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British and Irish Lions

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  1. Lions Tour - Beale slip sees Lions clinch first Test win over Australia

    Lions Tour - Beale slip sees Lions clinch first Test win over Australia

    Australia's Kurtley Beale missed a crucial late penalty as the Lions sealed a thrilling 23-21 win over Australia in Brisbane. More

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    • British and Irish Lions
    • 80' That Beale kick was the last play of the match and the Lions have the opening win. There is no real celebration from the tourists - they know they are lucky to have held on to victory today as Aussie skipper James Horwill consoles Beale.
    • 80' Beale slips as he plants his supporting foot and the ball, although it has the direction, it doesn't quite have the distance. The Lions have won that in spite of their late indiscipline.
    • 79' Two collapsed scrum and then Australia get the penalty in the scrum. Australia will go for the points once again through the boot of Kurtley Beale ...
    • 77' Nick Phipps comes on for Adam Ashley-Cooper.
    • 76' Palu to Genia ... Beale ... Genia ... Horwill ... the ball is knocked on by the Wallabies and the Lions will have the scrum just short of the half-way line. Just in their own half with four minutes remaining.
    • 75' That's an awful kick from Beale as he pulls the ball right across the front of goal and wide of the right post. It was only 36m out, like his last kick, but much more central and Beale immediately turns to apologise to his team-mates.
    • 74' Folau ... Genia ... Ioane ... Genia ... Palu ... penalty Australia as Vunipola enters a ruck from the side. Beale will go for the points ...
    • 73' Australia get the put-in for an attacking scrum on the 10m line in the Lions half ...
    • 72' It all goes horribly wrong in the scrum for the Lions and Genia ends up stealing the ball. Great work from the Aussie scrum-half, who kicks upfield for Ioane to steal from North.
    • 71' The Lions will have a five metre attacking scrum after a great up and under from Sexton. Less than 10 minutes left on the clock as the Lions attack ...
    • 69' PENALTY AUSTRALIA! Another great kick from Barnes, this time only 36 metres out but way out on the left wing. Back to a two-point deficit again now.
    • 68' KURTLEY BEALE! Beale breaks down the centre of the field easily getting away from Sam Warburton and making a good 45 metres. Genia tries to take the ball on and the Lions kill the ball. If Australia deserved a yellow card just before the interval for killing the ball in front of their try-line, the Lions did as well just now but neither side see yellow.
    • 66' PENALTY LIONS! Halfpenny lands a spectacular kick from way out on the right wing to extend the Lions lead to five points once again. Just less than 15 minutes reminaing on the clock now.
    • 65' Richard Hibbard comes on to replace Tom Youngs, putting an end to the 60 seconds that the Youngs brothers were on the pitch together.
    • 64' Ben Youngs ... Croft ... Tom Youngs ... Vunipola ... North ... Cuthbert ... the Lions will have the penalty ...
    • 63' Mike Phillips hasn't had the best of games and he is now to be replaced by Ben Youngs.
    • 62' PENALTY AUSTRALIA! A great kick from Beale as he thumps the ball 46m and comfortably has the distance to reduce the deficit to just the two points. Admittedly that kick was from right in front of the posts but it was a long way out. It was Heaslip who concede the penalty, by the way, for playing Genia off the ball.
    • 60' Genia puts a kick through for Ioane to chase but Halfpenny is there and he is quick to bring the ball back to the game-line. Jonathan Davies loses the ball and the Wallabies are back in possession.
    • 58' Sekope Kepu comes on to replace Ben Alexander as Australia look to keep their front-row fresh.
    • 57' Philipps ... Sexton ... Heaslip ... Jonathan Davies ... Croft ... North ... O'Driscoll ... that pass was forward and Australia escape with a scrum just inside their own half.
    • 55' Alexander finds Robinson to break over the game line ... Croft turns the ball over but there was a knock-on by Robinson, when Coles went in high on the tackle. It'll be a Lions scrum just in between their 10m and 22m line.
