French Open men - 1st Round - Men

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
FranceJ Tsonga46667
GERD Brands63275

Live Comments

  1. - - The Frenchman dances around on court in jubiliation, but Brands deserves a huge amount of credit for his performance! Tsonga will next take on either compatriot Josselin Ouanna, or Poland's Lukasz Kubot. View the men's draw in full by clicking here

  2. 7-5 - TSONGA WINS THROUGH! Again Brands storms to 40-15 but, just as before, Tsonga hauls himself back into the game to take it to deuce with two powerful forehand returns. The Frenchman forces a match point, but Brands saves it with a huge serve outwide to his opponent's backhand. A second match point is forced with a backhand down the line, and this time Brands goes long with a forehand, and Tsonga is through!

  3. 6-5 - Tsonga holds at 6-5 with ease, and the Frenchman is clearly finding it a lot easier than his opponent on serve. The eighth seed finds two big serves, and moves in court to bludgeon a forehand to close out the game.

  4. 5-5 - Brands finds two first serves to move swiftly to 30-0, and a poor unforced error from Tsonga gives him 40-15 after a fine winner from the Frenchman down the line. A double fault from Brands gives Tsonga a glimmer of hope, and a backhand down the line from the Frenchman takes the game to deuce. A volley wide from Brands gives the eighth seed match point, but the German recovers superbly from deuce!

  5. 5-4 - Tsonga holds to 15, and at this stage that really is pretty convincing. Brands now has the pressure to hold his composure serving second, knowing that a break would be crucial.

  6. 4-4 - Brands holds at 4-4, and this fifth set really is very finely poised indeed! Tsonga finds the baseline with a forehand pass, but Brands responds with two of his own down the line to hold.

  7. 4-3 - Yet again Tsonga finds three big serves to leave Brands frustrated behind the baseline, with absolutely no chance of finding a decent return.

  8. 3-3 - There is just no stopping Brands, who refuses to fall away under pressure from the eighth seed, and he levels yet again to keep the crowd and Tsonga frustrated.

  9. 3-2 - Tsonga holds, and he lets out a roar of approval as Brands pushes him all the way once more! A stunning backhand pass gives him the gave from deuce, and the Frenchman is fighting hard!

  10. 2-2 - BREAK TSONGA! The Frenchman hits straight back with a forehand down the line to leave Brands stranded and get back on terms in this final set at 2-2 - the crowd go wild, and Tsonga clenches his fist in delight!

  11. 1-2 - BREAK BRANDS! The German stamps his authority on the fifth set with the first break of serve, and Tsonga looks very demoralised as he trudges back to his chair! Brands finds two stunning forehand passes, and it is enough to break from 15-30!

  12. 1-1 - Brands levels the fifth set up at 1-1 with a solid hold, and the German closes the game out from 30-30 with impressive composure and resilience. Tsonga looks very tired, and will have to lift himself.

  13. 1-0 - Tsonga holds his serve comfortably to begin the fifth set, and the Frenchman is beginning to find the form he has only found fleetingly so far. Brands continues to challenge and wins two points with forehands down the line.

  14. - - View a photo of Tsonga stretching for a backhand in that last set by clicking here

  15. 6-7 - SET BRANDS! The German capitalises on some shoddy play from Tsonga, as the Frenchman commits three unforced errors and plays very lethargically, but Brands deserves credit for his calculated and tireless play! We are into a fifth set...

  16. TB2-4 - Tsonga plays two dreadful points as he misses the baseline with a regulation pass off his forehand side, then a poor volley allows Brands to slam a forehand down the line and lead 4-2!

  17. TB2-2 - Both players find fierce forehand passes to win cheap points and thwart the other as they approach the net! Brands drives a forehand into the net, but a crisp backhand sees the breaker move to 2-2.

  18. 6-6 - Tsonga races to 40-0, but is superbly pegged back by Brands to deuce as the German unfurls a stunning cross court pass! The Frenchman recovers, and holds his serve with a fine first delivery outwide. We have a tie break!

  19. 5-6 - Brands is distinguishing himself on the Philippe Chatrier court, and everyone is mightily impressed with his temperament and resilience under pressure! Two big first serves and a forehand down the line do the trick.

