French Open men - Final - Men

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
SpainR Nadal666--
SwedenR Söderling424--

Live Comments

  1. 16:53 - So that is it from us for the French Open 2010 but we will be back with LIVE action from the grass court season which gets underway tomorrow at the Queen's Club in London. And of course, with Wimbledon just two weeks away we will keep you updated with all the news and results so stick with us for that

  2. 16:45 - Polite as ever, Nadal starts his speech with some congratulations to Soderling, before delighting the crowd with some words for them in French! But he returns to Spanish to thank the Queen, in attendance today, and also his camp

  3. 16:41 - Nadal drops to the floor in sheer relief; the 24-year-old bursting into tears as well as the magnitude of his win sinks in. It's was a tough year for Nadal last year, but he is back to doing what he does best this year, absolutely dominating on the clay

  4. 4-6 - THAT'LL DO IT. NADAL HOLDS TO LOVE as Soderling hits a backhand down the line into the net and NADAL IS THE FRENCH OPEN CHAMPION ONCE AGAIN!

  5. 0-40 - The first two points are easy enough for Nadal as Soderling hits a forehand into the net behind the Spaniard's approach shot, and a forehand return into the net behind a heavy first serve from Nadal. And then he needs just the one point as Soderling sends a backhand return wide across court. THREE CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS ...

  6. 4-5 - A neat forehand volley drop shot winner from Soderling brings up two game points before he holds on the very next point when Nadal fails to cope with another huge forehand from the Swede, instead hitting into the net. But Nadal will serve for the title after the change of ends

  7. 3-5 - Rafa posts another hold, this time to 15, as he wrong-foots Soderling on the baseline, shaping up to hit the forehand across court before actually sending the forehand across corut in the opposite direction. All eyes on Soderling now as he has to hold to keep this clash alive

  8. 3-4 - A nervy double fault from Soderling hands Nadal a point to grab the double break in this third set. Soderling saves it though by stepping inside the baseline and firing away a forehand winner across court, beating Nadal for pace in the process. And Soderling goes on to hold when Nadal sends a backhand well long of the baseline off the forehand return

  9. 2-4 - Nadal holds to 30 once again, when Soderling sends an inside out backhand wide across court and into the tramlines, and the Spaniard is now potentially just two games away from his fifth French Open title

  10. 2-3 - Nadal whips a backhand passing shot across court for a winner despite Soderling playing a technically proficient passing shot. Still the Swede is not totally going to hand this match to his opponent and he quickly rights the ship to hold to 30 with a forehand winner and an ace on consecutive points

  11. 1-3 - Soderling barely gets a look in on Nadal's serve as he races through another game, holding to 15 with a big first serve and whipped forehand winner. This has got to be Nadal's best match, in terms of sheer form, of the tournamet so far. He is, for the most part, making Soderling look ordinary

  12. 1-2 - Much better from Soderling as he gets his third set off the mark with a service hold to love, his third ace of the set sealing the game that at least vaguely keeps him in this

  13. 0-2 - A high forehand vollery winner from Sodderling earns him an immediate break back point but Nadal saves it when the Swede once again fails to delay with the Spaniard's serve. And sure enough Nadal goes on to hold with a low ace out wide that the tall Soderling cannot deal with

  14. 0-1 - BREAK NADAL! The Spaniard is in danger of running away with this final now as he breaks for the opening game of the third set, despite two aces from the Swede. But he really is struggling to find the court with his ground-strokes and simply hitting the ball harder isn't really working as he sends five balls sailing long

  15. 2-6 - An inside out forehand into the net from Soderling hands Nadal three set points to take a two sets to love lead. The first just goes begging (although the crowd and both of the players seemed to think the ball had dropped in) as Nadal hits just wide down the line. But Nadal gets the second set when Soderling drills a backhand well wide across court

  16. 2-5 - BREAK NADAL! Soderling's first serve percentage has dropped below 50 per cent for this set now as he is forced to save another break point, which he does when Nadal hits a forehand long. But a forehand into the net from the Swede hand Nadal another chance. And this time the Spaniard does get the double break, producing a cross court backhand that Soderling simply cannot deal with

  17. 2-4 - Nadal really has this match under control now as he fires down another ace (his fourth of the match) before producing a solid serve and forehand winner combo (off the shorter ball) to hold once again and consolidate the break in this second set

  18. 2-3 - BREAK NADAL! The Spaniard whips a double-handed backhand passing shot across court at full stretch and lands it just inside the tramlines to bring up three break points. And he takes it on his first attempt with a forehand winner

  19. 2-2 - Nadal eases through a service hold to love after that delay. He'd already taken the first point actually, before the delay, and it'd didnt seem to affect his concentration too much, despite the Spaniard looking seriously concerned when looking up into the crowd, as he races through to level up once again

  20. 15:32 - There a delay now as someone in the crowd needs urgent medical attention high up the stands. It looks like someone has collapsed, this can't be because of the heat (it's not hot enough today) and there was an anguished cry from someone up there as the incident happened.