    • 54' Another penalty goes the way of the Wallabies as the Lions are penalised at the breakdown. Beale kicks upfield for territory and the attacking line-out.
    • 53' Mako Vunipola and Dan Coles come on as replacements for Alex Corbisiero and Adam Jones respectively. A double prop subsitution for the Lions.
    • 51' PENALTY AUSTRALIA! The Lions are penalised immediately from the re-start and this time O'Connor has no worries with his kicking to bring the Aussies back to within a try range of the Lions.
    • 50' CONVERSION! Halfpenny is not going to miss from right in front of the posts and the brings the Lions lead up to eight points.
    • 49' TRY LIONS! The Lions immediately find a way through the re-jigged Australian back-line after a decoy run from O'Driscoll. Cuthbert skips through the gaping hole and past the last-ditch tackle of Genia to cross over the line. The TMO will check it wasn't obstruction but that clearly was not the case.
    • 48' McCabe is stretchered off and straight down the tunnel. Michael Hooper moves from flanker to inside centre and Liam Gill comes on to replace him in the second row. Nick Phipps is the only remaining back on the Australian bench.
    • 47' Mowen ... Moore ... knock-on from McCabe as the ball comes in somewhere around his knees. McCabe is caught by Cuthbert's knee in the middle of the shoulder-blades. This will be another injury worry for Australia.
    • 46' Hooper ... Moore ... Genia ... Ashley-Cooper nearly catches the Lions out but Croft gets back to cover ...
    • 45' McCabe ... O'Connor ... Hooper ... Genia ... Palu ... Genia ... Adam Jones turns the ball over before Philipps kicks downfield. Ioane collects before stepping round Cuthbert and the Australians attack again, albeit from their own half this time ...
    • 44' North spills the ball as he looks to break and Australia kick back up to the 10m line for the attacking line-out ...
    • 42' The Wallabies spread the ball from the right wing to the left ... Beale over the 10m line ... Genia ... O'Connor ... Jonathan Davies steals the ball ...
    • 41' Beale ... outwide to Folau ... he spills the ball but McCabe collects after the ball went backwards ...
    • 41' Beale gets the clash back underway for Australia ...
    • 40+1' Halfpenny has missed one! It was a very tricky kick from out on the right wing but Lions fans have come to expect Halfpenny to make them.
    • 40' Corbisiero ... Croft ... Philipps ... Davies ... the Lions just milimetres short of the line ... the Lions earn the penalty as Australia pile in after Genia takes down Davies. The hooter goes and Halfpenny's kick at the posts will be the last of the half.
    • 39' The Lions break down the left ... Folau goes down to pick up the loose ball, North gives him a shove straight into Berrick Barnes and the Wallabies full back is in all sorts of trouble. Folau's head and shoulder connected with Barnes's sternum and he barely moves when he hits the deck. Play is stopped immediately and he is stretched off down the tunnel. Kurtley Beale will be the replacement with just 90 seconds left of this half.
    • 38' Horwill to Genia ... who takes the ball over the game line ... the ball goes loose and Tom Youngs is the first to react ...
    • 36' O'Connor can't land the kick once again, just pulling the ball to the right of the posts (from the right wing remember) and Australia still trail by one.
    • 35' TRY AUSTRALIA! Folau is really making his mark on his debut today! He scores his second try of the match, receiving the ball out on the right wing from fellow debutant Ben Mowen, before skipping through three tackles and diving over the line. The decision goes to the TMO to check that the pass wasn't forward but it's a quick decision and the try stands.
    • 32' PENALTY LIONS! Warburton and Halfpenny were quick to remind the referee that they were playing advantage and kick for the posts. And was it ever in doubt? The Welshman thumps the ball in between the posts again to extend the tourists lead to six points.
    • 31' NO TRY! The decision comes down that North was in touch and that is a real escape for Australia, saved by Genia and Folau. The Lions were playing advantage before that chance ...