  20. 5-5 - The number eight seed continues to power through his service games with minimal fuss, and the Frenchman is really thriving under this pressure, with Brands playing tenaciously.

  21. 4-5 - The German is proving a very difficult nut to crack as he finds two massive first serves when he most needs them, and Tsonga is thwarted from 30-30 as Brands holds!

  22. 4-4 - Tsonga refuses to be dictated to, and the eighth seed has his name chanted by the crowd once more as he holds to level at 4-4 with two huge forehands cross court!

  23. 3-4 - Brands hammers a forehand down the line to back up two huge serves, and the German clenches his fist in delight as he holds his serve once more to lead 4-3.

  24. 3-3 - Tsonga levels at 3-3 to keep Brands in check, and the Frenchman is utterly focused on wrapping this up in four sets, but it is proving very tricky indeed.

  25. 2-3 - Brands continues to serve with real confidence, and the German refuses to give up hope as he fires an ace down the T and plays a neat volley to close out the game.

  26. 2-2 - Tsonga lets out a roar of frustration as he plants a forehand into the net, but the Frenchman recovers to level at 2-2 with a confident hold to 15.

  27. 1-2 - Again Brands keeps his nose in front with a clinical service hold, and Tsonga is forced to bide his time in this fourth set with the German playing in very dogged fashion.

  28. 1-1 - Tsonga also holds to 15, and the Frenchman is looking very comfortable now as he continues to show his class after a disappointing opening set.

  29. 0-1 - Brands begins the fourth set with a solid hold to 15, and Tsonga is not really with it having just clinched the third. The German will be looking to catch Tsonga off guard now.

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  31. 6-2 - SET TSONGA! The Frenchman closes out the third set with a comfortable service hold, and he celebrates more in relief than anything else before taking to his chair. Tsonga will be desperate to prevent this match from going to five sets in this heat!

  32. 5-2 - Brands holds his nerve to close out his service game to 30, and Tsonga must now serve out for the third set from 5-2. The home crowd are really getting behind their man now!

  33. 5-1 - Tsonga keeps his composure once more to move closer to the third set at 5-1! Brands cannot stay with his opponent, and the Frenchman looks to be cruising now.

  34. 4-1 - BREAK TSONGA! After serving with such confidence and assurance in the opening set, Brands is really struggling to find any rhythm now as he is broken again and Tsonga has a double advantage!

  35. 3-1 - Tsonga consolidates his latest break of serve with real conviction, and that is much better from the Frenchman after he squandered the opportunity on his last service game.

  36. 2-1 - BREAK TSONGA! Three games: three breaks of serve! Neither Brands nor Tsonga can settle on serve, and the Frenchman capitalises on more uncertain play from his opponent to re-assume the advantage!

  37. 1-1 - BREAK BRANDS! The German hits straight back, and a touch of complacency seems to suddenly shroud Tsonga's play as he wavers on serve and is ruthlessly punished! Brands fires a stunning backhand pass before smashing a volley down the line!

  38. 1-0 - BREAK TSONGA! The Frenchman is beginning to wear his opponent down now as Brands struggles to match the intensity which he found in the opening set. Tsonga breaks with two crunching forehands, and has the early advantage!

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  40. 6-3 - SET TSONGA! The Frenchman slams a forehand cross court to seal the set 6-3, and Brands is unable to muster more than one point as he takes on every return in a typically aggressive manner.

  41. 5-3 - Brands continues to show real resilience and resolve as he forces Tsonga to serve out for the second set - you have to admire the German's approach and attitude, as his opponent prepares to serve out!

  42. 5-2 - Tsonga moves to within a game of the second set with a powerful serve down the T which forces the crucial error after three extended rallies as Brands battles for every point superbly.

  43. 4-2 - Brands is not out of this second set, and the German reminds Tsonga of that fact as he powers two forehands down the line and closes out his service game with a fierce serve down the T.

  44. 4-1 - Tsonga consolidates his break of serve with a solid hold to 15, and Brands cannot force an immediate response as the Frenchman begins to impose himself on this second set.

