'The Walking Dead': 10 great Easter eggs you might have missed

Kimberly Potts
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

To celebrate the Oct. 22 Season 8 premiere of The Walking Dead — the series’ 100th episode — Yahoo TV will be posting a new TWD-related story every day through the season opener.

In case you missed them, here’s a reason for a premiere week marathon of The Walking Dead episodes: to catch some delicious Easter eggs the show has sprinkled throughout the series. It might also help refresh your memory on TWD moments of the past, since the Season 8 premiere, the show’s 100th episode, also includes some Easter egg callbacks to the times that have gotten Rick Grimes and his crew to the point of All Out War.

The Walking Dead Season 8 premieres Oct. 22 at 9 p.m. on AMC.

Hey, Brother!

Season 7, The Well
The cutie who plays Henry, the movie night-lovin’, broccoli-hatin’ Kingdomite being raised by his big brother, Benjamin, is Macsen Lintz, whose big sister, Madison Lintz, played Carol’s doomed daughter, Sophia, in Season 1 and 2 of The Walking Dead. (Photo: AMC)

Mrs. Governor

Season 3, Walk With Me
The Governor revealed that he’d lost his wife in a car accident before the apocalypse happened, so we never see her on-screen. But he keeps a family photo in his Woodbury home, and when the camera pans to it in “Walk With Me,” the woman portraying his wife is The Walking Dead co-executive producer Denise Huth. (Photo: AMC)

Pirates of the Apocalypse

Season 4, Live Bait
Lest you think intense, often tragically sad storylines don’t leave any room for playful touches in TWD episodes, let us point to this, one of the all-time most clever Easter eggs in the series. In the episode in which The Governor meets the Chambler family, he rests his head on a pillow that has a parrot on it. No biggie, except that The Gov is wearing an eye patch, and the bird happens to be on the side of the pillow, making it look like he’s a pirate with a parrot on his shoulder. Props for the props team on that one! (Photo: AMC)

Frank-ly Speaking

Season 1, Guts
In Season 1, Rick, Glenn, and several other members of the original survivors group head out of downtown Atlanta, and off to the survivors’ camp where Rick will be reunited with Lori and Carl (and, of course, his not-totally-happy-to-see-him BFF, Shane). Rick is driving a giant delivery truck which has the name of a company, Ferenc Builders, on the side. The “Ferenc” it refers to is original series showrunner Frank Darabont. Ferenc is the name he was given when he was born in a French refugee camp in 1959. (Photo: AMC)

Pop Up

Season 7, Service
During Negan’s first trip to Alexandria — to swipe supplies and terrorize the community — he helped himself to a frosty beverage from a cooler that was sitting outside. His drink of choice: a can of orange soda, the very soda Denise had risked her life to procure in Season 6’s “Twice As Far” to give to girlfriend Tara as a gift. (Photo: AMC)

Now Bat-ing

Season 4, Inmates
Lucille is certainly the most famous barbed wire-covered baseball bat, well ever, but she isn’t the first one to appear in The Walking Dead. In Season 4, after Daryl and Beth run away from the prison after The Governor’s final attack, they happen upon a gruesome scene in which walkers are chowing down on a group of victims. In the middle of the pile: a baseball bat also covered with barbed wire. Unless that was Lucille. (Photo: AMC)

Sign of the Times

Season 5, Forget
Just three episodes before series pilot pals Rick and Morgan are reunited, new town constable Rick is walking through Alexandria, waving at new pal Jessie (and her rotten hubby, Pete) and checking stuff and thangs for safety. One of the streets he passes: Morgan Street, a nod to the fact that Morgan would soon arrive. (Photo: AMC)

More Signs of the Times

Seasons 1-7, Opening Credits
A cool little reward for those who don’t fast forward through the theme song and opening credits sequence: each season, The Walking Dead logo has grown more decayed, as is certainly appropriate given just how much more dangerous the apocalyptic world has become during that time. (Credit: AMC)

Before and After

Season 4, 30 Days Without an Accident and Too Far Gone
Rick meets emaciated Clara in the woods — at first mistaking her for a walker — where she is looking for food for her husband, Eddie. She lures Rick back to her camp under the pretense of needing his help, but when he gets there, he learns Eddie is already zombified, and Clara is trying to bring Rick to him as a snack. Horrified by the things she and Eddie have done to survive, Clara plunges a knife into her own body and asks Rick not to kill her, so she can eventually turn and be with Eddie. Cut to the end of the midseason finale, after The Governor’s attack has forced Rick and the others to abandon the prison, and Clara is seen again shambling in the field surrounding the prison, now fully zombified. Bonus egg: Kerry Condon, who played Claire, now plays Mike Ehrmantraut’s daughter-in-law, Stacey, on TWD‘s fellow AMC drama, Better Call Saul. (Photo: AMC)

Ring Out

Season 6, The Next World
When Rick gets ready to leave the house for the day, he puts another hole in his belt — scarce supplies apparently has led to weight loss for the Alexandrian — and grabs his watch from a dish in the living room. Also in the dish: his wedding ring, which he does not put on. It’s a preview of coming attractions: At the end of the episode, after Rick and Daryl return from the supply run during which they meet Jesus, the decidedly available Rick begins the Richonne chapter of his life. (Photo: AMC)

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