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  1. Six Nations - Wales strike late to beat France in Paris

    Six Nations - Wales strike late to beat France in Paris

    George North's late try gave Wales a fine win in Paris as they beat France 16-6 in the Six Nations clash at Stade de France. More

  • Live Commentary

    • France
    • Wales
    • - Thanks for joining us, and come back tomorrow at 3pm for Ireland v England in Dublin. See you then!
    • - Huge boos from the crowd for the home side, and you'd have to admit that Wales have been worthy winners. Where do France go from here? Who knows, but you feel that Frederic Michalak will not be with them...
    • 80'+2 WALES HAVE WON IN PARIS! Leigh Halfpenny clears a spilled ball into touch, and the Grand Slam champions end their run of eight consecutive defeats! Magnificent win for the visitors.
    • 80'+1 France still have it, but they're back in their own 22m now.
    • 80' Wales get a free kick from the scrum and get to kick into the French half - clock into the red, and it's all over!
    • 80' Wales making a string of subs to have fresh tacklers just in case...
    • 80' France's attack comes to an end as they knock the ball on - Wales scrum just outside their own 22m.
    • 79' France kick for a throw from the penalty, knowing they must score, but Wales keep them pushed back.
    • 78' A chink of light for France: Wales have a scrum now in their own half, and as it collapses France get a penalty.
    • 76' Is there any way back for France? Surely not, and Michalak produces a poor restart that gives his pack no chance of grabbing it.
    • 75' HALFPENNY SLOTS THE PENALTY! FRANCE 6-16 WALES - A truly astounding kick from Halfpenny that sneaks just inche sover the bar, and just inches inside the left post. But they all count, and Wales will surely beat France in Paris!
    • 74' Lloyd Williams is on at scrum-half for Wales and his up-and-under puts France under all sorts of pressure - and they pile in off their feet! Huge mistake, and Halfpenny will have a chance from 45m to put the result beyond doubt.
    • 73' CONVERSION: FRANCE 6-13 WALES - Very tough kick for Halfpenny, from the very left edge.... but he nails it! A perfect kick, straight through the middle!
    • 73' The TMO checks North wasn't in touch, but there was no question - wonderful try by Wales, and that is almost certainly the decider.
    • 72' WALES IN FOR A TRY! FRANCE 6-11 WALES - Stunning quick-thinking by Biggar who sees a gap on the left and chips through for George North to chase - and he's in at the corner! Great attempt at a tackle from Parra but North is in!
    • 72' The crowd boo Parra's poor decision making with that one. This is a great chance for Wales to earn a crucial score.
    • 71' France win the throw and Parra clears with a box kick - it's a poor one though, and Wales get it back on the 22m for a throw.
    • 70' Huget almost breaks the line with an interception but spills the ball - Jamie Roberts chips through into touch in the 22m. Probably not a bad way to break the deadlock.
    • 69' France keep pushing Wales back with their defence - phase after phase they 're going nowhere.
    • 68' Wales win the lineout and Jonathan Davies makes a nice run as it's flung out - the visitors up around the 22m.
    • 67' Yet again it collapses - but this time Wales get the benefit of the decision, seemingly purely on the basis of trying to even things out. Why on earth would France collapse it on purpose from there?
    • 67' Scrum collapses again, and they're now trying to scrummage on lumps of loose turf. Utterly ridiculous.
    • 66' The scrum goes down immediately - it's Adam Jones once more who is at the centre of it, but for now the ref just orders it re-set.
    • 64' Wales keep the French pegged back outside the 22m, but the recycling ends up in a scrum to France - will be fascinating to see if this once again becomes a France penalty.
    • 63' France have the throw-in on the right wing, just outside the Wales 22m...
    • 62' Prediction correct: Wales now penalised for standing up in the scrum to try and avoid it collapsing.
