21 farmhouse decor ideas

Create a warm and welcoming space with our favorite farmhouse decor ideas

Farmhouse decor ideas embody a simplistic, rustic elegance that can establish a timeless design in homes both traditional and modern. 

A celebration of natural materials, rural architectural details and defined by a cozy and warming atmosphere, this decor trend can feel well balanced, serene and full of character. 

We've selected the essential aspects of farmhouse decor, from the practical to the decorative as well with many expert-approved tips, so you can recreate this look with ease in your own home. 

Whether you're looking for more a modern farmhouse, or are in the middle of planning your farmhouse kitchen of dreams, our collection of farmhouse decor ideas have got everything covered, so you can create a chic and modern design that still maintains a cozy, country appeal. 

(Dinesen | Adam Carter | Kara Childress)
21. Look up to a painted ceiling

Ceiling paint can add wonderful depth to an all-wood scheme. 

In this Bay Ridge home, designed by Cherry Purple Architects, the paneled and coffered home office features a painted ceiling that draws the eye upwards and creates definition between the beams.

(Purple Cherry Architects)
20. Introduce warmth and texture with lighting

Kitchen lighting can be harsh, or major on sleek and shiny surfaces. When it comes to finalizing your farmhouse decor and farmhouse kitchen lighting, you can take a softer approach. 

Here, the large Seema Raffia Drum Shade from Birdie Fortescue has a fabric base that filters the light above the kitchen island, while the narrow green edging adds a subtle hint of color. 

The result: farmhouse decor in a kitchen that has the comfort factor of a snug sitting room.

(Birdie Fortescue)
19. Establish an elegant entrance

Define your modern farmhouse decor in the entrance hall or stairway, and you'll set the tone for the rest of the home. A shapely stair, rich wood tones and a touch of elegance in the form of artworks and furnishings are key.

Oozing warmth, character and famed for its timeless beauty and durability, wood is still one of the most popular flooring materials for the home, perfect for entryway floors. Invest in a rustic sideboard or console table and adorn with a vase of fresh greenery for a true farmhouse feel.

(Elsie Home)
18. Opt for more unique storage ideas

Storage is key when you're planning your farmhouse decor ideas. Here, for hallway storage, the blue metal lockers add a touch of the unexpected to the space.

'I think the concept of modern farmhouse is all about taking the traditional farmhouse vibe and making it your own,' explains Los Angeles designer, Kate Lester. 

'It’s about mixing board and batten paneling with a steel railing detail, or using a more contemporary light fixture over a vintage dining table.'

(Kate Lester Interiors)
17. Keep certain windows clear to let light flood in

While window treatment may be necessary for warmth and privacy, there's no denying that keeping frames free from drapes, blinds and shutters can allow natural light to flood into a farmhouse property.

With contemporary glazing and modern heating systems, there's an opportunity to go as bare as you dare at windows. It's this light, and lightness of touch, that's a hallmark of farmhouse decor, summed up beautifully in this project from Annapolis-based interior designer, Cathy Purple Cherry.

(Purple Cherry Architects)
16. Turn a dresser into a star feature

Get creative with a dresser or hutch and add a fresh spin on traditional farmhouse ideas.

Lining the back of the cabinet with wallpaper adds an extra layer of pattern and color, and you can take the concept further by choosing a selection of different papers to ring the changes on each shelf.

Finish with colorful crockery in folk-art designs.

(Mark Scott/Future)
15. Give a home office a farmhouse feel

Create a simple, serene home office with white walls and pared-back furniture, putting the focus on mindfulness and the task in hand.

For this Vipp Farmhouse, interior designer Julie Cloos Mølsgaard has created a modern farmhouse that combines historical charm with modern convenience, displaying both functional finesse and interesting art finds.

14. Bring in rustic wall decor

Displaying artisan, antique pieces, such as handwoven baskets or artwork, is an easy way to bring a rustic feel to your decor – and will work as well in a farmhouse living room as it will in the kitchen.

