27 home office organization ideas for a stylish workspace

27 home office organization ideas for a stylish workspace

On a frantic hunt for home office organization ideas before your next virtual call? Whether you’ve been waiting your whole life to work exclusively from home or you’re longing to go back to the days when catching up with colleagues took place in conference rooms and around the water cooler rather than on Zoom calls, there’s no denying that a new remote-friendly way of working is here to stay.

And with WFH comes a need for more permanent home office ideas – while that laptop on the couch was comfy for a couple of months, it’s high time to foster something a little more professional and organized to help streamline your office hours while ensuring little distraction and time wasted searching for a notepad or charging point for your electronic devices.

So, on our agenda, we've penciled in some things that'll make home office organizing that little bit easier. From luxe letter trays to fashionable filing finds (yes really), we show you how to boss the task at hand.

Make filing fashionable

While filing might not be the most thrilling of tasks, it's essential to sort papers into relevant piles to avoid looking scrappy. But if you haven't got a lot of surface space to work with, look to desks that deliver on file-friendly features, and are fashionable too.

The perfect balance between a characterful apothecary table and a functional desk, each drawer in this Lowell Desk from Cox and Cox sits on metal runners, can be completely removed, and is fronted with a card holder so that each can be labeled.

Combined with the wire wall organizer and the comfiest best office chair, this setup has all you need to stay on top of all-important invoices, forms, and business paperwork.

(Cox and Cox)
Make your gallery wall functional with calendar art

If your paper calendar is looking a little dog-eared and you haven't got an electronic device to hand, consider making your monthly organizer part of your gallery wall. As well as the usual family portraits or abstract art, this chronological wall art, available from Desenio will mean you can catch a glimpse of what day or week your social and professional events fall on. Because diary clashes are not part of the agenda.

Create a colorful DIY noticeboard

If you don't want to invest in flimsy noticeboards and have a sample pot or two of paint lying about, why not add some interest with this budget home office design by Annie Sloan?

This decoration provides a purposeful place to place children's paintings, school reports, and whatever else needs your attention. Alternatively, it makes a cute kid-friendly design to pin homework and birthday party invites.

(Annie Sloan)
Store stationery in cool concrete compartments

Perfect for clean freaks, trendsetters, or as a home office for him, concrete desk organizers offer an edgy and eye-catching look for your desk. 

And, because they weigh more than their paper or plastic counterparts, they also make great paperweights for holding down those decision-making docs. 

If you're not a fan of the au natural grey blocks, get crafty with paint and decorate them in a color that'll match your office aesthetic.

Go glam with a gold letter rack

Not just for storing mail in style, a letter rack is a hot home office organization idea that can house your legal docs, envelopes, and lunch break magazines. So be a boss babe and slay your tasks with this industrial-but-boujie stationery stand.

Great for gifting to your work BFF, this luxe Mmetal organizer by Martha Brook can also come An optional gift box can be added, and optional metallic embossed gift wrap.

(Martha Brook)
Swap plastic letter trays for patterned paper

Whether you want to reduce your consumption of plastic or want something some home office organization ideas that add color and interest, choosing a paper letter tray is an eco-friendly option that can add some excitement to your desk.

These muted motif boxes from Cambridge Imprint make a sophisticated and elegant addition to any desk, and won't look out of place in a traditional home office or cute country study, especially when placed on a rustic, reclaimed, or distressed wooden desk.

(Cambridge Imprint)
Use planters for paper storage

Think outside the (planter) box and use garden furniture for office storage. We love the look of this unfussy home office setup which has been set up with an extended marble window ledge and multipurpose container. Plus, if you do want to use it for its originally-intended purpose, the industrial boho mix of books and dried flowers oozes that healthy work-life balance aesthetic.

Alternatively, create an impromptu office-turned-home library by stashing your fave novels and literature classics in this compartment for a much-needed screen break.

Use lockers for a retro feel

Whether you're using the home office for corporate work, or your children are using the space for homework, vintage lockers have made quite the revival, not just in schools and commercial workplaces, but inside the home too.

They're a great home office organization tool for adding a touch of personality, and by choosing different colors, each family member can be held accountable for keeping the workspace nice and tidy – encouraging good habits for when you return to a professional place of work, school or college.

