Wimbledon women - Semifinal - Women

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
Russian FederationV Zvonareva366--
BULT Pironkova632--

Live Comments

  1. 14:57 - So Zvonareva is through the women's Wimbledon final where she will face the winner between world number one Serena Williams, the defending champion, and unseeded Czech Petra Kvitova

  2. 2-6 - WINNER! But Zvonareva does wrap up the win at the second attempt when Zvonareva fires an inside out forehand across court and into the corner which Pironkova cannot quite get to despite pegging it across the baseline

  3. 30-40 - The first goes begging when she sends a forehand passing shot just long off a sliced forehand drop shot from Pironkova off a net cord from Zvonareva!

  4. 15-40 - A tight forehand into the net from Zvonareva, while she is re-treating deep behind the baseline, hands Pironkova a point in the game but the Russian comes up with a cracking forehand across court to bring up TWO MATCH POINTS ...

  5. 2-5 - A neat little switch from Pironkova as she finds a backhand winner down the line after a cross court backhand exchange to bring up two game points. Zvonareva gets lucky with a net cord off her forehand down the line on the next point but Pironkova does go on to hold to 30 when the Russian fires a forehand return long. So can Zvonareva hold her nerve and serve out the match after the change of ends?

  6. 1-5 - The control is not quite there from Pironkova now as she easily gets up to a drop shot but can't keep the resulting backhand down. But Zvonareva sends forehands long on consecutive points to hand Pironkova two break back points. The first goes begging when the Bulgarian unleashes a forehand return straight into the net. And Zvonareva saves the second with a cracking first serve that Pironkova can return into the net before going on to hold. Pironkova will have to serve to stay in this match

  7. 1-4 - BREAK! A third ace from Pironkova is followed by an absolutely fantastic sliced backhand drop shot from Zvonareva that spins away from the court as soon as it lands and its level at deuce again. A dipping backhand drop shot from the Russian earns her a point for the double break. And sure enough she does get it with a cracking backhand across court that Pironkova can only return wide

  8. 1-3 - Pironkova very nearly earns herself a break back point after pulling Zvonareva wide with a great angled backhand drop shot. But a forehand into the very top of the tape from the Bulgarian followed by a cross court forehand just wide help Zvonareva to hold and remain the one break in front

  9. 1-2 - Ouch! Pironkova sends a backhand just marginally long of the baseline to hand Zvonareva two more break points. She saves the first with a backhand winner across court after pushing the Russian wide with a cross court forehand on the previous shot. And she saves the second as well with a forehand right onto the baseline that puts Zvonareva on the back foot and eventually draws the error. And Pironkova goes on to hold from deuce when Zvonareva sends an inside out backhand wide across court

  10. 0-2 - Zvonareva holds from 30 as Pironkova first hits a backhand wide down the line and then second sends a backhand into the net after a huge forehand from the Russian. Zvonareva has now one six of the last seven games and Pironkova really needs a hold now to stay in this

  11. 0-1 - BREAK! Pironkova sends an inside out cross court forehand just wide and long to hand Zvonareva a break point. The Bulgarian sends a backhand long after a lengthy rally to hand the break to her opponent and Zvonareva is ahead in this match for the very first time

  12. 3-6 - SET! Pironkova challenges a Zvonareva serve which she thought would had landed long. Hawkeye shows the serve was in and that brings up two set points for Zvonareva. And the Russian takes it at the first attempt when she gets lucky with the net cord, her forehand catching the top of the tape and bouncing just over for a spot on drop shot

  13. 3-5 - Pironkova races through a love service hold, with an unreturnable serve, an ace, a heavy serve that Zvonareva returns into the net and a heavy serve that sets up an easy forehand winner for the Bulgarian. So that forces Zvonareva to serve for this second set

  14. 2-5 - Pironkova unleashes an absolute bullet of a forehand return that should get rid of some of the Bulgarian's frustration right now. But it doesn't help in the long run as Zvonareva goes on to hold to 30 after a series of heavy ground-strokes push the Bulgarian around the baseline and eventually over-stretch her so Zvonareva can end with a comfortable backhand off a shorter ball. Pironkova will have to serve to stay in this set after the change of ends

  15. 2-4 - BREAK! An off-balance backhand on the baseline from Zvonareva hands the Bulgarian a game point from 30-30. But a soft forehand from Pironkova hands Zvonareva the opportunity to wallop an 82mph inside out backhand winner into the corner and level up at deuce. And a backhand into the net a couple of points later from Pironkova hands Zvonareva her first break point in the match. And she gets it followed a huge cross court backhand with a backhand winner down the line off a shorter ball

  16. 2-3 - Zvonareva holds to 30 to sneak in front once again, stepping inside the baseline by a couple of feet and firing a forehand winner down the line to seal the game

  17. 2-2 - Pironkova comes through her toughest service game of the match being pushed to deuce by Zvonareva. But on both occasions that the Russian seems to be getting the upper hand in the rallies, she sends a forehand long of the line to hand Pironkova a game point. And on the second of those Pironkova takes the opportunity and holds to level up