  21. 2-1 - Fantastic from Soderling as he holds to love to get over the disappointment of not breaking in that last game. And it was a very confident sliced backhand drop shot that the Swede played to hold the game after spotting Nadal miles behind the baseline

  22. 1-1 - Again though Nadal saves it, his defensive keeping him in it until he can work his way into the net and produce a great forehand stop volley to win it. He just can't string the points together at the moment as he drills a backhand long to hand Soderling yet another chance. Once again though Soderling hits long and the Spaniard goes on to hold with his first ace of the set. Phew, that was a real battle

  23. Ad-40 - Soderling flicks a backhand down the line to get himself to 0-30 on the Nadal serve before earning himself two break points when Nadal's forehand drops just long of the baseline. Nadal saves the first when Soderilng's forehand return drops long of a cracking serve. And the Swede misses the second when he drills a double-handed backhand long down the line from the mid-court after doing well to work Nadal out of position. The Swede earns himself a third chance though, battering the Nadal forehand

  24. 1-0 - Much better from Soderling as he holds for the opening game of the second set but its a massive effort for the Swede as Nadal is now fully in his defensive element getting so many balls back into play that Soderling is having to play shot after shot, eventually holding with a whipped forehand winner across court

  25. 4-6 - SET NADAL! Soderling does well to push Nadal to 30-30 but he smacks an inside out backhand wide across court and that hands the Spaniard another set point. And this time he gets it when Soderling runs around the ball and fires an inside out cross court forehand wide into the tramlines

  26. 4-5 - Soderling saves the first with an ace, and the second with another huge serve down the centre of the court that Nadal can only return into the net. And he also saves the third with a big serve and inside out forehand winner (off the shorter ball). That's more like the Soderling we know. And he goes on to hold with another couple of huge serves. Nadal will have to serve it out

  27. 0-40 - Soderling batters a couple of very angry looking forehands on consecutive points - one going long and the other wide - and Nadal earns himself THREE SET POINTS when his inside out forehand catches the top of the tape and bounces just over the net ...

  28. 3-5 - A poor double fault as Nadal starts to feel the pressure and Soderling is gifted a BREAK BACK POINT ... But Soderling sends a forehand just long (he really went for that one!). Again though the Spaniard looks nervy and hands his opponent another chance as he shanks an inside out cross court forehand. But Soderling drills a forehand return well wide and Nadal goes on to hold when Soderling sends a backhand marginally long of the baseline. Soderling will have to serve to stay in this opening set

  29. 3-4 - Much better from the Swede as he slams an inside out cross court forehand winner saves the second chance and Soderling goes on to hold when Nadal once again fails to land a forehand down the line, this time sending it well long. That is a massive hold for Soderling that was surely the set gone if Nadal had got the second break

  30. 40-Ad - The chance goes begging though as Nadal hits just wide on a forehand down the line at full stretch but an overly relaxed forehand half volley ends in the net from the Swede to hand Nadal a SECOND BREAK POINT in this game

  31. 40-Ad - Soderling looks like he is crusing towards a fairly easy hold to 15 but a double fault and a forehand error from the Swede allow Nadal back into the game as he levels at deuce. A better first serve, well better in the sense that it went it, and Soderling earns himself a game point but he squanders it with a cross court backhand into the net and Nadal earns himself another BREAK POINT with an angled backhand winner across court ...

  32. 2-4 - A great game from Nadal to back up the break as he holds to 15 when Soderling fails to find the court with his flailing backhand return of serve

  33. 2-3 - BREAK NADAL! And this time the Spaniard does take it as Soderling makes a poor choice not to volley a cross court Nadal backhand and instead to leave it. But the ball dips at the last second and drops down into the corner of the court and the world number two has the first blood in this clash

  34. 40-Ad - Ouch, Some ferocious hitting from Soderling eventually sees Nadal hit long as the Swede saves the break point. But Nadal will have another BREAK CHANCE as he comes into the net behind a great whipped forehand approach shot and Soderling returns it into the net ...

