will come with instructions to guide you through the process. They can be laid on top of your existing tiles and no one needs to know about the ugly yellowing tiles that lie beneath.

Our go-to place for great quality vinyl flooring is Harvey Maria, you can order samples too and the patterns are stunning.

(Chango & Co.)
Or go for a rustic flooring

You can get some really realistic 'wooden' vinyl flooring and vinyl tiles now and they are way cheaper and easier to install than solid wood flooring too. Also, they can be a more practical choice in a bathroom because they aren't going to be affected by the moisture and real wood would be. Again, you can lay them yourself and totally transform the feel of your bathroom in just a weekend.

(Harvey Maria)
Choose bold, geometric floor tiles for a graphic edge

We're in love with these floor tiles, which form the basis of an unexpected but entirely effective color scheme in this bathroom. Feel like taking inspiration from it? Choose a bold geometric floor, then pick out one of the colors – we suggest the most subtle one – and inject accents of that shade in the rest of the room. It'll help tie the space together and make an otherwise loud flooring feel more like it belongs there.

(Malcolm Menzies © Future)
Pave the way to chic style with subway tiles

These mind-bending cool hexagonal tiles look almost circular in this bathroom, contrasting with the sharp edges of the subway tiles and bath – but it's the way they've been taken up the walls and used to highlight the alcoves that we're really impressed by. Not only is this a great bathroom idea to pull together a scheme, but it also adds an extra splash of pattern to the space. Not blessed with handy inset shelves like these? Try reflecting your floor tiles in a backsplash above the sink or on a windowsill.

(Chris Snook © Future)
Pepper your scheme from floor to ceiling in terrazzo patterns

One for the more daring, terrazzo is a statement alright – especially when it's used to cover the floor and walls of a bathroom. Even though the space is small, you'll notice that the on-trend pattern doesn't feel enclosed – instead, these tiles add a designer touch and make the space feel more like a very luxury bathroom idea or wet room.

It's been softened with natural textures and floaty fabrics to make it even easier on the eye. If you don't want to take it this far, a terrazzo floor looks amazing with white walls as a nod to the trend.

(Fiona Murray)
Wash your space in gentle baby pink

Potentially the easiest of all our bathroom ideas, take some paint to the walls. You can get so used to staring at the same, slightly off-white, stained walls that you stop noticing them. Give your whole bathroom a new coat of paint and you will instantly notice it feeling fresher and cleaner, even if you just go with white. We love the feminine splash of baby pink and, if you are feeling a bit braver, experiment with more adventurous bathroom paint color ideas.

(Fiona Walker-Arnott)
Rebalance proportions with blue paneling

If you're wondering how to make a small bathroom look bigger without knocking through other rooms or extending – we've a far simpler design trick!

Whether you fit paneling as in this bathroom, tile half way up or simply use paint to divide the room horizontally, the rules are the same: put a darker color in the lower half of the room, a lighter color above. 

Doing so can re-balance the proportions of a narrow room with a high ceiling, it adds character and color that you couldn't take up to the ceiling (or rather you could, but you shouldn't). 

Get flirty with romantic and playful finishes

Combining soft accents like the heavy draped shower curtains with soft gray and pink will make for a romantic bathroom look. Add more personality to help the space feel unique and you'll fall in love with the overall finish. 

Painting floorboards in a bathroom is not only an easy DIY project but it's also super effective.

(Annie Sloan)
Transform your bath with a lick of paint

If you have a roll-top bath, or even a bath with a panel, painting it can give it a new lease of life. It's also a great way to start a new color scheme in your bathroom – we love the dark bath against the fresh white walls and the pattern of the bath mat and towel (which is Asda, would you believe?). 

(George Home)
Up-cycle furniture for a unique look

No bath to paint? No problem, try painting your vanity unit or any storage you have in your bathroom. Keep it looking modern by teaming pops of pink with boldly patterned monochrome flooring and an array of house plants. 

(Katie Lee)
Decorate your ceiling

A bold busy wallpaper print actually works really well in a small bathroom, because it can blur the lines of the edges of the room. It's a popular trend in powder rooms and half baths too. 

For a ceiling decor idea with wow-factor, take a verdant wallpaper design (like the one shown here) from walls, onto the fifth wall aka ceiling for a daring lift. 

