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  1. Munster beat Leinster in thriller

    Munster beat Leinster in thriller

    Munster beat Leinster 19-9 in a thrilling Magners League Grand Final at Thomond Park. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Munster
    • Leinster
    • - Breathtaking stuff throughout - congratulations to both sides for a superb afternoon's entertainment which came right down to the wire. And congratulations to Munster!
    • 80'+2 The video ref confirms the ball is out, and Munster are the Magners League champions! It's been an unbelievable rugby match with both sides having periods of ascendancy, but Munster are well worth their champions tag!
    • 80'+1 No try awarded, but Leinster run the penalty - and it's out of play on the other side of the pitch!
    • 80' Fair play to Leinster - they keep on pushing hard even with the clock going into the red. They win a penalty on the line after Kevin McLaughlin comes close to crossing over. The video ref will check.
    • 80' O'Gara adds the extras to confrim that his side will be champions: 30 seconds left, and no time for two tries to be scored.
    • 79' After a reset Munster get the charge on again - a penalty try now if it collapses... AND IT'S AWARDED! MUNSTER WILL WIN THE MAGNERS LEAGUE!
    • 78' The ref is actually struggling to be heard above the crowd! Amazing scenes!
    • 77' Munster push the scrum bacl, back... and this will be a pushover try unless Leinster collapse it. Which they do! Penalty! But Munster ask for the scrum! That's impudent...
    • 77' Munster keep on pushing, but now Wallace is penalised for playing the ball on the ground and Leinster have a penalty. They try, bravely, to run it out of their own 22m and Nacewa is open - but he knocks the pass on with the length of the pitch at his mercy.
    • 76' If Munster don't finish this off they be wondering what went wrong for years... They've been the class side in the match, though Leinster have played their part in a brilliant clash.
    • 75' Leinster kick down field - but it's down Howett's throat! The former All Black returns it with interest, scything through Leinster and almost getting to the line before he's closed down, but he just fails to offload to Ryan! Extraordinary stuff and Horgan ends up conceding a 5m scrum!
    • 74' Munster piling forward phase by phase... until Varley is caught isolated and Leinster turn it over. What a wasted chance!
    • 73' Now Mafi makes a break, and Howlett is open on the touchline if only he can get a pass out - but Howlett is standing in front of his team-mate, who's forced to cut back inside! 15th phase though - Munster still on top!
    • 72' Mike Sherry breaks the line and Munster are within yards of a third try, but Leinster hold him back. Still Munster on the ball though...
    • 71' Munster back on the attack again, looking increasingly dominant once more...
    • 70' O'Gara's kick is well wide of the posts. Let's hope Munster don't regret letting someone else have a pop at that.
    • 70' O'Gara looks like he'll have a crack at it, but don't expect this one to go over. The poor guy looks like he can hardly stand straight after getting Nacewa's shoulder in his head.
    • 69' Penalty to Munster, dead centre and 40m out - but O'Gara is semi-concussed after a collision with Nacewa. Will he be fit to take the shot at goal?
    • 68' O'Gara narrowly misses a very tough conversion, so there's just one kick between the sides...
    • 66' MAGNIFICENT TRY BY MUNSTER! Munster win their throw, and with a penalty advantage looming Conor Murray punts a brilliant cross-field kick for Keith Earls, who gets on the end of it and manages to twist and squirm his way over the line for the second try of the match!
    • 66' Munster push Leinster back deep even though they win the scrum cleanly, and Sexton can only kick for touch. Throw to Munster 10m out...
    • 65' The clock is back on after the treatment, and it's a Leinster put-in after that Howleyy knock-on in the tackle.
    • 64' 10 phases... 15... 18 and suddently a great pass from O'Gara to Howlett looks to have put the Kiwi though - but Luke Fitzgeral's burtal tackle saves a clear try! Howlett was there with support, and though Fitzgerald crocked himself with his efforts it's well worth it.
    • 63' Munster recover the ball from the restart and build up the pitch patiently.
    • 61' Munster need to do something to get back into this, but they've got O'Callaghan back now.
    • 60' Terrific kick - it curves worryingly in the breeze for a moment, but then soar cleanly through.
    • 60' Strauss forces O'Connell to hang on in the tackle, and Sexton will have a chance to put Leinster ahead from 37m, half-way out to the right touchline.
    • 59' Leinster bring on Cian Healy to try and find that cutting edge which they just can't find to get the final breakthrough.
