‘Descendants 2’ Star Thomas Doherty Hooks Us Up With Behind-the-Scenes Pics

Descendants 2 hasn’t even premiered yet and we’re already hooked. The sequel to the hit 2015 Disney Channel original movie will feature several new faces on the Isle of the Lost, including Captain Hook’s son, Harry (played by Thomas Doherty), and Gaston’s bad apple offspring, Gil (Dylan Playfair). Ahead of the Descendants 2 premiere, we handed over our Instagram account to Doherty, who hooked us up with some behind-the-scenes shots with co-stars Dove Cameron (Mal, the daughter of Maleficent), China Anne McClain (Uma, daughter of Ursula), Brenna D’Amico (Jane, daughter of Fairy Godmother), and more. Plus, there’s a Walt Disney photo bomb just for good measure. Click through this slideshow to see all of Doherty’s snaps from the magical Disney Channel set — and get ready for the “Summer of Villains.”

Descendants 2 premieres Friday, July 21 on Disney Channel.


ATTENTION: I’M TAKING OVER THE @yahootv INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT TODAY! — @thomasadoherty#descendants2

(Photo: Thomas Doherty via Instagram)

Healthy Eats

MORNING LA!! Having breakfast at my favourite place in the beautiful LA sunshine. Getting ready for a film means a healthy diet, lots of juice and fruit, and of course, water!! — @thomasadoherty #descendants2

(Photo: Thomas Doherty via Instagram)

An Exclusive Photo From the Set

A shot with the wonderful @chinamcclain. Our last day on set of #Descendants2, and what a way to go! Sharing the screen with these magnificent people, giving our all during “What’s My Name” — euphoria all around. I miss that hook… — @thomasadoherty

(Photo: Thomas Doherty via Instagram)

Car Selfie

So I managed to cut myself 3 times while shaving this morning, but I’m back to baby face and on my way to work at DISNEY! #ifindoubt #poutitout — @thomasadoherty #Descendants2

(Photo: Thomas Doherty via Instagram)

Long Live Evil!

Summer of villains** #Descendants2 #HarryHook — @thomasadoherty

(Photo: Thomas Doherty via Instagram)


24 DAYS!!! #descendants2 — @thomasadoherty

(Photo: Thomas Doherty via Instagram)


Getting some touch ups on the old face to make me look pretty — @thomasadoherty #descendants2

(Photo: Thomas Doherty via Instagram)

We Made It!

Made it onto the Disney Wall… #descendants2 — @thomasadoherty

(Photo: Thomas Doherty via Instagram)

Quickie Photo Shoot

Cheese! — @thomasadoherty #descendants2

(Photo: Thomas Doherty via Instagram)

Photo Bomb

Chillin with Walt! — @thomasadoherty #descendants2

(Photo: Thomas Doherty via Instagram)

With Brenna and Dianne

With some of the cast seeing the movie for the FIRST TIME. Look who I found: @brennadamico @dianneldoan!! — @thomasadoherty #descendants2

(Photo: Thomas Doherty via Instagram)

Smooches With Dove!

Here we go! Heading into the screening for #Descendants2. Can’t wait for you all to see it and meet #HarryHook on July 21. Thanks for joining me. — @thomasadoherty

(Photo: Thomas Doherty via Instagram)

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