The Case For and Against: Should Arsene Wenger Remain as Manager of Arsenal?

It really is the hot topic at the moment, Arsene Wenger's reign at Arsenal has entered its most difficult period and for the first time in 20 years, it seems a distinct possibility that he could part ways with the north London club. Protests have reached ridiculous levels, including banners being flown over matches, but would Arsenal really be better off without the guidance of a man who has become synonymous with the club's success (albeit limited)? Here are three reasons for and three...

For - Keeping Hold of Players

Despite rumours of player revolts at the clubs, the majority of talent at Arsenal signed based on Wenger's reputation, none more so than Mesut Ozil who was swayed by the Frenchman's managerial style.

The likes of Olivier Giroud, Hector Bellerin and Laurent Koscielny have all voiced their support for Wenger and wish to continue working under his guidance.

Should he choose to depart, certain Gunners fans may eat their own words as several stars follow suit and depart the sinking ship.

Against - Team Selection and Tactics in Big Games

One of the biggest downfalls of Wenger's reign in recent years has been his leadership in big games. Arsenal's lack of positive results in these matches have rendered them useless at challenging for major trophies.

Too many times, fans and pundits alike have been puzzled by the staff chosen to play, particularly Alex Iwobi's inclusion away at Bayern Munich, and his stubborn tactics leave much to be desired.

Big teams seem to pick them off at will all too regularly and sadly, it seems as if Wenger is too outdated to repair this flaw.

For - Ridiculously Consistent Record

In the harsh reality of football, fans do not care about consistency and simply want the glory. Wenger has delivered the former but in recent years, not the latter.

His outstanding record of finishing in the top-four is made all the more special by the fact that every other team has missed out during this time, even Manchester United and Chelsea. In reality, Wenger has delivered consistent excellence.

While this season the club may struggle to deliver what has almost become a formality, no one can deny the foundations he has implemented with his consistency. United fans will tell you, losing a manager of such longevity can have a devastating impact on this factor.

Against - The Loss of the 'British Core'

Wenger's last major project as Arsenal was set to be the progression of his chosen 'British core.' Theo Walcott, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Aaron Ramsey, Kieran Gibbs and Carl Jenkinson were the quintet chosen to fulfil his dreams.

Sadly, it has become the stuff of nightmares. Not a single member of the core has become a true star name and Wenger's obsession with forwarding the idea and actually limiting other signings because of it, shows he may have just lost a touch of his nous in this area.

What hurts Gunners fans even more is the hugely successful English core at bitter rivals Tottenham.

For - Arsenal Need Another Year of Stability

Yes, you read that correctly, stability. Even in a season of such turmoil, which has been slightly over-exaggerated by Twitter, Wenger still brings a sense of stability to the Gunners.

The board have clearly not planned for life without him and if he were to go, there would be no succession plan and that is when the true dark days occur.

An extra 12 months seems a logical decision, a year to plan and perhaps make up for mistakes. We've seen Chelsea bounce back this season after a far worse campaign, who's to say one of football's greatest managers cannot mastermind the same?

Against - Lack of Player Motivation

Leaders in the dressing room tend to stem from the manager and in recent years, this has been Wenger's biggest downfall.

No player in the current setup seems keen on taking responsibility when it counts and all motivation seems to be sapped once they succumb to one of their mistakes.

This is an atmosphere created by Wenger, one which doesn't emphasise perfection. The players look in need of a fresh challenge, a new set of rules and perhaps, a manager who will call them out on their errors.

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