(Mustard Made)
Use chalkboard paint for taking notes

If you've ever been on the phone, scrambling for a piece of paper or pen to take down all-important client details or contact numbers – this creative DIY desk idea is for you. In this dramatic black office, the wall has been painted in chalkboard paint decor to create an impromptu blackboard for notes and doodling (perfect for if you've been put on hold.)

Rust-Oleum® Specialty Chalk Board paint, available from Amazon converts surfaces into a usable chalkboard, and can be applied to metal, wood, masonry, drywall, plaster, glass, concrete, unglazed ceramics, and hardboard. It does contain latex, so worth noting if you have an allergy.

Clad a wall in corkboard

If your current piece of corkboard isn't big enough to pin down your child's artwork or creative proofs – go hard or go home – quite literally with a wall made of bark-based material. 

By covering the wall in its entirety, there's no excuse for not staying organized. Use colorful drawing pins and go for wooden flooring to add personality and warmth to your home office.

(Veronica Rodriguez)
15. Display stationery with a clear Lazy Susan

While some of us are completely content with taking down all notes, reminders, and dates digitally, others prefer a good old-fashioned pen and paper. 

Rather than struggling to find the right pen or highlighter in your junk drawer or wherever else you might have set it down, consider adding a modern desktop Lazy Susan like this one from Pottery Barn to your workstation—not only is it elegant but it’s actually quite practical and will come as a huge time saver.

(Pottery Barn)
16. Opt for a multi-functional printing station

If your job still requires you to print and scan documents, you might want to invest in a multi-functional printing station where you can keep all things printer-related in one compact area. One of the best small printers can easily be tucked under your desk or into a closet if you’re working with a tight office space.

(West Elm)
17. Take your calendar offline with a wall insert

Used to working with a multitude of screens and endless desk space? It can be hard to downsize from two large monitors to just one – or even just a simple laptop. If you’re longing to have your calendar and to-do on display at all times, consider taking it offline and putting it up on the wall space above your desk. 

While it takes up pretty much no space at all, it’ll give way to a much more streamlined overview of the month ahead – and some reusable wall calendars even come with additional hanging storage.

(Pottery Barn)
18. Add minimalist dividers to your catch-all drawer

Desk drawers can quickly become a drop space for any and all paperwork and access supplies if you’re not careful. But if you’re still trying to sort and organize that untapped storage space, consider adding a couple of minimal drawer dividers like this Malaren set from Ikea. 

They don’t take up much space in your desk but they’ll be huge in terms of keeping like items together and easily accessible.

19. Make filing fun with colorful magazine files

If you’re working with limited space and don’t necessarily want to take up precious floor space with a clunky filing cabinet? A handful of colorful magazine files will work just as well as a filing cabinet but can easily be tucked into your existing bookcase or left on the corner of your desk for easy access. 

An alternate idea would be to color-code your files based on the categories you find useful.

20. Reclaim vertical space with a modern pegboard

The wallspace in front of, or behind, your desk is valuable real estate! If you haven’t already gone vertical you’ll be amazed by the sheer amount of stuff you can store and organize on the wall. This modern SKÅDIS pegboard, available from IKEA, allows for a modular solution that can be organized and reorganized based on your needs.

22. Divide your office and living room with a bookcase

Working from home can be a challenge, especially when other family members are lounging in the living room perhaps watching TV or gaming. So in order to stay focussed (and not be a party pooper on their social space), create a home office setup that is respectful to everyone's needs.

A double-sided cube bookcase (like this KALLAX bookcase from IKEA) is a practical and aesthetically-pleasing way to divide your workspace and the rest of your home without cutting out light or feeling boxed in. You can easily add convenient little boxes for subtle storage or fill the cubes with pretty accessories and decor to brighten up your space.

Create a workspace that folds away

If you’ve been struggling to find enough space in your home to set up a more permanent-feeling workspace, consider a folding secretary desk, available from Wayfair.

This compact design mounts onto the wall and is big enough to comfortably store your laptop, notebooks, pens, calendar, and any other work-related essentials. The best part? Once it’s folded away it resembles little more than a simple wall shelving unit.