'To me, farmhouse is about craft, working with your hands, using indigenous materials and then spicing things up with some color,' says Boston-based interior designer, Liz Caan.

'I like using pieces that either were crafted locally. It’s about elevating basics and mixing in modern pieces with some heirlooms, and displaying them in a creative way.'

(Birdie Fortescue)
13. Soften white cabinetry with wood and marble

White kitchens may be timeless, but a classic high-gloss finish can seem cold when you're planning farmhouse decor ideas for a farmhouse kitchen. Instead, break up a run of white cabinetry with wooden doors and a veined marble backsplash.

'Solid white backsplashes can create a harsh brightness,' says a spokesperson for Bushboard, 'but white marble with intricate grey veining can add interest, breaking up an overly white scheme while also adding depth.

'The curves of the marble veining  add a softness that break up the solid lines and angles found in the kitchen.'

12. Style a wooden cabinet

A wooden cabinet display, ideal for a kitchen, living room or dining room, is a great way to create a rustic yet modern feel in a space. 

Paint the cabinet in a color to match the tones of the wall, using accessories and collected pieces to introduce added vibrancy.

Curate the cabinet with treasured ornaments to create a display that takes design to the edges of your room.

11. Curate decorative table displays

The picture here may be the only actual 'wall decor' but it's the combination of the artwork, cabinet, lamp and decorative elements that unite together as one to create a single effective display.

Hanging artwork with a wooden frame above a cabinet display of ornaments, flowers and books will create warmth and give your wall a traditional, rustic feel. 

(Haris Kenjar)
10. Use books as wall art

Decorating with books and designing a library wall will bring color, texture and personality to the space – and all you need are your well-thumbed paperbacks.

'The beauty of bookshelves is that they can fill an entire wall, or simply slot into an awkward nook to create interest and drama,' suggests Country Homes & Interiors editor, Andréa Childs. 'This is a great wall decor idea for a rustic home as you can build shelving to fit around features such as beams, stoves, or sloping ceilings.

'Rearrange your shelves from time to time to switch-up your display – and rediscover your favorite reads.'

(Paul Raeside/Future)
9. Leave Brickwork Exposed

Leaving brickwork exposed is a great way to add some texture into your home and create a dramatic contrast between the brick and softer materials, such as hangings, rugs and curtains. 

'Brick or stone walls bring authenticity to a rustic room,' agrees interiors stylist Sara Bird. 'While they look beautiful on their own, layering more wall decor ideas on top brings an extra element to the scheme that will really elevate your space.'

(Debi Treloar/Future)
8. Hang decorative wall plaques

Farmhouse living room wall decor – hanging plates on the wall, or displaying them on a shelf or dresser, is a great way to add a splash of color and create a rustic feel. This is a perfect opportunity to introduce some personality to the wall and display some of your favorite patterns. 

For a modern look, go for brighter colors, and for a more classic style, then stick to neutrals and natural materials. 

(Violante & Rochford)
7. Store your cookware in style

If you're looking into more easy ways you can change up your kitchen so its reflects a farmhouse style, then a ceiling pot rack is a highly simple yet effective design idea. 

Practical and stylish, pot racks should not just be reserved for chef's kitchens, the look great suspended over kitchen islands, and are a great way to both store and display your collection of cookware.

Copper cookware, like that shown in the farmhouse kitchen by Lucas Eilers above, works well for farmhouse decor, as it can beautifully complement warming wood tones, and establish a more traditional look.

(Lucas Eilers)
6. Embrace beamed ceiling ideas

It doesn't get more rustic and characterful than a beautiful beamed ceiling for farmhouse decor ideas. 

Adding impactful texture, visual interest and natural charm to a space, an original beamed ceiling can delightfully display the true bones and history of a home.

Of course, not all of us live in period properties with beams, but beamed ceiling can range from rustic wood on a grand vaulted ceiling in a barn, to smooth steel and faux installations; with many working beautifully to establish a rustic, historic look for farmhouse decor ideas.