    • 61' The Wales attack fails as Jamie Roberts booms in at an angle but spills the pop-up pass given him by George North. Scrum to France, and the pressure is off - a scrum as good as a penalty for the French at the moment.
    • 61' Michalak and Suta both look injured... Wales still have it, half-way between 22m and 10m...
    • 60' Wales take the throw cleanly and begin the same task of trying to find a way through the blue wall.
    • 59' George North make a nice run for Wales to get them back on the front foot, but Mike Phillips kicks it away deep - Trinh-Duc is under it and clears well.
    • 58' That was a huge call from George Clancy to let France off the hook - Wales look livid.
    • 57' Scrum collapses once more - and bafflingly, the referee gives the penalty to France. Adam Jones yet again the man penalised.
    • 56' Massive turnover for Wales at the line-out as Ryan Jones steals it! Wales scrum just 10m ot on the left flank.
    • 55' Fofana breaks up the right from the restart, but Cuthbet and Halfpenny return it with interest - and Ryan Jones collects from the breakdown to chip out beautifully in the France 22m.
    • 54' There are ground staff on the pitch with rakes and hoes even as the match restarts!
    • 53' PENALTY: FRANCE 6-6 WALES - Michalak makes no mistake with the simple kick, and the scores are level. But the spectacle is being ruined by the awful playing surface.
    • 53' The scrum collapses once more - and the ref decides that it's not pitch, but Adam Jones to blame. France have the penalty 30m out, more or less dead in front.
    • 52' This pitch is becoming a joke - another knock on leads to a scrum which yet again goes down. France put-in this time.
    • 51' The scrum wheels 90 and is re-set - yet again it's the turf which appears to blame.
    • 50' Wales defence stays solid, and the mistake comes from France prop Nicolas Mas who spills the ball forward. Huget, now out on the left wing, is trying to repair a patch of pitch.
    • 49' Nice little run by Bastareaud to get France to the edge of the 22m - France win it from the breakdown but it's slow ball.
    • 48' France win the ball (the turf left behind a mini-volcano) and push forwards bit by bit - keeping it patiently...
    • 47' France have a scrum that collapses as the turf disintegrates.
    • 46' Ouedraogo is down hurt, clutching his shoulder.
    • 46' Trinh-Duc, incidentally, has come on for Benjamin Fall who picked up a knock in the first half.
    • 45' France win the throw and push up, and they've got Wales on the rack - moving forward, looking good... and half-time replacement Francois Trinh-Duc gets a perfect opening for a drop goal, 25m out and dead in front. He misses! The ball sliced wide.
    • 44' Mistake from Mike Phillips as he clears from the restart, but it's straight out on the full -France throw just outside the 22m.
    • 43' PENALTY: FRANCE 3-6 WALES - Halfpenny lashes the ball through the posts - his six points today have been probably the easiest of his career. Two unmissable chances so far.
    • 42' Wales pour up in support and look to drive and probe for gaps - but France make a mistake, Yoann Maestri diving in off his feet and Halfpenny will have a chance from 24m, dead in front.
    • 41' The match gets back under way with Mike Phillips collecting the kick - and he breaks the defensive line immediately, charging up into the French half before getting stopped.
    • - Disappointing, but very even so far: the two defences have cancelled each other out, and with each side keeping its discipline superbly there have just been the two penalties given up so far. Wales playing the better rugby, but it's marginaly and very much anyone's game.
    • 40'+1 Wales spill the ball backwards and Biggar covers back to collect, then decides to punt it out and end the half.
    • 40'+1 Wales looking for gaps either side - Biggar and Halfpenny staying back in the pocket in case there's a chance for a drop goal.
    • 40' Wales win a penalty on their own 10m as Dusautoir fails to roll away after a tackle - the throw will be from 10m outside the 22m, and it'll be the last move of the match.