(Design: Chango & Co)
Mix and match bold patterns for maximalist impact

Maximalism can work in any size of a bathroom. Team wallpaper with a contrasting floor and bring it all together with bold and unique accessories. Contrasting colors is another way to get that maximalist effect but be sure to still stick with a theme. In this bathroom, there is a clear color palette of reds and greens which work so well against each other.

Let geometric wall patterns play with scale

You can create your own wallpaper effect with this really easy cheap bathroom idea. All you need is paint and thick masking tape. Create the geometric shapes with the masking tape and then paint in between the lines. Easy peasy.

(Katie Lee)
Mix and match a mosaic backsplash 

Whether you tile a backsplash yourself or not, it's a small job that could make a big difference. Choose vibrant pattern mosaics in a large format to make a statement.

(Lime Lace)
Layers mixed materials for interest

Obviously, the design here isn't really simple, but we love the elegance that comes with its minimalism, and although this bathroom isn't packed with all sorts of accessories, the details, from the tiles to the coordination of the rug and eye-catching lamp brings the wow factor and importantly, add much-needed texture that makes a bathroom feel interesting and welcoming.

(Merlyn Showering)
Glam-up with movie star mirror lighting

Another small change that could make a big impact. Replacing previous bathroom lighting ideas and opting for fixtures that work better for the space will instantly make your room feel bigger and well... Lighter. If your current bathroom lights are fine, just think about adding more so you have different layers of lighting and lighting for different reasons.

We love these Ikea lights, they are so perfect for around a mirror, simple to install, and give you an old Hollywood glamour vibe while you're doing your make-up.

Revamp with startling red decor

The matching red medicine cabinets and sconce lights make this otherwise all-white bathroom sing. All you need to do is paint a piece of junk shop furniture in a bold shade (it needn't be a red hue – even a more neutral tone can have an eye-catching effect.

For a really moody and vampy effect - swap your white walls for something darker like black or navy.

(Chango & Co.)
Add natural texture and storage with woven baskets

No matter what size your space, bathroom storage ideas are always important. Try to have a mix of open and closed storage in your bathroom so there are spaces for your best toiletries, houseplants, and pretty knick-knacks to be on show, but also doors for unsightly but essential bits to hide behind.

This bathroom ticks all the boxes with a mix of baskets (always a winner), drawers, a ladder for towels, and some little open shelves too. Lots of bathroom ideas to copy here – those tiles are lush too!

(Malcolm Menzies)
Add small organic touches

Maybe all your bathroom needs to feel new is a good de-clutter and the best way to do this is to invest in practical but stylish smaller storage. Ikea stocks fab small bathroom storage ideas that are designed for these spaces and are really affordable too.

But you don't need to buy pieces of furniture, even just picking out some small storage piece can make such a difference. We are so in love with the Kungsfors net bags! They look fab in any room but are ideal for storing toiletries you need to keep accessible. 

(Ikea/Nato Welton)
Go nautical with stools and shiplap

You must have seen the Ikea Bekvam stool on Instagram? If you look closely, it's always creeping somewhere in the corner of seemingly every Instagrammer's room. It's not surprising, really, as it's a super versatile piece, looks stylish, and isn't expensive.

You can use it as a stool, a step ladder, or, as seen here, bathroom storage. It just adds a handy bit of extra surface space for storing toiletries or keeping folded towels. Plus you can so easily paint it to match your bathroom.

Take note of the bath towels on the hooks too – the shiplap surface gives this space a nautical feel that you just want to dive into.

Go faux with your houseplants

Real or fake indoor plants are a great way to add interest and personality to a bathroom if you are renting or just making do with what you have got before a renovation.

If your bathroom doesn't have windows, opting for faux plants might be the more ethical and cost-effective option, as real ones might not survive without sunlight. Or pick both in a mix of sizes and shades, the more texture they add the better.

(Katie Lee)
Create a beachy feel with shell-inspired shades

If you live in a land-locked area with no access to a lake or sea, you may have to drive for miles and miles to get yourself to the beach. But you can save the journey and create a seaside-style bathroom with peachy hues and shell shade accessories.

But if a beige bathroom idea still feels a bit bland, contrasting it with black hardware is bang on trend at the moment and you can find some really affordable options at Victoria Plum and on Amazon even. If you are after swanky accessories, Anthropologie has the nicest selection.