  45. 3-1 - TSONGA BREAKS! Finally the Frenchman seizes the initiative in this match as he fires a backhand cross court to force the error from Brands, and he breaks serve at the second attempt after the German produced a fierce serve to save the first.

  46. 2-1 - That is much better from Tsonga, who slams two forehands down the line to complement his gigantic serve, and the Frenchman keeps his nose in front in this second set. Can Brands match his intensity?

  47. 1-1 - Brands levels the set up at 1-1, and the German is unwavering in his aggressive, positive approach. Tsonga is desperate to make an impact on his opponent's serve, but with three first deliveries it is to no avail.

  48. 1-0 - Tsonga begins the second set in less than convincing fashion, but the Frenchman still manages to hold his serve from deuce to establish himself. Brands is throwing everything at his opponent, but he cannot find a way through on this occasion.

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  50. 4-6 - SET BRANDS! A flashing winner cross court gives Tsonga two break points at 15-40, but Brands saves both with deft drop volleys at the net as the crowd get very involved in support of their man! Brands hammers a huge forehand cross court to give himself set point, and another down the line closes it out in hugely impressive fashion!

  51. 4-5 - Credit to Tsonga, who battles hard to force his opponent to serve out for the opening set, and his third ace of the match down the T gives him the game to 15 as brands now has to settle himself at the change over and keep his composure!

  52. 3-5 - Brands is keeping his composure very impressively, and the German looks very at home under this pressure and on this kind of stage as Tsonga continues to struggle to make an impact.

  53. 3-4 - Again, Tsonga races through his service hold with the utmost efficiency and confidence, leaving Brands with no option but to accept the loss and address his next game on serve!

  54. 2-4 - Brands races to 30-0 with two crunching first serves, and a volley at the net sees the German cruise into a 40-0 lead. Tsonga gets one point back with a fierce return, but an unforced error gives Brands his two-game cushion once more.

  55. 2-3 - What a service game! It's quite remarkable that Tsonga can rattle through a service game with such ease and confidence to hold to love, minutes after being broken and looking thoroughly unconvincing! Can Brands keep his advantage?

  56. 1-3 - Brands's serve is given a stern inspection from Tsonga, but the German holds after an extended deuce to consolidate his break and establish a 3-1 lead in this first set. The crowd get frustrated with Tsonga as he plants a tame smash into the net, and the Frenchman needs to respond.

  57. 1-2 - BRANDS BREAKS! Tsonga slams a forehand down the line to move to 40-30, but Brands responds superbly to peg his opponent back and take the game into deuce. An epic game sees both players exchange winners and unforced errors, but Tsonga can only save one break point before Brands seals the advantage!

  58. 1-1 - Brands gets himself established in this opening set with a powerful forehand down the line and two serves outwide to Tsonga's backhand to hold serve to 15 - a solid start from the German.

  59. 1-0 - The eighth seed gets off to a cracking start with two huge serves outwide to Brands's backhand, and the German is afforded no opportunities to get a foothold in the game.

  60. 0-0 - Tsonga wins the toss and elects to serve first as a packed Philippe Chatrier gets behind the Frenchman...

  61. - - The 6'5" German is from Deggendorf, has racked up $384,619 on tour in prize money, and has won just 10 matches in his career compared to Tsonga's 122. Can he challenge the Frenchman?

  62. - - This pair have not previously met on tour, with Brands ranked at 89 in the world, and the Frenchman from Le Mans is three years older than his opponent at 10th in the rankings.

  63. - - The Philippe Chatrier court is bathed in glorious sunshine as Tsonga and Brands begin their warm-ups and get acclimatised to the conditions - the temperature is hovering around the 22 degrees mark.

  64. - - You can watch this match LIVE on the Eurosport Player, on British Eurosport and Eurosport HD (Sky 410/412, Virgin Media 521)! Access the Player by clicking here

  65. - - Eighth seed and home favourite Jo-Wilfried Tsonga takes on German Daniel Brands in the Frenchman's opening match at Roland Garros on the Philippe Chatrier court.

Daniel Brands

Nationality GER
Date of Birth 17/07/1987
Height 1.96 m
Weight 92 kg

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

Nationality FRA
Date of Birth 17/04/1985
Height 1.88 m
Weight 91 kg

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