    • 31' The Lions spread the ball out to North on the left wing again. The Welshman stretches out for the line with Genia hanging off his legs. Folau was also there and may have held the ball up long enough for Genia to push North into touch. The decision will go to the TMO...
    • 30' Genia again is the last man as he bundles North out into touch about six or seven metres short of the try-line. Lions have the attacking line-out ...
    • 27' CONVERSION! Another metronomic kick from Halfpenny from out on the left wing and the Lions maximise their score to sneak three points out in front.
    • 26' TRY LIONS! George North makes his first real impact in the game and what an impact it is. Barmes goes high and short with his kick and straight down the throat of North, who sets off with the try-line in sights. He skips around O'Connor and then also Barnes before Genia's last-ditch ankle tap comes too late.
    • 24' PENALTY LIONS! Mr 100 per cent, Leigh Halfpenny does it again as he drills the ball right through the centre of the posts to finally get the tourists off the mark.
    • 23' Tom Youngs flings the ball to the back of the line-out for O'Connell to collect. And it pays off as Horwill is penalised as the ball goes to ground.
    • 22' Barnes slips as he collects the high ball but Pat McCabe was offside and the Lions will come back into their own half, just behind the 10m line, for the penalty.
    • 21' Better this time from the Wallabies scrum but the Lions emerge with the ball ... Philipps to Heaslip ... Lions up to their own 10m line ... Sexton ... O'Driscoll ... Halfpenny ... Jonathan Davies ... Sexton with the chip upfield
    • 19' The Australian scrum collapses but they are allowed to play the ball and Folau takes it over the game line ... Genia to Robinson ... Ioane ... Lions scrum on their own 22 after the ball got caught up under the mass of bodies as a maul went down.
    • 17' Sexton puts up a high kick for Halfpenny to chase but guess who's there to collect for Australia? Yep, Will Genia. He clears but only as far as Cuthbert, who spills forward having not looked at all comfortable under the high ball.
    • 16' O'Driscoll takes the ball over the half-way line ... the Lions come again at Australia ...
    • 14' CONVERSION! An easy kick for O'Connor this time and he has both the direction and distance from right out in front of the posts to maximise the score.
    • 13' TRY AUSTRALIA! Will Genia! The Wallabies fly-half takes the quick tap and makes a good 50m himself. He puts the little grubber kick in, just five metres but it is perfectly weighted and debutant Israel Folau can easily collect, before racing over the line unchallenged to touch down in front of the posts.
    • 12' O'Connell ... Philipps ... Sexton ... Cuthbert ... Corbisiero ... advantage over for the Lions ... and it will be a penalty to Australia.
    • 11' Corbisiero ... Cuthbert ... Adam Jones ... Alun Wyn Jones ... Sexton ... Heaslip ... Philipps ... Sexton ... O'Driscoll ... Halfpenny ... great defence from the Wallabies but the Lions are playing advantage ...
    • 10' Youngs finds Heaslip with the line-out ... Philipps ... Sexton ... Halfpenny brought down by Ioane ... Philipps ... Alun Wyn Jones ... Philipps ... Alun Wyn Jones ... Youngs ... Sexton ... O'Driscoll ... Sexton ... O'Connell ... the Lions up to the 22m line.
    • 9' A huge drive from the Lions against the smaller Wallaby pack. They made a good five metres before being the Aussie scrum turned and the Lions got the penalty allowing Sexton to kick for territory for the first time in the match.
    • 7' This time O'Connor's kick has the distance but he can't quite get the distance right, pulling his kick just to the left of the uprights. The Lions escape for a second time in quick succession.
    • 6' O'Connor doesn't have to wait long to see if he can make amends though as O'Driscoll is penalised for exactly the same thing in almost exactly the same spot!