    • 40' France win the throw in but give the ball away - it's two steps forwards three steps back for both sides so far.
    • 39' Wales get pushed back as Picamoles steals it in a ruck 8m out - suggestion of offside but there's nothing given. France kick deep, Biggar tries to return it with a chip into the 22m but it's out on the full. The attack is over.
    • 38' Ryan Jones puts his head down and drives now, but is stopped by the blue wall... both sides remain patient though.
    • 37' Jamie Roberts almost breaks the line by flying up from deep onto a short pass - Wales up into the 22m and still coming...
    • 36' Wales again looking for gaps as they move up - and they find one out on the left flank, but France regroup quickly. Wales still build, just outside the 22m and recycling very cleanly.
    • 35' Szarzewski loses the ball for France, hanging on in the tackle as he's brought down 5m out - Wales off the hook there, and they end up with a throw on their own 10m.
    • 34' France win their throw and try to maul for the line - 8m out now and strill driving...
    • 33' Michalak kicks for the corner - too far for a shot at goal from there for him.
    • 32' France win a penalty from the throw in but the ref plays advantage - none gained, and Fance will have the kick from just inside the 5m, and inside Wales's half.
    • 31' In a flash France are up into the Wales 22m chasing a kick-through by Fall - but Jonathan Davies is there to clear it. France end up with the throw on half-way.
    • 30' Wales's drive for the line from the throw-in goes all wrong as Louis Picamoles steals it - and France hit on the break!
    • 29' A third up-and-under by Wales comes off again, Jones up to take it this time - it's clearly a tactic they've planned, and after winning the ball Cuthbert tries a kick-through which Huget directs into touch. Great chance for Wales deep in the France 22m.
    • 28' Another Wales box kick fails, with Huget taking it - the France full-back has shaved off that impressive beard from last week, unfortunately.
    • 27' Both sides have been up within 10m of each others' line, but defences cancelling out attacks at the moment.
    • 26' Lovely work from Wales as Phillips puts in an up-and-under tha Tipuric storms up to grab - they're probing for gaps, but getting pushed back by France too.
    • 25' Excellent scrum by Wales and France get wheeled 90 to give away a penalty - which Biggar thumps up to the France 10m line.
    • 24' Wales push the attackers back with superb defence - and they win a turnover, Ryan Jones stealing it in the loose on the Wales 22m line.
    • 23' France kick deep but mistake by Halfpenny, his kick charged down by Bastareaud in the 22m... France grab the ball!
    • 22' Huget really could have passed that a little sooner - Fofana was in the clear outside him on the right, Huget tried one dummy too many and missed his opening to offload.
    • 22' France turn it over! Halfpenny is on hand to kick clear - and he's thumped it out in the France half.
    • 21' Bastareaud breaks two tackles and is within 10m, then Huget stopped only by a brilliant Halfpenny tackle... Great work from France!
    • 20' France charge up from the restart and Bastareaud tries to break the line with a run from deep - he's stopped, but Huget takes up the running, France into the 22m...
    • 19' That three points was no less than the Welsh deserved - nothing much to choose between the sides, but Wales probably shading it so far.
    • 18' PENALTY: FRANCE 3-3 WALES - No mistake by Halfpenny as he slots the ball through.
    • 18' Wales up to within 7m but as Suta fails to roll away there's a penalty dead in front of the sticks - Halfpenny will pop this over to level the scores.
    • 17' Great take by Wales but France get the drive on to push them back - Wales warned to use it and they'll have to drive and recycle....
    • 16' Right from the restart Wales win the penalty as Ouedraogo fails to roll away from a tackle. Wonderful kick by Biggar, Wales will have the throw just 8m out.