Consider a rolling utility tray for office essentials (or snacks!)

Sometimes grabbing your laptop and moving from the desk to the couch or other nooks and crannies around the house helps to break up the day and foster a new sense of creativity and focus – and a rolling utility tray like the Elfa white mesh file cart by The Container Store makes it even more convenient. 

Pack your tray with charging cables, extra pens, and any other day-to-day essentials and enjoy the convenience of a mobile workspace. Plus, the added bonus of beverages on tap means that you can stay hydrated – essential for remaining productive.

Make your own hot desks with individual storage

Likewise, working from home is even more engaging when you have multiple desk spaces to choose from. If you and your partner or roommate are both working from home at the moment, consider creating your own at-home hot desks.

The added space will make it feel a little bit more like a real office space – just make sure to have your own designated rolling cabinets to ensure your work essentials don’t get lost in the mix.

Create a cubicle for privacy and vertical space

Whether you’re struggling to set boundaries during your office hours or you just miss the vertical space that comes with an office cubicle, consider making your own with folding felt walls. 

Not only will it help you focus on the work in front of you but it also gives you a huge amount of surface area for notes, pen holders, calendars, and other work essentials.

Enlist the help of a portable storage basket

If your office essentials are pretty minimal, consider packing them all in a portable storage basket the NATADE storage basket from Ikea. 

Whether you keep it artfully arranged on your desk or you bring it with you from the couch to the dining room table, it’ll allow you to keep everything together without feeling tied down to one work zone.

Don't be afraid of commitment (to shelving units!)

We can’t say enough about reclaiming vertical space – especially in the form of practical shelving ideas. If you’re worried about drilling into the wall when your home office might not be a permanent fixture in the house, don’t be.

The right shelving can be great for getting office supplies off the surface of your desk but they’ll work equally well for books and other home decor items once you’re back in the office.

Create a family-friendly DIY door organizer

If you want to organize the family, keep track of the kids’ activities and make lists of tasks and shopping all in one place, why not have a go at turning a door into a family organizer?' says Cassie Fairy, upcycler and owner of My Thrifty Life blog.

'It’s a handy space to make to-do lists and to keep an eye on what tasks need doing each week, whilst increasing your home’s storage space by utilizing every possible nook and cranny. Children can use the chalks to add their own lessons to the planner and will enjoy drawing you a lovely picture at the bottom of the door.'

'This space-saving family door organizer makes use of any odds and ends of DIY materials you’ve got lying around, such as a small section of guttering to store essentials, and copper pipe left over from a plumbing task to hold a roll of paper for shopping lists and pots full of pens and chalk.'

'You could use the door under the stairs, or as your office door to keep on top of tasks while working from home. It might even encourage your teenager to make a revision planner if it’s painted onto their bedroom door!'

(Cassie Fairy (My Thrifty Life))
Isolate the workspace

'Opt for a room divider or desk with built-in walls to carve out a designated area for work,' says Rachael Fell, furniture buying manager, Habitat.

'Isolating the workspace in this way evokes an element of seclusion which encourages focus and concentration. These clear physical boundaries also help mentally separate office and living areas, meaning it’s easier to leave work behind at the end of the day.'

Invest in flexible furniture

'Home working shows no sign of abating, so as a design studio we continue to put emphasis on products that support flexible living,' says Ben Stanton, designer, Habitat.

'This desk unit is designed and built to increase storage solutions whilst being adaptable to different home office needs. The unique swivel mechanism allows for a multitude of positions: the 'L' shaped desk can zone a space or make the most of unused corners, and it can also extend flat against a wall.'

Optimize the bedroom office

'For hybrid spaces like a bedroom office, consider the placement of the desk,' advises Fell.

'Face it towards a window or corner of the room if space allows to help compartmentalize the work area and keep bedroom cues out of sight. If a bed is visible in video calls, consider white or neutral bedding to create a simple, non distracting background. Our Fresh Vintage scallop bedding set in crisp white makes an ideal backdrop, defined by its unique curved edge in a bright yellow hue.'


Remote working is here to stay and we have the scoop on home office organization ideas