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  1. Ospreys stun Leinster for title

    Ospreys stun Leinster for title

    Shane Williams signed off in fairytale fashion as his try double helped the Ospreys edge out Leinster 31-30 in the RaboDirect PRO12 final. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Leinster
    • Ospreys
    • 80+2 Leinster 30-31 Ospreys: Really good work from Leinster as they bombard forward but it's kicked to touch! Ospreys are champions! Silence punctuated by boos and it's a great day for Welsh rugby! Those two sin-bins cost Leinster dear and there's no double for the European champions.
    • 80+1 Leinster 30-31 Ospreys: Still Leinster ball as we enter overtime, they can't concede possession or it's curtains.
    • 80' Leinster 30-31 Ospreys: One last chance for Leinster as they swarm forward, trying to set up the drop goal but faced with a compact wall of white and sky blue.
    • 79' Leinster 30-31 Ospreys: So ill-discipline may well cost Leinster the title. They are still a man light and time is running out. Anything will do for them - a penalty would win it - but can they even get the ball off Ospreys?
    • 78' Leinster 30-31 Ospreys: Now a vital conversion for Biggar! Can he make it, from the touchline it's so wide - but he gets it high and true and it's over! Ospreys lead at the death!
    • 77' Leinster 30-29 Ospreys: Biggar finds Williams and he can sneak in here, Kearney tackles him on the line but I think Shane Williams has got it over! Video ref will look at it but it seems good to me!
    • 76' Leinster 30-24 Ospreys: Ospreys are really pounding Leinster now, the Irish have their backs against the wall!
    • 75' Leinster 30-24 Ospreys: The Leinster-packed crowd gets excited as they rush forward on the left but that attack is halted pretty swiftly.
    • 74' Leinster 30-24 Ospreys: Leinster with a change as Jennings comes off for Ryan; for Ospreys Adam Jones and Hibbard come off for Jarvis and Baldwin.
    • 73' Leinster 30-24 Ospreys: Biggar does make it and there are now just six points in it with Leinster a man light!
    • 72' Leinster 30-21 Ospreys: Now a yellow card is shown to a Leinster player, it's Nathan White so - after a long chat - the ref decides to have uncontested scrums. Penalty on the left which Biggar should make.
    • 70' Leinster 30-21 Ospreys: Deep sighs of frustration from the Welsh side's fans after that.
    • 69' Leinster 30-21 Ospreys: But after all that spell of pressure it's Leinster ball in the scrum, holding on by Ryan Jones I think.
    • 68' Leinster 30-21 Ospreys: Bearman tries to steal a march down the left but runs into a wall of navy blue. Ospreys have pretty much stuck a flag just inside the Leinster 22.
    • 66' Leinster 30-21 Ospreys: The Welsh are really having a go now but Leinster are compact and scrappy and manage to clear to touch just shy of halfway.
    • 64' Leinster 30-21 Ospreys: The Welsh now have to chuck everything at Leinster. This has been a cracking game of rugby, two different styles, a lot of errors mind but that's okay for the neutral.
    • 63' Leinster 30-21 Ospreys: Sexton to take as ever and he makes it with ease, that early miss a distant memory as Leinster take a nine-point lead.
    • 61' Leinster 28-21 Ospreys: A second try for Nacewa! 16 bundled through a selection of challenges, a loose ball spun up off a prostrate Leinster player's back and Nacewa latched on to the bouncer to dive over! Ryan Jones is contesting it - I think he saw it as a knock on - but the try is given!
    • 60' Leinster 23-21 Ospreys: Nacewa tries a little kick-and-rush but not even he has the legs to make that. Ospreys ball deep in their own half, and they find touch but not as long as they'd like.
    • 59' Leinster 23-21 Ospreys: It is good! The ref awards the try! The kick is missed by Biggar though, so Leinster still lead by two points.
    • 58' Leinster 23-16 Ospreys: Oh but this is a good spell of passing for Ospreys as Ryan Jones completes a towering offload, now Fussell releases it wide and Shane Williams is in! Williams is in down the left and he touches down while being tackled - did he stay in play? The ref's taking a look at it, I think it's good.