    • 15' PENALTY: FRANCE 3-0 WALES - Michalak isn't even kicker at club level (he plays alongside Jonny Wilkinson at Toulon) but he lands that one beautifully to put the hosts in front.
    • 14' France get the scrum as Ouedraogo is held while trying to barge through the middle - and as it collapses yet again it becomes a penalty! On the Welsh 10m, dead in front, and it's a great chance for Michalak to open the scoring.
    • 13' France keeping it well now, but continually getting pushed back by the Welsh defence. They're making no headway.
    • 12' France win the line-out 10m outside the Wales 22m - but Dusautoir spills it and Wales get it, Jonathan Davies trying a kick-through that is straight out into touch.
    • 11' France get the penalty now as Ryan Jones doesn't release Ouedraogo in a tackle - and Michalak kicks for a solid touch.
    • 10' Jones ok, back on his feet, and it's another France scrum in their own half.
    • 10' Adam Jones is down injured and getting treatment.
    • 9' The scrum fails to last yet again, Wales get a free kick - but it's another scrum now as Roberts drops a pass.
    • 8' A Wales scrum 35m out collaspes - the third so far today to do so, the pitch not helping. We're heading for uncontested scrums at this rate.
    • 7' Wales get into position on the right to give Dan Biggar a chance at a drop goal - he doesn't connect properly and the ball falls well short.
    • 6' Wales looking aggressive and enterprising already so far. Good start.
    • 5' Chance missed: Phillips knocks on in the tackle, France win the scrum and Machenaud clears it comfortably.
    • 4' Wales come forward and there's a brilliant run by Mike Phillips, breaking two tackles and getting to within 12m of the line.
    • 3' This looks VERY bad: heavy rain in Paris has apparently affected the pitch. The turf is churned up ridiculously after that scrum - huge chunks of mud and grass all over the place.
    • 2' Lovely training ground move by Wales almost puts Jamie Roberts through on a charge, but he knocks on and France have the scrum -that becomes a penalty.
    • 1' The match kicks off and straight away Wales win a line-out just on the France 22m.
    • 17:00 Today's ref is Ireland's George Clancy. Here we go...
    • 16:59 The national anthems are over, the band is marching off, and as the sky darkens almost to black we're just moments from kick-off in Paris. Big talking point today is the inclusion of Mathieu Bastareaud playing from the start today.
    • 16:55 The bookies don't fancy Wales's chances of ending their losing streak: France are as short as 1/5 on with some bookies, while Wales can be had for as much as 3/1.
    • 16:50 The temperature is hovering at freezing at Stade de France this evening - thankfully not cold enough for a repeat of the farce which saw the match against Ireland postponed just five minutes before kick-off this time last year.
    • 16:45 France team: 15-Yoann Huget, 14-Wesley Fofana, 13-Mathieu Bastareaud, 12-Maxime Mermoz, 11-Benjamin Fall, 10-Frederic Michalak, 9-Maxime Machenaud, 8-Louis Picamoles, 7-Thierry Dusautoir (captain), 6-Fulgence Ouedraogo, 5-Yoann Maestri, 4-Jocelino Suta, 3-Nicolas Mas, 2-Dimitri Szarzewski, 1-Yannick Forestier.
    • 16:45 Wales team: 15-Leigh Halfpenny, 14-Alex Cuthbert, 13-Jonathan Davies, 12-Jamie Roberts, 11-George North, 10-Dan Biggar, 9-Mike Phillips, 8-Toby Faletau, 7-Justin Tipuric, 6-Ryan Jones (captain), 5-Ian Evans, 4-Andrew Coombs, 3-Adam Jones, 2-Richard Hibbard, 1-Gethin Jenkins.
    • 16:40 Having said that, Wales have been super-consistent of late: consistent losers, that is. They have been beaten in eight consecutive matches since winning the Grand Slam last year.
    • 16:35 Both sides showed their frustrating inconsistency last week: France's talented stars simply went missing against Italy, while Wales once again let an opponent take the game by the scruff of the neck before belatedly making a contest of it against Ireland.
    • 16:30 Welcome to our LIVE coverage of this mouthwatering Six Nations clash in Paris, with France and Wales both looking to bounce back from painful defeats last week.
  • Summary