Go modern with monochrome

Black and white bathrooms are just a classic. They never date and always look gorgeous. Everyone is obsessed with the hexagonal mosaic flooring at the moment, and you can actually create loads of very cool patterns with it and they are great for adding a bit of interest to a monochrome bathroom. They are no harder to lay than normal tiles (in fact, we think they're easier – they just need more grout. Learn how to grout tiles in five easy steps here.)

(Gorgeous George and Design Hotels)
Incorporate vintage fittings

If you prefer a more traditional vibe when it comes to your remodel, then we think the best bathroom ideas come from mixing old and new. Keep all the essentials modern – toilet, shower, etc. and then source antique (or just older) pieces that are more decorative – like this vanity unit. You could also spruce up an old roll-top bath – this can be a much cheaper option too if you have a look at the likes of Ebay.

(Future / Brent Darby)
Go Boho with green decor and hanging fixtures 

A bohemian bathroom style is the way to go if you have a small bathroom. Strip back on what you need and stick to just in the essentials. Plus make sure you have your storage set up perfect to avoid clutter and keep that zen, free-spirited feeling.

Think verdant walls, wood-framed mirrors, hanging pendant lights, and bathroom shelving ideas. Houseplants, no doubt, will play a huge role here too.

(Darren Chung © Future)
Add a natural touch with wood

Looking for rustic bathroom ideas that stray from traditional white and monochrome and instead are more natural? Your best bet is wood. Adding wooden accents to your bathroom will make it feel warmer and avoid that cold stark feeling you can sometimes get in a bathroom. 

Wooden furniture is an obvious way to get the look, but you could also cheat wooden floors and get mock wood tiles or wood effect vinyl flooring. Complete the look with plenty of house plants.

(Malcolm Menzies)
Or go for an almost all white look

We know that all white bathrooms can look a bit clinical and void of personality, but we love this white bathroom idea. It helps that there are lots of original features to bring character, but you can replicate them even in a modern bathroom – the paneling you could even DIY yourself. The bath and stool work well to break up all the white but it's still a lovely airy space.

(Kasia Fiszer)
Don't be afraid to go dark

And at the opposite end of the spectrum... Dark bathrooms are definitely the bathroom style of the moment. But if you think about it, they are actually a really practical choice. Plus, there are loads of different routes you could go down, from the more traditional to the super modern.

We love the simple square design of this black sink from Pure Bathroom Collection. Oh, and we think we might steal that bathroom idea of hanging monochrome prints in a bathroom, too.

(The Pure Bathroom Collection from Smiths Briten)
Choose contract tiles to add interest

You can rely on just bathroom floor tiles alone to bring interest into your bathroom. We love how the vibrant coral looks against the very stylish terrazzo here. The stripped backspace and lack of any clutter mean the tiles don't totally overwhelm the room and they are the sole focus. Definitely take that tip – if you go big on the tiles, keep everything else pretty simple.

(Mandarin Stone)
Inject low-key luxury with large marble tiles

This bathroom idea works perfectly in a smaller space because you really can't tell where the floor ends and the walls begin, which helps 'expand' the space.

When deciding how to choose tiles for a small bathroom, larger tiles do tend to work better in small bathrooms and we love the look of these huge marble tiles – simple but effective. If you are looking for something similar check out what's on offer at Walls and Floors.

Pick a stylish black framed shower

Now let's look at bathroom ideas that cover more practical elements, like how to choose a shower. If we could recommend one design, in particular, it would be a walk-in shower set up with a black-framed door.

Forget bulky enclosures that break up the space, a walk-in shower that's just separated with a screen is by far a better choice, and it can work no matter what. size bathroom you are working with. 

Want to glean another tip from this room? Laying tiles diagonally like they are above making the room look wider and longer. Neat.

(Chris Snook)
Use a freestanding bath to stretch space

And if you want tips on how to choose a bath, we are always of the opinion if you have the room, a freestanding bath is a great idea – and actually it can make a small bathroom feel larger by allowing you to see around and under it. 

You can get them to suit modern or traditional styles and they just add a focal point to the space – especially if you go for something bold like the yellow tub pictured here.