    • 58' Munster switch the ball back to the left and Luke Fitzgerald looks to be away - until Wallace brings him down with a devastating tackle.
    • 57' Missed chance for Leinster as Sexton's long pass spins out to McFadden - but the centre can't hang on to it. He'd have been clear to run the ball in from there if it hadn't been too high...
    • 56' Leinster have been as good this half as Munster were in the opening period - and just as much good it's done them so far as well!
    • 55' Leinster within inches of the line! Fantastic stuff but McFadden is held off the line by David Wallace and Munster somehow clear the decks.
    • 54' Leinster win a turnover from the penalty, and come powering forward again and Sean O'Brien's kick up to the line ends up winning Leinster a throw-in on the line.
    • 53' O'Driscoll charges up the right and hands off to Horgan, but he hangs on to it in the tackle and gives away a penalty that robs Leinster of that crucial momentum.
    • 52' Munster get the ball back, but O'Gara kicks for position - only to leave it infield Leinster can break again, and they're quickly up to the 22m.
    • 51' Leinster are patiently making the yards, but David Wallace is able to steal the ball as it pops out of a ruck just 5m outside the Munster 22m.
    • 50' That spell has fired Leinster up and they surge forward again from the restart.
    • 49' Sexton pops it over with ease.
    • 49' Right under the posts, and Leinster choose to take the three points rather than trying to push over the line.
    • 48' Desperate defence by Munster - and it's a penalty! Yellow card for Donccha O'Callaghan for killing the ball, and as he tries to argue the referee threatens him with red.
    • 48' The crowd noise is incredible! Amazing rugby from both sides as Leinster camp on the line, trying to pish forward those last few inches...
    • 47' Leinster keep the ball, moving forward againa and again in waves, but the Munster defence is still holding... Until McFadden breaks the line - but he's just inches short!
    • 46' Leinster switch it back out to the left and O'Driscoll looks clear to run into the corner - but no! He chooses to cut back inside rather than go for the corner and is cut down!
    • 45' Leinster smell blood, they keep on pushing forward... Stunning stuff from both teams, blue attack and red defence...!
    • 44' Leinster turn it over, but Munster keep them pinned back - but here comes O'Driscoll! He finds a gap and makes 50m, then 15m more from Sexton after a miracle round-the-back offload!
    • 43' Slow ball for Munster in the middle of the park, but they retain possession for now and are still in a great position.
    • 42' Munster pick up where they left off, keeping the ball when Leinster kick it to them - and O'Gara makes a lovely surging run that puts the hosts deep in the Leinster half.
    • 41' Ronan O'Gara gets the match back under way at Thomond Park.
    • - Munster have been outstanding and much the better side but really should be leading by more. The Heinken Cup winners go in trailing by just four points, which if the last week's performance is any guide they'll consider as good as a 20-point lead!
    • 40'+2 O'Gara gets a chance at the drop goal, but the sloppy pass didn't leave him enough time and he gets under the ball a bit. Leinster collect the ball and clear it to end the half.
    • 40'+1 The clock goes red, but Munster decide to run it rather than going for goal... They keep the ball, though - it's 10 phases now...
    • 40' Munster roll the ball through several phases into the middle of the park. Is O'Gara setting up for a drop goal? It looks like it...
    • 39' Munster have another chance as Nathan Hines had actually given away at a penalty in the breakdown before Murray's break. O'Gara kicks for a throw-in just on the 22m.
    • 38' A quality take at the lineout by Donncha Ryan gives Munster an attacking platform and a brilliant little break by Conor Murray is set to be a try... but no! The scrum-half is tackled trying to sell a dummy when he could have released Howlett to run in a try!
    • 37' Leinster hands are adjudged to have pulled down the scrum, and Munster will have one final attacking move before the end of the half.
    • 37' The scrum from that handling error is running down the clock - something I don't think either side will be too happy about.
    • 36' Leinster retain the ball, but lose it moments later as Sean O'Brien fails to hang on to Nacewa's offload in the tackle.
    • 35' Richardt Strauss misses an opportunity to unleash Shane Horgan, running straight into a wall of red when the winger was free outside him on the right.
    • 34' Leinster probe back and forth across pitch looking for an opening until Shane Jennings spills a Sexton offload. There's been more and more scrappiness creeping in the last 10 minutes.
    • 33' After the usual several breakdowns the ball comes out of the scrum at last, but Munster scrum-half Conor Murray spills it to hand the ball over.
