A Million Miles Away Cast: Where You've Seen The Stars Of The Amazon Original Movie

The stars of this story about the stars.

Many of the space movies that are based on a true story focus primarily on the astronauts’ journey post-liftoff. However, A Million Miles Away – an Amazon Prime original movie based on the memoir of the same name – is the story of one man’s lifelong journey to earn himself a spot on the United States Space Program.

The man in question is José Hernandez, who is portrayed by Michael Peña in the inspirational drama. Before you check it out for yourself (if you haven't already), let’s take a look at who plays who in the A Million Miles Away cast and what else you may recognize them from with our following breakdown, starting with the acclaimed lead actor.

By Jason Wiese

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1. Michael Peña (José Hernandez)

As established, leading the A Million Miles Away cast as José Hernandez – a migrant farm worker who dreams of traveling the stars – is Michael Peña, who previously played an astronaut in 2015’s The Martian and contended with strange astronomical circumstances in Moonfall in 2022. However, he has more frequently played cops (such as in End of Watch), soldiers (like in Fury), and government agents (including Jack Ryan spin-off hopeful Domingo Chavez). Some of Peña’s other most notable credits include back-to-back Best Picture Oscar winners (Million Dollar Baby and Crash), leading another biopic about an influential figure of Mexican heritage (2014’s Cesar Chavez), and playing fan-favorite MCU character Luis in the first two Ant-Man movies.

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2. Rosa Salazar (No Character Name Provided)

Playing Jose’s wife is Peña’s CHIPS co-star Rosa Salazar, who had a first season American Horror Story role you may have forgotten about around the same time she joined Parenthood in the recurring role of Zoe DeHaven. She eventually found movie star success as Brenda in the Maze Runner movies, in Netflix’s Bird Box cast, and as the cybernetic title role of Robert Rodriguez’s manga-inspired modern cult favorite Alita: Battle Angel. She has since found TV star success as the lead of Netflix’s bizarre horror miniseries, Brand New Cherry Flavor, and the Amazon Prime’s unique fantasy series Undone, and she also joined the MCU with a role in the Marvel movie Captain American: Brave New World.

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3. Bobby Soto (No Character Name Provided)

Another A Million Miles Away cast member who has a credit in common with Peña (namely Netflix’s Narcos: Mexico) is Bobby Soto, who, like Peña, can also say he has worked with writer and director David Ayer (on 2020’s The Tax Collector). This is actually his second biopic about an influential Mexican-American figure released, having also appeared in Hulu’s Flamin’ Hot (the legitimacy of which has since been put into question, however). Following guest spots on hit crime TV series like Cold Case and The Closer, Soto made his feature film debut in 2011’s A Better Life, went on to star in movies like 2020’s The Quarry and The Listener two years later, and has a drama in the works called Grapefruit.

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4. Sarayu Blue (No Character Name Provided)

Sarayu Blue also has a credit in common with Peña, as one of her first movies was 2007’s Lions for Lambs. She is also part of the MCU, having guest starred on an episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as Dr. Jazuat. She's risen in popularity after starring in 2018’s Blockers; leading her own, short-lived sitcom, I Feel Bad; joining the Happiest Season; and appearing in Netflix’s To All the Boys franchise as Trina Rothschild. Blue was also in several episodes of Never Have I Ever, lent her voice to Max’s ill-received Velma, and her upcoming Amazon Prime original drama series, Expats, is set for a 2024 premiere.

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5. Veronica Falcón (No Character Name Provided)

With the exception of her 2007 English-language debut, Not Forgotten, much of Veronica Falcón’s filmography was previously made up of Spanish movies and TV shows... until she starred alongside Alice Braga on USA’s Queen of the South. She went on to star on HBO’s Perry Mason reboot, landed a small role in the Falcon and the Winter Soldier, was in the latest installment of the Purge movies (The Forever Purge), and appeared in Jungle Cruise as Trader Sam. She was on Ozark Season 4, stars in Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, and has a horror movie called Imaginary set to come out in 2024.

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6. Julio César Cedillo (No Character Name Provided)

Julio César Cedillo also has a few titles in common with his A Million Miles Away co-stars – Michael Peña with Narcos: Mexico, Sarayu Blue with The Bridge, and Veronica Falcón with Queen of the South. However, he has plenty of interesting credits to boast on his own, including a recurring role on Walker, Texas Ranger; the harrowing Stephen King creature feature The Mist; and director Denis Villeneuve’s Sicario, to name a few. He appeared in Netflix’s 2021 Western, The Harder They Fall and joined the platform’s Chupa in 2023.

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7. Garret Dillahunt (No Character Name Provided)

Perhaps one of the more underrated A Million Miles Away cast members is Garret Dillahunt, who has a sizable resume of easily recognizable credits – including Deadwood as two different characters and one of the best movies of the 2000s, No Country for Old Men. But he’s done plenty more than just western TV shows like Justified or Best Picture Oscar winners like 12 Years a Slave, having also starred on the Fox sitcom Raising Hope; in Rian Johnson’s 2012 sci-fi noir Looper; and joined Netflix’s Army of the Dead shortly after completing his Fear the Walking Dead stint. He was in the Where the Crawdads Sing cast and led the Freevee original comedy Sprung.

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8. Eric Johnson (No Character Name Provided)

Like Garret Dillahunt, Eric Johnson may not be a household name, but has a resume that might suggest otherwise. Highlights include a major part on Smallville’s first season, playing the title role of Syfy’s Flash Gordon series reboot, and the Fifty Shades movies as Jack Hyde. More recently, Johnson was in Paul Feig’s A Simple Favor and the final season of Vikings, and he is set to reprise his Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin character, Sheriff Beasley, in the next spin-off, Summer School.

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Michael Peña leads Amazon Prime's A Million Miles Away cast.