    • 57' Leinster 23-16 Ospreys: Ospreys manage to find touch to hold the Irish off for a brief spell. They need more of the ball, Leinster won't let them have it now they're back to XV.
    • 55' Leinster 23-16 Ospreys: Back to the rugby and Ospreys have managed to resist that Leinster wave. But it's still Leinster ball closer back to halfway.
    • - I notice some complaints about the scoring - yes, it is not being scored live by our stats providers. Nothing we can do about it, they don't provide RaboDirect Pro12 as a live service. So instead we enter the score manually in each comment, thus indicating what is lacking.
    • 53' Leinster 23-16 Ospreys: Lunacy from the Ospreys backs as they try to play the quick line-out, only putting themselves in trouble behind their own try line. Scrum Leinster five yards from the line.
    • 52' Leinster 23-16 Ospreys: Fussell with a decent take but he gives it away and here come Leinster as Nacewa bursts into the corner - but he went out of play and not able to touch down.
    • 51' Leinster 23-16 Ospreys: Silence as Sexton looks to put daylight between his side and Ospreys - and he does, from long range but central, getting the power right and restoring that seven-point lead.
    • 50' Leinster 20-16 Ospreys: Another penalty for the Irish as Ryan Jones sheepishly slouches off after impeding Sexton as he looked to pull the ball out.
    • 48' Leinster 20-16 Ospreys: Leinster get the put in this time. Let's see how the front rows handle themselves in the second half... not great to start with as it collapses.
    • 47' Leinster 20-16 Ospreys: As Sexton kicks to touch, Leinster go back to their full XV and throw on for McLaughlin - who had been taken off when they went a man down - for McGrath, while Thorn replaces Cullen.
    • 45' Leinster 20-16 Ospreys: A promising move for Ospreys breaks down with men offside. Biggar and Webb I think.
    • 44' Leinster 20-16 Ospreys: Immediately Leinster have a penalty though, some way out and not the easiest angle but Sexton launches a magnificent effort through. Back ahead by four points.
    • 43' Leinster 17-16 Ospreys: Biggar makes no mistake with the conversion a and they're back to within one point!
    • 42' Leinster 17-14 Ospreys: TRY OSPREYS! They make the extra man count straight away as Beck bursts through, they need a quick review as he had Sexton clinging on to him and hit the deck back-first but it shows he clearly touched down and that it was all in one sliding movement. Try! Really strong play by Ryan Jones and Bearman in the build-up.
    • 41' The second half is underway. Remember - Leinster still a man light for five minutes or so.
    • 40+5 Half time and after that eternal scrum it is 17-9 to Leinster, who have been the better side although Ospreys have been in their faces from the off.
    • 40+4 Leinster 17-9 Ospreys: And this time the collapse is deemed to be Adam Jones's fault, and it's Leinster ball. That's what they were playing for all along.
    • 40+3 Leinster 17-9 Ospreys: The scrum collapses again and the ref is getting very frustrated. And again. Even the coaching staff are at the end of their tether.
    • 40+2 Leinster 17-9 Ospreys: Finally Ospreys manage to get the ball out before it collapses but it collapses anyway. The referee tells Cullen that he can't award a penalty try but that he will show a second yellow card to someone.
    • 40+1 Leinster 17-9 Ospreys: This is getting ridiculous. The sixth attempt to work a scrum and it keeps collapsing.
    • 40' Leinster 17-9 Ospreys: It happens again, and it's clear that Leinster's Van der Merwe has been shoving down to collapse the scrums so he is yellow carded. Leinster down to 14 for a spell then.
    • 39' Leinster 17-9 Ospreys: The referee has not been happy with some of the scrums today and he has to reset that one before deciding that there's some gamesmanship going on from Leinster. He speaks to Cullen, who agrees to tell them to stop pushing down, although he appears to disagree on who was at fault. It's deep on the Ospreys right wing, the Welsh looking to drive it towards the try line.
    • 38' Leinster 17-9 Ospreys: The result of all that is a scrum, Ospreys put-in.