(Kara Childress)
5. Create a timeless and beautiful foundation with wood flooring

A timeless trend, wood flooring will always be popular in interior design; having formed beautiful foundations in homes across the world for centuries.

From pretty parquet, to original floorboards and lookalike laminates, there are so many wood flooring options to explore for farmhouse decor ideas in your home. 

Havwoods’ brand ambassador, Simon Myatt, takes us through his top tips when choosing wooden flooring. 

'Although solid or engineered wood does have a higher cost attached to it, when properly maintained, it can last a lifetime compared to other solutions such as vinyl or wood-effect tiles. 

Wooden floors are quick and easy to clean and care for. Thanks to product development and innovation over the years, we now recommend buyers opt for engineered wood flooring rather than solid wood which naturally will want to move, warp and crack. Engineered wood flooring has all the aesthetic beauty and charm of a wood floor, but its multi-layered structure ensures stability, minimal response to moisture and is cost effective, too.'

4. Fill your bathroom with plenty of rustic texture

For some time, bathrooms were often viewed as clinical, minimalist spaces with little texture, color and style, but oh how the times have changed, with many of us creating stand-out wet rooms, spa bathrooms and luxury bathrooms in all manner of styles and themes.

A key element to consider for farmhouse bathrooms includes a focus on the warmth wood and plenty of inviting, cozy texture. 

From wooden flooring and paneling, to wooden accents created through furniture and accessory choices, this natural material can easily create a farmhouse aesthetic as well as achieve a calming, and tranquil effect; beautifully shown in the country bathroom above. 

3. Incorporate industrial accents

Alex Main, Director at The Main Company explains below how industrial accents are a crucial part of designing a farmhouse kitchen. 

'From exposed brick walls to copper splash backs and industrial lighting, a modern farmhouse color palette looks fantastic when paired with industrial elements like these. Incorporating large pendant lights above an island makes a real statement, adding texture and interest to the space – especially for homes with high ceilings as they naturally draw the eye up. Brick walls are a great way to add texture to a pared-back kitchen design, or opt for a striking metal splashback for that rustic element which only gets better with age.'

(Kara Childress)
2. Choose a reclaimed wooden dining table

A large, reclaimed wooden dining table can not only fill your farmhouse dining room with warming, inviting texture and a timeless, durable material, it can become one of the true hubs of the home, and a central gathering point for when hosting and spending time eating and socializing with friends and family.

Sally and Sarah Wilkie, Founders of Home Barn say, 'we love weathered wood, and feel this is the right look for a family table, with every new mark or dent or scribble there’s happy memories made. A good quality solid timber table can grow old gracefully and get better with age as it’s sturdy and robust.'

Reclaimed and salvaged wood is full of history and character, often defined by a unique, distressed and weathered finish with visible knots and stains – it couldn't be more fitting for farmhouse decor ideas. 

This dining room features the Griffin Reclaimed Wood Dining Table by Pottery Barn, which adds a warming contrast to the light, bright and white interior. The metal legs on the table and matching bench add an industrial edge to the piece, with the design perfect for both classic and contemporary spaces.

(Pottery Barn)
1. Bring the beauty of the outdoors indoors

Farmhouse decor ideas are rooted in the outside world. Defined by raw and rustic materials, and inspired by the colors of nature, this style, as it signifies in the name, pays homage to original features found in beautiful, traditional farmhouses situated in rural and agricultural areas.

From the use of wood on the ceiling all the way down to the flooring, to working with earthy color palettes and patterns inspired by nature, turning to the outside world for inspiration will always be important for farmhouse decor ideas.

For paint ideas and color palettes, Kathy Kuo suggests, 'for the color palette, select hues that radiate warmth and comfort. If you want to layer other colors into your space, draw from earthy and natural tones: a soft sage or grassy green, a soft off-white, muted sky blues, lush lavenders, and misty grays.'

(Adam Carter)

Create a warm and welcoming space with our favorite farmhouse decor ideas