Pop culture-themed ugly Christmas sweaters that will make your holiday brighter

Kimberly Potts
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

OK, so they’re not all really that ugly; some of them are actually pretty graphically cool. But holiday garments paying homage to everything from a love of Stranger Things and Mean Girls to Drake and the Beatles — and a Wonder Woman sweater so gorgeous we’d wear it any day of the week — are all included in our roundup of pop culture-themed ugly Christmas sweaters. So get to shoppin’ for yourself or for the more fashion adventurous on your gift-giving list. P.S. What would make any of the sweaters even better? Lights!

‘The Avengers’

Hulk, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Captain America… they’re all there, in full knitted polyester glory. Buy here

The Beatles ‘Abbey Road’

The Beatles + elves + Abbey Road come together — pun intended — for this ugly Christmas sweater celebration of one of the greatest bands ever. Buy here

‘The Big Lebowski’

The Dude abides. And find another sweater that has cute little bowling balls on it. Buy here

‘Bob’s Burgers’

You may be stuck with your own family at the holidays, but sporting these sweaters with the Belcher bunch on them is a choice you can make proudly. Buy here and here

‘A Christmas Story’

We love the movie, but there’s no way to be fra-gee-lay about this item: It’s an ugly leg lamp on an ugly Christmas sweater. Buy here


Tacos aren’t a traditional holiday dish, but then Deadpool isn’t your traditional kinda guy. Together, they make a spicy ugly Christmas sweater. Buy here

‘Doctor Who’

It’s all Tardises — Tardi? — and Sonic Screwdrivers on this very pretty blue and white jumper (that’s British for sweater, as any Whovian surely knows). Buy here


From Degrassi to Santa… there is nothing Drake can’t do. Buy here


Like maple syrup on a big plate of spaghetti, this Buddy the Elf top is one sweet treat. Buy here

‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’

All that’s missing: you, wearing this sweater, doing the Carlton dance. Buy here


The One Where All Your Favorite Friends Catchphrases Appear on an Ugly Christmas Sweater. Buy here

‘Game of Thrones’

Winter is coming, and what better way to stay warm and celebrate the holidays than these frocks featuring the mugs of Tyrion, Jon Snow, and Jon Snow’s aunt lover, er, aunt/lover (actually, both are correct), Daenerys. Buy here, here, and here


Some people like pullovers. But for those whose ugly pop culture Christmas sweater tastes lean towards the cardigan, here ya go. Buy here

The Grinch

Look at that devilish grin… clearly, he’s still in his “mean one” phase on this sweater. Buy here

Guns N’ Roses

You say you want your Christmas sweater to honor great music, and feature an extra helping of ugly? This one’s mustard yellow. Buy here

‘Harry Potter’

You don’t need to be a Ravenclaw to figure out the Potter symbols on this Deathly Hallows Christmas top. Buy here

‘Home Alone’

Before they were The Sticky Bandits, hapless thieves Harry and Marv were The Wet Bandits, but they were always two grown men outsmarted at every turn by one very clever little boy. Buy here


Whether you’re wearing it in tribute to the 2015 film or the horned Austrian folklore figure who punishes children who are naughty, good job on your decision to scare the bejesus out of every youngster you encounter at the holidays. Buy here

‘Mean Girls’

Quit trying to make ugly Christmas sweaters happen, Gretchen Wieners. Buy here

‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’

Hmmm, wonder what Cousin Eddie’s doing out on our front lawn with a hose? Just read the sweater, people. Buy here

‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’

Jack Skellington’s always seemed more Halloween than Christmas to us, but there’s no denying he’s ugly Christmas sweater appropriate in this red and black number. Buy here


Because wearing something political to Christmas dinner is a really great idea, right? Buy here

‘The Office’

Bears, beets, bows tied around this truly ugly, but still cool, Dwight Schrute ugly Christmas sweater, a fine gift for any fan of that Dunder Mifflin crew from Scranton, PA. Buy here


Again, sometimes the ugly Christmas sweater isn’t ugly at all, thanks to cool green and white Pikachus and Poké Balls. Buy here

Red Hot Chili Peppers

So hot it’ll melt the snowflakes on your other ugly Christmas sweaters! Buy here

‘The Ren & Stimpy Show’

The fellas — Ren Höek and Stimpson J. Cat — starred in a holiday special that revolved around their search for a fart, which Stimpy thought he’d birthed. So, yeah, they’re perfect for an ugly Christmas sweater. Buy here

‘Rick and Morty’

Some say Merry Christmas, others say Happy Human Holiday. Either way, you do it in style — ish — in these sweaters. Buy here and here

Rolling Stones

Ensuring it’ll be a Merry Mick-mas when you try to explain to your great-great-grandma why your sweater is sticking its tongue out at her. Buy here


The feats of strength and the aluminum pole are both depicted in this perfectly festive nod to Festivus, Frank Costanza’s holiday for the rest of us. Buy here


Put a Santa hat on him and the swamp ogre gets you right into the holiday mood. Buy here

‘The Simpsons’

Santa Homer says, “D’oh Ho Ho!” Buy here

‘The Smurfs’

Is it much further ‘til Christmas, Papa Smurf? Not far now. How much further ‘til Christmas, Papa Smurf? Not far now. How much further, Papa Smurf? Not far now! Is it much further, Papa Smurf? Yes, it is! Buy here

‘Star Trek’

Set your phasers to stunning; this is one of the most elaborate, cleverly designed ugly Christmas sweaters we’ve seen. Buy here

‘Star Wars’

Wear these bright knitted pullovers, you will. Buy here, here, and here

‘Stranger Things’

Friends don’t lie, and neither do we: These garments are a fine way to show your love of the Netflix series this Christmas. Buy here, here, and here

‘The Walking Dead’

Bloodied baseball bats or the fantasy of being Mrs. Daryl Dixon? Think we just described the difference between Krampus and Santa. Buy here and here

‘Wonder Woman’

Nothing ugly about it, but we’d still wear it to every appropriate ugly Christmas sweater occasion on our holiday calendar. Buy here

Make Your Own Pop Culture Ugly Christmas Sweater

It’s kinda genius: The basic ugly Christmas sweater design is there, along with a pouch in which you put your iPad or other tablet that displays a great photo or video. Might we suggest a photo of Ross Gellar as The Holiday Armadillo, or The Office “Christmas Party” episode from Season 2? Buy here

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