    • 37' Leinster 17-9 Ospreys: Ospreys immediately respond with an aggressive pack run down the right. Boos from some Irish fans as they feel it was all a bit over aggressive as they move en masse to touch. Leinster also feel there was some holding on and it all gets a bit silly, shoving and slapping, handbags that soon cools off.
    • 35' Leinster 17-9 Ospreys: Sexton then to convert from wide and he guides it over very calmly, 17-9.
    • 34' Leinster 15-9 Ospreys: Oh but what a try from Nacewa! The restart sees Sexton kick wide left and - flying through the air - Nacewa catches it brilliantly, somehow staying on his feet and maintaining his momentum on landing, zipping clear to touch down! Superb from the winger!
    • 33' Leinster 10-9 Ospreys: Biggar will take, 35 yards out from centre-left, and despite a slip he makes it. Ospreys back to within a point.
    • 32' Leinster 10-6 Ospreys: Penalty to Ospreys now. A delay as Fussell receives a spot of the magic spray.
    • 31' Leinster 10-6 Ospreys: This is Ospreys' best spell of the game as they put some pressure on Leinster with their fearsome pack.
    • 30' Leinster 10-6 Ospreys: After that bit of nonsense Ospreys shift it back inside from the scrum and now Webb rampages forward.
    • 29' Leinster 10-6 Ospreys: A very pleasing catch and pass off from Nacewa but then all hell breaks loose... The ref speaks to both captains and tells them to 'have a word' regarding some backchat. The original incident was Jennings holding on and then some elbows flew about.
    • 28' Leinster 10-6 Ospreys: Leinster have had over 60% possession so far, as is their style.
    • 27' Leinster 10-6 Ospreys: Sexton to kick once more, it's quite far wide but certainly do-able - and he swings it right between the posts for Leinster to lead.
    • 26' Leinster 8-6 Ospreys: Leinster keep possession well then Sexton sprays it wide for McFadden. He can't get away though so Leinster have to build again - and Kearney finds O'Driscoll, who slips Cronin and and he bursts away from two lunging challenges, the latter from Ryan Jones, and it's a try to Leinster!!
    • 24' Leinster 3-6 Ospreys: Leinster get the put-in at another scrum just past halfway.
    • 23' Leinster 3-6 Ospreys: A Leinster line-out releases Heaslip who thunders into a pair of attempted tackles.
    • 22' Leinster 3-6 Ospreys: Leinster seem more interested in looking for tries out wide than matching Ospreys' kicking but another direct run by Nacewa falls flat.
    • 21' Leinster 3-6 Ospreys: An easy a kick as Biggar's going to get and Ospreys are back in front.
    • 20' Leinster 3-3 Ospreys: Mistake by Leinster as they looked to pass their way in and Ospreys could be in! Williams races away, surging run forward and he finds Webb but enough Leinster players are back to crowd him out. There's an offside though so penalty Ospreys. O'Driscoll at fault. Penalty in front of the sticks.
    • 19' Leinster 3-3 Ospreys: The Irish are asking most of the questions as they look to work an opening.
    • 17' Leinster 3-3 Ospreys: Ospreys manage to retain possession from the line-out but the long kick lands for Nacewa and Leinster come again...
    • 16' Leinster 3-3 Ospreys: Great kick from Shane Jennings, right in the corner. That came from a superb catch-offload from Kearney, who released Nacewa on the left. But Kearney is now hurt...
    • 15' Leinster 3-3 Ospreys: Could be Ross's back you know. He's up now but looks in some discomfort. Finally the scrum is reset but Alun Wyn Jones is adjudged to have collapsed it and Leinster have a free-kick.
    • 14' Leinster 3-3 Ospreys: Another Leinster forward is down, Ross appears to have either done a knee or has a touch of cramp, the latter judging by the way they're moving his legs about.
    • 13' Leinster 3-3 Ospreys: A bit of nonsense from both sets of props sees the scrum collapse twice. Cullen has gone down but he gets back up.
    • 13' Leinster 3-3 Ospreys: Wyn Jones is taken off for further treatment as play restarted with a scrum, Ospreys put in.
    • 12' A delay due to injury once more as the clock is stopped for an Ospreys man to receive treatment. Alun Wyn Jones it is, a leg problem.
