'The Walking Dead': The 13 most iconic walkers

To celebrate the Oct. 22 Season 8 premiere of  The Walking Dead — the series’ 100th episode — Yahoo TV will be posting a new TWD-related story every day through the season opener. 

Their importance to the show is right there in the title, but sometimes it seems like the walkers just get no respect. But for this roundup, and this roundup only, they’re the stars of the show: the most iconic walkers from Seasons 1 through 7 of The Walking Dead, from the ill-fated Bloated Well Walker at Hershel’s farm to the spiky, feisty Heapster walker known as Winston.

The Walking Dead Season 8 premieres Oct. 22 at 9 p.m. on AMC.

Bloated Well Walker

Season 2, “Cherokee Rose”

Remember how the gang tried to be helpful and clear the well on Hershel’s farm of the waterlogged walker who was stuck at the bottom, contaminating the water supply? They were well-intentioned, but when BWW got stuck on the lip of the well as they tried to drag him to the top, his lower half split apart from his upper half, and the well became filled with a limited edition Walker Guts Kool-Aid.

(Credit: AMC)

The Barnacle Walkers

Season 7, “Something They Need”

Sure, the walkers near the Oceanside community had a sweet view of the sea, but they spent a little too much time in the water, which is why they were sporting barnacle-covered faces when they shambled up to the Oceansiders and Rick’s group.

(Credit: AMC)

Michonne’s New Pet Walkers

Season 4, “After”

Michonne’s boyfriend and his BFF were her original pets — the jawless, armless walkers she used to maneuver around amongst the other walkers — but when she found herself alone after The Governor destroyed the prison, she hacked off the mouths and arms of another pair of undead and made them her new, but not-at-all improved, set of pets.

(Credit: AMC)

The Walker Who Ate the Whole Lori

Season 3, “Say the Word”

It was like a Thanksgiving feast for that walker who left nary a trace of Lori’s dead body after she died giving birth to Judith, but uncomfortable bloating wasn’t his only consequence: When Rick found him and realized what he’d done, he put the barrel of his gun in the gluttonous walker’s mouth and pulled the trigger.

(Credit: AMC)

Spill Your Guts Walker

Season 7, “Hostiles and Calamities”

Just like Bloated Well Walker from Hershel’s farm, this Sanctuary walker broke in half and spilled his guts. But while BWW was torn apart by the do gooders of Rick’s group, Spill Your Guts Walker broke in half because of gravity while tethered to the compound’s fence.

(Credit: AMC)

Tall Gooey Walker

Season 7, “Say Yes”

This walker was big, disfigured, and scary from the moment Rosita approached her, but that didn’t hint at how truly gross she’d turn out to be when Rosita sliced into her with a machete and let loose a flood from TGW’s liquid-filled neck.

(Credit: AMC)

The Fish Tank Walkers

Season 3, “Walk With Me”

Not only were they creepy cool, but that collection of zombie heads tucked away for The Governor’s viewing pleasure was an accurate indication of just what a sick monster he’d eventually reveal himself to be to his friends and enemies.

(Credit: AMC)

Bicycle Girl

Season 1, “Days Gone Bye”

One of the most iconic images of the entire series, Bicycle Girl is not only a yardstick of how Rick Grimes’s humanity has changed since Season 1, but the character was so compelling she got her own backstory via The Walking Dead: Torn Apart web series.

(Credit: AMC)

Where’s My Face? Walker

Season 7, “The Well”

We’ve seen plenty of walkers get beheaded, but this is the first one we’ve seen get be-faced. His face was chopped off vertically by a member of The Kingdom hoping to clear the path for an injured Carol to get inside King Ezekiel’s community and get the emergency care she needed.

(Credit: AMC)

Where’s My Foot? Walker

Season 7, “Say Yes”

Rick just wanted to get the walker stuck in the windshield of a car out of his way so he could use the auto to get himself and Michonne past some other walkers. Pulling the walker out by his foot seemed like a good plan… until the foot came off in Rick’s hand (followed shortly thereafter by WMFW’s legs, too).

(Credit: AMC)

Walker Sophia

Season 2, “Pretty Much Dead Already”
She’s definitely the cutest walker ever. Sophia hadn’t been zombified for long when she shocked everyone at Hershel’s farm by stumbling out of the barn with the rest of the walkers the Greene family had stashed away. And that made it all the more heartbreaking, especially for Sophia’s mom, Carol; Sophia was forever gone, but still looked a lot like her pre-undead self.
(Credit: AMC)

Screwdriver Eye Walker

Season 2, “What Lies Ahead”

This guy, who got a tool in the eyeball when he attacked Andrea inside Dale’s RV, is not only one of the most memorable walkers, but he also inspired the packaging for the limited edition Season 2 Blu-ray box set.

(Credit: AMC)


Season 7, “New Best Friends”

Winslow may be our all-time favorite walker, in spite of, or maybe because of, his spikiness. Even more of a walking weapon than the average undead, Winslow was created by Jadis and the Heapsters as the walker version of a junkyard dog.

(Credit: AMC)

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