(Little Greene)
Create an immersive wet room

To create a really luxurious feel, a semi wet room design could be a good option. You will have to decide if this is the direction you want to go in from the get-go as it will dictate a lot of your early renovations.

Or get a similar effect with a walk-in shower

Think walk-in showers are reserved for massive bathrooms? Think again. Walk-in showers can actually be the best option in a small bathroom. A shower enclosure would just waste space in this diddy room, whereas a walk-in shower creates a seamless feel. The partition is actually a curtain on a moveable rail that can be moved against the wall when the shower isn't in use, so clever and looks gorgeous. 

(Chris Snook)
Bring warmth and texture with natural materials

Organic, botanical, and natural-feeling bathrooms have traditionally been challenging due to the humidity of this space, which doesn’t mix well with materials like wood, wicker, and fabric. But instead of simply filling the room with plants – you’ll have seen those classic 18-plants-in-the-bath shots if you’re on Insta – new technologies and materials mean nailing this look is easy, without compromising on practicality.

We love timber-effect porcelain tiles, which you can use on floors and walls, and luxury vinyl tile plank flooring, which feels warm underfoot. New water-based varnishes are much better quality and help protect real wood in bathrooms. 

You can even get ceramic wallpapers, which are highly durable, or you could cheat it and apply a cheap wallpaper covered in decorator's matt varnish.

Mix white and colored Herringbone tiles

We’re saying Sayonara to subway tiles and hello bold patterned tiles. People are definitely being bolder in the bathroom, and we’ve seen a few homeowners on Your Home Made Perfect, the BBC show, really going for it. 

Feature tile walls look great and you can really mix it up by laying the tiles in herringbone patterns, chevrons, or even laying skinny tiles vertically. I love the Ca' Pietra Lilypad tiles, which are hexagonal – another trend that isn’t going anywhere. 

Grout used to be white or white, but these days you can make a statement by using black or grey for added punch, and you can even color match your silicone. Topps Tiles and Tile Giant are great for affordable options, and you can save money by DIY-ing. Just make sure you have flat surfaces and use decent quality slow-set adhesive to give you time for mistakes!

(Tile Giant)
Choose the right shade of gray

If you're going for an all gray bathroom – from walls to woodwork – picking the right paint shade is a must. Sometimes this isn't easy to get right from a paint chart – but if you can find a helpful assistant in the paint shop/DIY store who's mixing for you, ask which shades have yellow or pink tints in them. 

These shades will be warmer – and that's what you're looking for. So, whether you go light or dark, your room will feel welcoming, not cold. This grey above, for instance, has a discernible touch of yellow to it.

Coordinate the wallpaper with the bath

Gray bathroom paint needn't be limited to walls and woodwork – why not use yours to paint the underside of a bath? You don't necessarily need to match walls or wallpaper with your shade, but doing so can make a larger bathroom – or one with tall ceilings – feel just that bit more characterful and lively.

(Little Greene)
Match iron-grey shades with wood for warmth

If the bathroom paint color you've fallen in love with is a colder, harder shade, then there is a way to keep the room feeling warm and welcoming: and that's to add bags of texture with a warm-colored wood.

It needn't be on the floor, but a floor covering does have a big impact on how a space feels, so it's your best bet. Otherwise, you can simply incorporate wooden accessories and furniture.

(Aston Matthews)
Ditch tiles for wall paneling

Tongue-and-groove wall paneling is a brilliant alternative to wall tiles in a bathroom – and cheap too. Plus DIYers can fit it without too much trouble. Let's talk finish: your bathroom paint needs to be designed to take the moisture that's produced in a bathroom, so look for water-resistant finishes for wood and mold-resistant finishes for plasterwork.

(James Balston)
Add recessed shelves

This could be something you could actually build into a current bathroom, but if you are designing your bathroom from scratch think about what areas will be boxed off and can therefore have bathroom shelving ideas added. For example in this bathroom, the plumbing above the toilet has been hidden, and shelves have been added to make the space more functional.

(Chris Snook)
Style bathroom windows with shutters

Bathroom windows can be tricky when it comes to deciding how to dress them best. Or are they? We think not: shutters are where it's at for us. Curtains are a no (too damp in a bathroom for them). Blinds can look gorgeous but don't add the texture we're after... but shutters bring it every time when it comes to Bathroom window treatments.

