Halloween horror: 19 terrible 'sexy' movie and TV costumes no one should ever wear

Kelly Woo
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

So-called sexy Halloween costumes have gotten out of control in the last few years, with manufacturers doing their best to crank out a “sexy” version of pretty much anything. Even characters that have no business being sexy are now tarted up — and it’s time for the madness to end. Click through to see 19 terrible “sexy” pop culture costumes that simply should not exist.

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Freddy Krueger

This costume is more confusing than upsetting. So, Freddy is using his own clawed hands on his, uh, bosom? And his iconic striped sweater has been reduced to a barely there skirt and scarf? The horror!
(Photo: Partycity.com)

Tin Man

Could someone please drop a house on this “naughty” twist on the beloved Wizard of Oz character?
(Photo: Partycity.com)

Strawberry Shortcake

Nothing says “please ruin my childhood memories” like sexualizing an innocent children’s cartoon with skanky hotpants and knee-high hoochie socks.
(Photo: Yandy.com)


Turning the adorable yellow creature into a barely there costume could be called “despicable.”
(Photo: Partycity.com)

Sexy ‘Northern Queen’

It may be winter, but things are heating up for this version of the King of the North. With its cut-out bodice and a panel strip for a skirt, this costume truly knows nothing about Jon Snow.
(Photo: Yandy.com)

‘Doggy Doo’

Ruh-roh, your eyes may burn off seeing this wretched (and wholly unauthorized) take on the classic cartoon character. There is literally zero need to make a dumb but lovable cartoon dog “sexy.” The tail is gross, the satin blue “collar” is gross, and what’s with the paw print on the chest? That’s a mystery we don’t need solved, actually.
(Photo: 3wishes.com)

‘Adult Criminal Investigator CSI Costume’

Apparently, smart, tough criminal investigators really need plunging showgirl necklines to do their work. Are they supposed to be “crime” scene investigators, or does the C now stand for “cleavage”?
(Photo: Walmart.com)

‘Sexy Remote Control’

Even inanimate objects can be sexed up, apparently. Who’s the person who looked at their TV remote and got turned on? Let’s press the delete button on this.
(Photo: 3wishes.com)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Crime-fighting turtles don’t sound remotely sexy at all, so it’s puzzling to see these saloon hussy getups. The turtles now sport tight dresses with short skirts, which don’t seem very efficient for fighting crime.
(Photo: Partycity.com)

Darth Vader

They do say the Dark Side is seductive, but this micromini is taking things a little too far.
(Photo: Partycity.com)


The cute anime character is usually all about friendship goals, but this more mature version says, “Let’s be friends with benefits.”
(Photo: Partycity.com)

Iron Man

Isn’t Robert Downey Jr. sexy enough on his own? The Marvel superhero gets an “upgrade” with a spandex bodysuit that leaves little to the imagination.
(Photo: Spirithalloween.com)

Lady Jack Skellington

Why yes, this racy take on Jack Skellington did give us nightmares before Christmas.
(Photo: Partycity.com)

Transformers’ Bumblebee

The plucky Volkswagen Beetle probably never imagined a transformation like this. Even the Decepticons would groan over the saucy costume version of the supercar.
(Photo: Partycity.com)

‘Adult Poison Apple Body Shaper Costume’

Instead of the fairest of them all, this take on Snow White might be the most flirtatious of them all. A getup like this will probably attract the attention of some Princes Not-So-Charming.
(Photo: Partycity.com)

‘Adult Sassy Ghostbusters Costume’

Who ya gonna call about this abominable creation? Clearly, the folks who made this costume missed the entire girl-power point of Ghostbusters 3.
(Photo: Partycity.com)

‘Sassy Beetlejuice Costume’

If we say “Beetlejuice” out loud three times, will this ghastly number disappear?
(Photo: Partycity.com)

‘Adult American Dream Costume’

Tony Stark’s wholesome buddy (and sometimes adversary) Captain America would probably blush seeing this trashy take on his gear. Also is that a shield or a clutch purse?
(Photo: Partycity.com)

‘Fairyland Leader Costume’

The boy who never grew up … apparently did! This form-fitting, provocative take on Peter Pan should be banished to the land of Never Never Wear.
(Photo: 3wishes.com)

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