    • 11' Leinster 3-3 Ospreys: This kick is wide-ish left, 30 yards or so out and this time Sexton makes no mistake to draw level.
    • 9' Leinster 0-3 Ospreys: Cullen seems to get a kick in the head as he was lying prone following a tackle. Not intentional as far as I can see but he is dazed and needs treatment. Penalty anyway from the initial incident where men came in from offside.
    • 8' Leinster 0-3 Ospreys: Biggar to take this, quite wide on the left but not as far out as Leinster's earlier kick... And he makes it! Superb kick and first blood to Ospreys!
    • 7' Leinster 0-0 Ospreys: That good spell of attacking play comes to nothing as an attempt to turn it wide right allows the interception. Good tackle from Sexton there, now Heaslip comes away with it and there's an infringement - holding on I think. Penalty Ospreys!
    • 6' Leinster 0-0 Ospreys: The Welsh are driving forward now, camped just inside the 22...
    • 5' Leinster 0-0 Ospreys: Now Ospreys with a steal as Ryan Jones thunders into Kearney as he looked to make the catch.
    • 4' Leinster 0-0 Ospreys: A very poor kick by Sexton, short and wide of the far post. It was some way out but still, that was weak and he knows it.
    • 3' Leinster 0-0 Ospreys: The first chance for Sexton to kick for goal as Williams concedes a penalty centre-right, just past halfway.
    • 2' Leinster 0-0 Ospreys: Leinster with some good handling in these early stages but the Welsh regional side hold them off initially.
    • 1' Leinster 0-0 Ospreys: The first half is underway!
    • 15:58 Many of you are hailing Leinster's dominance of club rugby at the moment, and rightly so. But spare a thought for Ospreys and their mostly local squad.
    • 15:55 OSPREYS: 15 Richard Fussell 14 Hanno Dirksen 13 Andrew Bishop 12 Ashley Beck 11 Shane Williams 10 Dan Biggar 9 Rhys Webb 1 Paul James 2 Richard Hibbard 3 Adam Jones 4 Alun Wyn Jones (Capt) 5 Ian Evans 6 Ryan Jones 7 Justin Tipuric 8 Joe Bearman /// REPLACEMENTS: 16 Scott Baldwin 17 Ryan Bevington 18 Aaron Jarvis 19 James King 20 Tom Smith 21 Kahn Fotuali’i 22 Matthew Morgan 23 Tom Isaacs
    • 15:50 LEINSTER: 15: Rob Kearney 14: Fergus McFadden 13: Brian O'Driscoll 12: Gordon D'Arcy 11: Isa Nacewa 10: Jonathan Sexton 9: Eoin Reddan 1: Heinke van der Merwe 2: Sean Cronin 3: Mike Ross 4: Leo Cullen 5: Devin Toner 6: Kevin McLaughlin 7: Shane Jennings 8: Jamie Heaslip /// REPLACEMENTS: 16: Richardt Strauss 17: Jack McGrath 18: Nathan White 19: Brad Thorn 20: Dominic Ryan 21: John Cooney 22: Ian Madigan 23: David Kearney
    • 15:45 Lock Leo Cullen will again lead Leinster into battle, although it is not the same line-up that accounted for Heineken Cup final opponents Ulster 42-14 at Twickenham last Saturday. The back division is unchanged, but up-front there are starts for prop Heinke van der Merwe, hooker Sean Cronin, lock Devon Toner and flanker Shane Jennings. A knee injury sidelines flanker Sean O'Brien.
    • 15:40 Wing Shane Williams, Wales' record international try-scorer, makes his final Ospreys appearance before retirement in a team led by his former Test colleague Alun-Wyn Jones.
    • 15:35 Just a week after winning the Heineken Cup for a third time in four seasons, Leinster are back on the trail of silverware. The Irish heavyweights will also have home advantage in Dublin, which compounds the Ospreys' degree of difficulty.
    • 15:30 The Ospreys will aim to halt Leinster's bid for a European and domestic double in its tracks when they contest the RaboDirect PRO12 final.
  • Summary

    Leinster versus Ospreys

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