    • 5' O'Driscoll hands Australia a first kick at the posts when he plays the ball off his feet. O'Connor looks to have landed the kick perfectly from out on the right wing, until the very last second when his kick suddenly dipped under the cross bar.
    • 4' Phillips ... North ... Alun Wyn Jones ... Sexton with the kick across field ... Adam Ashley-Cooper collects and sets off up the right wing
    • 3' The first free kick goes to Australia as the Lions infringe in the scrum ... it's on the half-way line though.
    • 2' Leali'ifano gives the crowd a couple of thumbs up as he is stretchered off, which is good to see. He and the medical staff are applauded by the crowd and the clock is re-started after the five minute delay.
    • 1' Pat McCabe is standing by waiting to come on. It will completely change the Australian game-plan with McCabe being a much more defensive player than his Brumbies team-mate.
    • 1' Christian Leali'ifano after an accidental collision with Jonathan Davies's elbow. He's not really moved and Davies is very, very quick to call for play to be stopped and the stretcher brought on. What a sad end to Leali'ifano's Wallabies debut.
    • 1' Jonny Sexton gets the clash underway for the Lions ...
    • 11:00 The two teams have come jogging out on to the pitch - first the Lions and then the Wallabies. Just the Australian national anthem to come and then we'll be underway ...
    • 10:55 British and Irish Lions coach Warren Gatland: "After six matches we have arrived at the first Test and have selected our strongest possible side with only Jamie Roberts, Tommy Bowe and Manu Tuilagi unavailable for selection. The Wallabies at home pose a huge challenge but the Test team contains 20 of the players that played against the Waratahs in what was our best match to date. We now have a couple of more days of match preparation to ensure we improve again on that performance."
    • 10:55 Australia coach Robbie Deans: "We have witnessed the Lions play but we have built our game around what we bring to the table. We have concentrated on what we can influence. It is going to be a battle of wills and momentum is a big part of Test rugby. The side that can generate the momentum will have the greater chance to impose their wills on the opposition."
    • 10:50 For the Lions they are boosted by George North being declared fit lining up alongside Welsh team-mates Alex Cuthbert and Leigh Halfpenny. Alex Corbisiero is preferred to Mako Vunipola at prop.
    • 10:50 Australia name three debutants for this game as Christian Lealiifano, Israel Folau and Ben Mowen all get starts. James O'Connor is at fly-half alongside Will Genia with James Horwill captaining, as usual, from the second row.
    • 10:50 Test match rugby often comes down to the smallest of margins - a knock-on here, a conversion hitting the post there - but where will Saturday's first Test be won and lost?
    • 10:40 Australia: B Barnes; I Folau, A Ashley-Cooper, C Lealiifano, D Ioane; J O'Connor, W Genia; B Robinson, S Moore, B Alexander, K Douglas, J Horwill, B Mowen, M Hooper, W Palu. /// Replacements: S Fainga'a, J Slipper, S Kepu. R Simmons, L Gill, N Phipps, P McCabe, K Beale.
    • 10:40 Lions: L Halfpenny (Wales); A Cuthbert (Wales), B O'Driscoll (Ireland), J Davies (Wales), G North (Wales); J Sexton (Ireland), M Phillips (Wales); A Corbisiero (England), T Youngs (England), A Jones (Wales), A-W Jones (Wales), P O'Connell (Ireland), T Croft (England), S Warburton (Wales, capt), J Heaslip (Ireland). /// Replacements: R Hibbard (Wales), M Vunipola (England), D Cole (England), G Parling (England), D Lydiate (Wales), B Youngs (England), O Farrell (England), S Maitland (Scotland).
    • 10:35 The early reports are that Australia will kick-off to the Lions when we get underway at 11:05 (yes, that five is very important apparently) UK time, and the anticipation is quite incredible for this series Down Under. Let's recap on the two teams...
    • 10:30 Are... you... ready?! The British and Irish Lions take on Australia in the first Test match of the series at the Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane.
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    Australia versus British and Irish Lions

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