  35. 30-40 - Soderling has all of a sudden tightened up as he hits another forehand long to drop the first point behind his serve. And Nadal takes the second with a viciously sliced backhand that the Swede can only return into the net. But a mis-hit from the Spaniard on a backhand return followed by Nadal stopping the point for a serve he thinks is wide, but getting over-ruled and Soderling is back level. Soderling sends another forehand long though and Nadal now has a FIRST BREAK POINT ...

  36. 2-2 - Nadal is lucky to save it as Soderling drills a vicious double handed backhand just long down the line. The Spaniard's impressive defensive play keeps him in the next point as he runs from side to side and back again until Soderling hits long. And the Spaniard then goes on to hold when Soderling again fails to find the court with a forehand, this time missing just a little wide off the inside out cross court shot

  37. 40-30 - Soderling gets a little lucky with a net cord as his cross court forehand catches the top of the tape and drops over the net for the perfect drop shot and the Swede gets a FIRST BREAK POINT after the wind gets up and Nadal sends two forehands long of the baseline (the first an inside out cross court shot and the second one straight down the line) ...

  38. 2-1 - The first love service game of the final goes the way of Robin Soderling as he fires down his second ace of the day to hold once again and remain just in front. Already the opportunities look like they will be few and far between against serve

  39. 1-1 - A fantastic start from Nadal as well as he also concludes his first service hold with an ace straight down the centre of the court. The Spaniard holds to 15, the only point he drops coming when he drills a forehand long of the baseline

  40. 1-0 - Soderling takes the opening game of the match with his first ace of the day, his 76th of the tournament overall, and that was a good opening game from the Swede. He framed one forehand but other than that it was a solid hold to 30 to get things underway

  41. 0-0 - Right then, the players are ready to go and it will be Soderling to get things underway by serving first ...

  42. 14:11 - Currently it's sunny in Paris, with the temperature about 21 degress. There are some clouds around though and the weather earlier this morning was pretty horrific. Some rain is scheduled for later on today but let's hope this final is over and done with by the tim that rain hits

  43. 14:02 - Just one other little tid-bit of information to leave you with before we get things underway - there are interesting ranking developments resting on this match as well. Federer's failure to reach the semi-finals means that should Nadal win today he will once again become the world number one. On the other hand should Soderling win, he will move into the top five for the first time in his career, hitting the number four spot when the new rankings come out on Monday

  44. 14:00 - Don't forget that you catch watch this final live in full on British Eurosport (Sky 410 / Virgin 521) or, if you don't have access to a TV right now, you can also watch it in all it's glory live on the Eurosport Player. To access the Player all you have to do is click here and subscribe

  45. 13:58 - So these two have faced each other five times before today with Nadal still leading the head-to-heads by three wins to two. However, Soderling's two wins have come in their last two clashes, THAT win at the French Open last year and then another win in the World Tour Championships at the end of last year, although everyone would agree Rafa was far from his best in that tournament, as he failed to pick up a single win in the round-robin style competition

  46. 13:53 - So does Soderling stand a chance at winning? Of course he does! For starters, Soderling beat Nadal last yaer, although the Spaniard will now be a little more wise to Soderling's scheme. Secondly Soderling has racked up his first ever competitive win over Roger Federer, in 13 attempts, on the way to this final so his confidence is sky high right now. Jason Goodall has identified the Swede's serve as key to his chances though and to watch his video analysis of that shot, click here

  47. 13:45 - Despite that one loss last year though, few would argue that Nadal is the King of Clay, and he has already picked up titles on the red dirt at the Monte Carlo Masters, the Rome Masters and the Madrid Masters. Our stats expert Jason Goodall has taken at look at just why Nadal deserves that title, and you can have a look at that video if you click here

  48. 13:44 - Of course, everyone knows this is a repeat of last year's fourth round clash where Soderling stunned the world and Nadal by downing the Spaniard in four sets

  49. 13:43 - It's really the match that a lot of you have been wanting for the whole tournament, second seed and four-times champion Rafael Nadal and the only man to beat him on the clay in Paris, fifth seed Robin Soderling

  50. 13:40 - Hello and welcome to Eurosport Yahoo!s LIVE coverage from this the men's final of the French Open

Robin Söderling

Nationality SWE
Date of Birth 14/08/1984
Height 1.93 m
Weight 87 kg

Rafael Nadal

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 03/06/1986
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg

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