    France versus Wales
      Tries North 72’
      Conversions Halfpenny 73’
    Michalak 15’, 53’ Penalties Halfpenny 18’, 43’, 75’

Live Team Line-Up

  • France

    Manager: Philippe Saint-André

    On the Field

    • Forestier Substitution Out (51′)
    • Szarzewski Substitution Out (51′)
    • Mas Substitution Out (56′)
    • Suta Substitution Out (66′)
    • Maestri
    • Ouedraogo Substitution Out (52′)
    • Dusautoir
    • Picamoles
    • Machenaud Substitution Out (56′)
    • Michalak
    • Fall Substitution Out (43′)
    • Mermoz Substitution Out (77′)
    • Bastareaud
    • Fofana
    • Huget


    • Debaty Substitution In (51′)
    • Fritz Substitution In (77′)
    • Kayser Substitution In (51′)
    • Chouly Substitution In (52′)
    • Ducalcon Substitution In (56′)
    • Trinh-Duc Substitution In (43′)
    • Parra Substitution In (56′)
    • Taofifenua Substitution In (66′)





  • Wales

    Manager: Rob Howley

    On the Field

    • Jenkins Substitution Out (38′)
    • Hibbard Substitution Out (56′)
    • Jones
    • Coombs
    • Evans Substitution Out (79′)
    • Jones
    • Tipuric
    • Faletau
    • Phillips
    • Biggar
    • North Try
    • Roberts Substitution Out (80′)
    • Davies
    • Cuthbert
    • Halfpenny


    • James Substitution In (38′)
    • Williams Substitution In (80′)
    • Hook
    • Owens Substitution In (56′)
    • Mitchell
    • Reed Substitution In (79′)
    • Shingler
    • Williams





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  1. LOL@ the English ar$e wipes on here commenting. If that­ had been England playing it would be being described as­ amazing. Can't wait to stuff you Germans at the­ real HQ of rugby.

    From -Ddraig-, on Sat 9 Feb 23:39
  2. Wonderful win for Wales. The French must be horrified­ having now been beaten by Italy and Wales!

    From John, on Sat 9 Feb 19:41
  3. Perfformiad arbennig o dda gan y Cymry. Roedd gwir­ angen y fuddugoliaeth hon cyn chwarae'r Saeson.

    From Cymro, on Sat 9 Feb 19:00
  4. Thank goodness there were 3 celt commentators to make a­ game of it!! What a load of rubbish played by both­ sides and thank goodness there are a few more games to­ sort out the British Lions team!! If we have to rely on­ too many Welsh players to beat Australia,god help us!!

    From GERALD, on Sat 9 Feb 18:57
  5. Something to build on!

    From TONY, on Sat 9 Feb 18:54
  6. @41- Why? Is that all you can come up with?

    From Cymro, on Sat 9 Feb 18:54
  7. im sure ireland are gonna give engaland a beating

    From Chris, on Sat 9 Feb 18:53
  8. Da iawn Cymru - Wwll done.

    From Walter Hussey, on Sat 9 Feb 18:53
  9. I'm on a French Survey Ship, and they are not­ happy... but I am..

    From Graham, on Sat 9 Feb 18:52
  10. Sorry but an absolutely terrible game... I know Wales­ have got the monkey off their back but a poor standard­ of rugby. Welsh guys not putting their hands up for­ a Lions Shirt (Excluding Halfpenny and Jonathon Davies)­ rest of the lads very average..including Jamie­ Roberts,Cuthbert and North. France no depth and not­ running onto the ball, Wales had no real­ creativity-Looking around for options no on offer.

    From Joe, on Sat 9 Feb 18:51
  11. That should, if they had a brain cell between them,­ shut the English #$%$ up.

    From bobby, on Sat 9 Feb 18:46
  12. Terribly negative game. France forgotten how to run­ onto a ball. Wales lack of options.

    From Joe, on Sat 9 Feb 18:45
  13. Beating this bad of a French team by only 10 points­ when they have played so badly shows that Wales are not­ up to much either.

    From Niall Ranger, on Sat 9 Feb 18:45
  14. cymro you sound like a right baby

    From Why?, on Sat 9 Feb 18:44
  15. Comment 35- Get your facts right. George North has­ lived in Llangefni on Anglesey for most of his life. He­ chose to play rugby for Wales, rather then England.

    From Cymro, on Sat 9 Feb 18:41
  16. yeeeeee wwwaaallleeeessss

    From Chris, on Sat 9 Feb 18:41
  17. WOW 6- 16 France is so bad, but its not a great game­ though.

    From Roisin Lynch, on Sat 9 Feb 18:38
  18. Yes seven up which could be the number of french­ coaches and players strung up by their press

    From Stephen, on Sat 9 Feb 18:37
  19. bloody pitch is a disgrace

    From Chris, on Sat 9 Feb 18:34
  20. Wales rescued by the English (George North). No need to­ thank us...

    From Lee, on Sat 9 Feb 18:34
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