    • 32' O'Driscoll drops the ball in a tackle by Mafi - scrum to Munster.
    • 31' Munster win a throw on the right, but O'Connell lets it through his fingers.
    • 30' Hard to believe we've seen half an hour of rugby - this game is being played at a stunning pace.
    • 29' No mistakes this time - Sexton's shot at goal soars straight through.
    • 29' Munster penalised in the ruck as play drifts into the centre of the pitch, and Sexton will have a crack from 35m to make up for that earlier miss.
    • 28' The replays show Marcus Horan put in a brutal block on O'Driscoll - he'll be crossed off the Christmas card list for that one.
    • 27' O'Driscoll is hruting badly after that tackle, but jumps up to make a tackle straight after getting treatment. What a warrior! The crowd are going bananas, loving every second.
    • 26' O'Driscoll's run ends as he flips the ball up to Nacewa, and that's taken the pressure right off even as Munster get the ball back.
    • 25' Munster keep plugging away but in the end are penalised for hanging on in the tackle - penalty Leinster, and they break!
    • 24' Leinster win the ball back in their own 22m, but turn it straight over and Munster are camped 8m out, left half of the field.
    • 23' Munster still on the ball and pushing forward again - they're still on top despite Leinster's sterling defensive efforts.
    • 22' Apologies for the lack of live scoring so far - we're working on it at the moment.
    • 21' O'Connell takes a good throw-in but a misplace pass is intercepted by McFadden - yet he turns it straight back over and Munster break up the right until Jones is well tackled and his offload knocked on. It's breathless stuff!
    • 20' Munster move upfield, and Leinster are penalised for not letting go of the man in the tackle. It's a penalty, and O'Gara kicks a solid touch.
    • 19' Leinster kick for the corner rather than taking three points, but it's a poor line-out and Munster's Donncha O'Callaghan ends up with the ball.
    • 18' Leinster steal the ball after the line-out and power up the field with some wonderful work from Sexton and Fergus McFadden - and Munster's James Coughlan concedes a penalty deep in the 22m to stop the Leinster momentum.
    • 17' The scrum collapses once, twice, three times and it's penalty to Munster. O'Gara kicks a good touch to the opposing 22m line - and he's winning the battle of the Ireland fly-halves at the moment.
    • 16' From the restart Munster have a scrum in the middle of the park, half-way up their own half.
    • 15' Munster have had 77 per cent of the ball in the first quarter of an hour...
    • 13' The kick is right on the line, but O'Gara pumps it low under the strong breeze and cleanly through the middle. The European champions are on the ropes early on!
    • 12' IT'S A TRY FOR MUNSTER! Stunning start for the men in red as Lifeimi Mafi sees a gap, runs around and then delivers a perfect pass to Howlett, who runs in to touch down unopposed.
    • 11' Leinster get away with it, but at least win a throw-in and will continue their attack...
    • 10' Howlett breaks for Munster! They've opened Leinster right up, and Felix Jones is surely through - but it's a terrible tackle by Nacewa, taking down Jones after he kicks the ball nicely into the try area.
    • 9' Howlett shakes his head - he knows what a mistake that was.
    • 8' Lovely move by Munster opens up on the right and Doug Howlett kicks for a ball to chase... but emotion gets the better of him and he fails to let chasing-back Sexton to get onto his feet right on the try-line. It's a penalty to Leinster, and a massive let-off.
    • 7' An inexplicable miss there from the normally metronomic Sexton, but Munster will be building from deep in their own half.
    • 6' Woah... now THAT was bad. Sexton completely mis-kicks that one, it barely gets half-way to the posts - not that it was on line in any case...!
    • 5' Penalty to Leinster for hanging on in the tackle! Jonny Sexton will have a pot-shot from just inside his own half, far out on the right...
    • 4' Cagey stuff on both sides so far, but now Leinster get the ball back.
    • 3' Munster run forawrds into the Leinster half, but it's slow ball and easy for the men in blue to defend.
    • 2' Munster infringement at the line-out gives Leinster a penalty which is taken quickly, but the European Champions turn it over on the far left of the pitch.
    • 1' Penalty to Munster from the kick off and O'Gara kicks for touch on the 10m line.
    • 1' Jonny Sexton kicks off for Leinster and we're under way at Thomond Park.
    • - Welcome to our LIVE coverage of the final match of the Magners League!
  • Summary

    Munster versus Leinster
    Howlett 12’, Earls 66’ Tries  
    O'Gara 13’, 80’ Conversions  
      Penalties Sexton 29’, 49’, 60’

Live Team Line-Up

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