There's the visual interest, they can of course be in any other color but white, and they're practical. Plus of course, we all associate them with living space, so they'll make your bathroom feel more like that kind of space than one that's separate and... sterile.

(Topps Tiles)
Shop hardware stores for small furniture

If you are after really realistic tiny bathroom inspo, the Imandra range by B&Q (above) has been designed for small, busy bathrooms that see a ton of traffic and need plenty of storage. 

So each piece of furniture is as slim-lined as possible to make the space easier to move around, but they are all packed with loads of practical storage to keep it clutter-free.

Furnish awkward spaces with existing homeware

Look around for old pieces of storage that are going unloved and unused in a bedroom or living room and see if you can repurpose them in your bathroom.

Got a set of chest of drawers you were thinking of sticking on Gumtree? They could totally work as storage for all those hair masks you claim to be part of your 'self-care' routine. Sometimes, all the drawers need is a lick of paint or sand down and there you go. 

(Simon Whitmore)
Create a cozy loft with a bath under the eaves

It can be tricky to know what to do with a loft conversion bathroom layout, ideally, the shower will be at the tallest point of the room but there's nothing wrong with having a bath slightly tucked under the eaves. It adds a nice coziness to the bathroom too and can feel lovely and cocooning when you are having a soak. 

(Future/Kasia Fiszer)
Use a skylight and tiles in your loft bathroom

There are several things to love about this bathroom. Firstly, the light! And secondly, we love how the Brasilia floor tiles from Popham Design have continued up the wall, which draws your eye away from the fact that the bathroom is actually super narrow.

The beautiful white Victoria + Albert Eldon bath breaks up the pattern, yet the shape of it and the white pattern on the tiles link cleverly. The gold taps, shower, and towel rail add a hint of warmth to the white-painted side walls finishing off the space to a T. 

(Victoria + Albert Baths)
Be clever with where you use pattern

Bathrooms have long embraced the timeless nature of black and white decor. As the saying goes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it – and we're not straying from the trend any time soon with stylish looks like this.

Because bathroom suites are generally white, you'll need to be clever with your surfaces to introduce black without the room looking like a giant checkerboard – the safest bet is to keep the walls white, neutral, or at least plain, and to concentrate the pattern on the flooring, like with these Oakham black pattern tiles from Walls & Floors, or matt black fixtures like taps and showerheads.

(Walls & Floors)
Switch-up your towels between seasons

We often talk about changing your rooms with the seasons, but this can be trickier with a bathroom because how much can you really change? It's not like you are going to rip your bathroom out twice a year. The answer? Towels. Towels and accessories. Pick out some of the best bathroom towels in hues that match the vibe of the season – so right now warmer, spicy hues would work perfectly. Super cheap too.

Add a colorful punch with mustard walls

Mustard tones bring a cozy and comforting ambiance to a bathroom space in all seasons. That pop of color is sure to energize your morning ritual also. 

'I’d say you can be pretty bold and experimental in a bathroom!' says Annie Sloan, color and paint expert.

'I’d look to your wardrobe for colors which flatter you, and base my color choices around that. We spend a lot of time in bathrooms looking at our reflections so choose a color which suits you!'

(Annie Sloan)
Use large tile panels to add color

'Introducing a color pop into a shower enclosure is a simple way to elevate your bathroom décor from plain and simple to bold and modern.' says Helen Dennett, marketing communications manager for Mermaid Panels.

'Particularly effective in white or neutral bathrooms which allows the bold shower enclosure to be a striking focal point of the room with plenty of personality. A vibrant geometric pattern looks cool and contemporary when paired with black accessories to draw attention to the detail of the pattern.'

(Mermaid Panels)
Go for a chic black, white and gold design

Simplistic in its 3-color design, this black, white, and gold Hollywood Regency gut renovation screams class sophistication and luxury.

'This dramatic black and white bath exude pure glitz and glamour,' says Sherry Hope-Kennedy, founder of SHK Studios, and member of the International Interior Design Association (IIDA); American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), California North Chapter, where she recently served as president; and San Francisco Design Center.

'Geometric striped tiles create a texture-rich background for the tub surround and floor. Shiny black surfaces – lacquered vanity, table, and pendant lamp – pair with gold-plated fixtures, and a heavily veined marble-tiled shower.'

(Studio SHK)

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