  18. 1-2 - Zvonareva's backhand is looking very good now as she races up to a shorter ball from Pironkova, a sliced forehand, before battering a backhand winner down the line to hold to love and keep her nose just in front in this set

  19. 1-1 - A neat sliced forehand drop shot winner across court, a forehand wide down the line from Zvonareva and a very calm forehand smash across court from the baseline sees Pironkova race out to a 40-0 lead. She slices a forehand long on her first game point but quickly recovers to hold and level up when Zvonareva send a forehand long herself

  20. 0-1 - A solid start for Zvonareva to get the second set underway with a opening hold to 15 with a heavy forehand that Pironkova can only return into the net. That was an important hold for the Russian if she is to get back into this

  21. 6-3 - SET! Pironkova races out to three set points with an angled cross court backhand winner, a backhand error from Zvonareva, and a forehand winner. The Russian saves the first with a perfect pick-up of a forehand half-volley for a drop shot that beats Pironkova for pace. And the Bulgarian squanders the second with a backhand into the net. But Pironkova wraps it up at the third attempt with consecutive backhands to either side of the court, before Zvonareva hit a backhand of her own into the net

  22. 5-3 - Zvonareva does well to hold to 15 and steady the ship as she comes up with a backhand winner across court at an angle. And Pironkova will serve for it. Can she hold her nerve here? Certainly she's looked very settled so far

  23. 5-2 - Pironkova, who is guaranteed a place in the top 35 at the very least when the new world rankings are released on Monday, holds to 30 to consolidate the break and leave Zvonareva serving to stay in this opening set

  24. 4-2 - BREAK! The Bulgarian is totally uninhibited now as she batters a forehand winner down the line to earn herself three break points. Zvonareva saves the first with an ace (which Pironkova challenges unsuccessfully). But Pironkova does break at the second attempt as he forehand return of serve catches the top of the tape and just trickles over the net, beating Zvonareva for pace

  25. 3-2 - Pironkova holds to 15 once again coming up with a huge forehand winner across court on one point before finding an ace straight down the centre of the court. And she holds when Zvonareva's backhand drop shot drifts just wide

  26. 2-2 - Zvonareva survives for the toughest game of the match so far as she hold to 30. But Pironkova is really loosening up now as she flashes a couple of forehand passing shots over the net for her two points, one down the line and then the second across court

  27. 2-1 - Prionkova holds once again to 15 by pushing Zvonareva wide and forcing the error from the Russian as she goes for the backhand winner down the line

  28. 1-1 - Pironkova sends a sliced backhand just long of the baseline to help Zvonareva to hold her opening service game to love and get her side of the scoreboard ticking over

  29. 1-0 - Pironkova drops the first point of the match as she sends a slightly nervy forehand long of the baseline. But she quickly recovers and earns herself a game point by stepping inside the baseline and firing away a backhand winner across court. And one game point is all she needs as she completes a confidence-building hold to 15 with a forehand winner

  30. 0-0 - So the warm-up over and done with it will be Pironkova to get the clash underway after winning the toss and opting to serve first ...

  31. 13:01 - The players are greeted by gorgeous sunshine as they walk out on to Centre Court. The cloud that has been covering over SW19 for the last few days has dispersed and the temperature is currently about 23 degrees with it expected to peak at roughly 27 degrees around 3pm this afternoon

  32. 12:49 - Pironkova has arguably been in even better form. She started with straights sets wins over Anna Lapushchenkova and Vera Dushevina, before walzting past an injured Regina Kulikova in the third round. But then the Bulgarian really stepped her level up and beat 11th seed and former finalist Marion Bartoli before humbling second seed and five-times champion Venus Williams in the quarter-finals in what has to be the win of the tourament so far

  33. 12:44 - Zvonareva has obviously been in good form as she booked her place in this semi-final beating Spain's Nuria Llagostera Vives and Andrea Hlavackova in straight sets before humbling 15th seeded Belgian Yanina Wickmayer in the third round, coming past an injured Jelena Jankovic (seeded fourth) in the fourth round, and then recovering from a set down to beat eighth seed Kim Clijsters in the quarter-finals

  34. 12:39 - This is comfortable the biggest situation either of the players have been in and both have a great chance of booking a place in their first Grand Slam final. Zvonareva has been to the quater-finals of a Grand Slam before, the French Open back in 2003. But Pironkova has never been past even the second round of a Grand Slam since her debut at the Australian Open in 2006

  35. 12:34 - These two have faced each other just the one time before with Pironkova coming through that one not only in straight sets but also for the loss of just the two games

  36. 12:33 - Hello and welcome to LIVE coverage from the first women's semi-final between Russian 21st seed Vera Zvonareva and world number 82 Tsvetana Pironkova of Bulgaria

Vera Zvonareva

Nationality RUS
Date of Birth 07/09/1984
Height 1.72 m
Weight 59 kg

Tsvetana Pironkova

Nationality BUL
Date of Birth 13/09/1987
Height 1.8 m
Weight 65 kg

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