Wimbledon men - 1st Round - Men

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
N Djokovic46366
BelgiumO Rochus62642

Live Comments

  1. 11:06 - Phew! That, quite frankly was ridiculous! But what an end to the first day at Wimbledon and it is Djokovic who is through to the second round at the expense of the very impressive Olivier Rochus

  2. 6-2 - WINNER! Djokovic gets incredibly lucky as Rochus's backhand drop shot catches the top of the tape and drops back onto his side of the net. That brings up match point for Djokovic and the Serb takes full advantage of it with a big first serve down the centre of the court that Rochus can only return short of the net

  3. 5-2 - BREAK! Unbelievable scenes as Rochus recovers from 0-30 down when another stunning rally during which Djokovic ends up on the floor twice and also does a full 360 degree turn. But Rochus sends an inside out forehand just long across court and the Serb has another break point. And sure enough the world number three does break as Rochus sends another forehand marginally long. Djokovic will now serve for a place in the second round

  4. 4-2 - This is now the lastest finsihing Wimbledon match of all time. But it could be nearing an end as Djokovic holds with a forehand winner to leave himself potentially just two games away from the second round

  5. 3-2 - BREAK! An absolute stunning rally from both players as they batter the fur off the ball off all wings. And Djokovic comes up with a cracking, really low forehand stop-volley across court at the angle to not only win it but also to break! He now leads by a break in the final set

  6. 2-2 - Djokovic gets a time violation. He tries to argue that the crowd were still cheering and, although it doesn't work, he has a point. And Djokovic goes on to hold the game with a cracking first serve that Rochus can only return into the net. We're back all square

  7. 1-2 - BREAK! A nervy game from Rochus as Djokovic breaks straight back with a backhand winner down the line, after the Belgian had narrowly missed a forehand down the line on the previous point

  8. 0-2 - BREAK! Wow, Rochus has broken Djokovic in just the second game of this final set. The Belgian really is playing well as he breaks at the first attempt when Djokovic dumps a backhand across the court into the net

  9. 0-1 - Djokovic slips slightly and then flings himself onto the floor in a bid to still get the ball, which he does but he can't control it and it lands wide. Rochus goes on hold on the next point from deuce when Djokovic sends a backhand into the top of the net

  10. 6-4 - SET! An ace from Djokovic saves it this time (although Rochus challenges it, incorrectly) and the Serb goes on to hold with anotrher ace and an inside out forehand into the corner than Rochus can only return long and wide at full stretch

  11. 40-Ad - Rochus earns himself two break back points as Djokovic plays a shockingly poor first couple of points and the Belgian comes up with a forehand that his opponent can only return into the net. The first goes begging when Djokovic comes up with a cross court forehand winner that wrong-foots Rochus on the baseline. And the second is squandered when Rochus hits into the net off the backhand wing. But Rochus earns himself a third break point when Djokovic slips on the baseline in pursuit of a forehand

  12. 5-4 - But Djokovic sends a forehand long to squander it and Rochus goes on to hold when Djokovic sends a forehand return long of the baseline. Djokovic will have to serve out this set to force the decider

  13. Ad-40 - Djokovic comes up with an inch-perfect backhand lob than even draws applause from Rochus. It brings up a set point but Rochus saves it with a cracking forehand winner across court that Djokovic has to dive to get. And whilst he does get it over the net, Rochus is there with an inside out forehand winner. Djokovic batters a couple of banging return winners across court, one of either flank, and it brings up a second set point ...

  14. 5-3 - A first break back point goes begging for Rochus as he hits a low forehand into the net adn a second is also saved by Djokovic as he comes up with an ace down the centre of the court. And Djokovic goes on to hold with a forehand winner to leaves Rochus serving to stay in this fourth set

  15. 4-3 - Much better from Rochus this time around as he holds to 15 when an ace to keep Djokovic honest and preventing the Serb from being handed this set

  16. 4-2 - A love game for Djokovic as he holds once again when Rochus sends a backhand lob long of the baseline. It was a tricky shot for the Belgian as Djokovic had done well to work him out of position and he had to pick it up off the ground at full stretch

  17. 3-2 - Rochus whips a cross court forehand well wide and he is looking tense now. He's forcing things and it brings up another break point for Djokovic. The Belgian saves it when Djokovic slips slightly on the baseline trying to change direction and goes on to hold when the Serb's backhand drop shot catches the top of the net and is carried ever so marginally wide

  18. 3-1 - Djokovic starts with an ace and it looks like the Serb is cruising towards a solid hold to consolidate the break. But three straight errors and Rochus has break back points. Still, the Belgian is unable to take advantage of any of them and Djokovic does go on to hold, albeit almost accidentally when Rochus fails to find the court with a forehand

  19. 2-1 - BREAK! Djokovic seems to have come out with a much more positive attitude as he breaks when Rochus sends a backhand, albeit an incredibly defensive one on the run, long of the line

  20. 1-1 - A solid opening game by Djokovic as he eases through a solid opening service game of his own to level things up. The Serb still has this match in his hands, if he can play like the world number three then he will win. If he can't, he won't. Simple as that really.

  21. 0-1 - A great re-start from Rochus as he comes out and holds from deuce with an ace and a then a forehand winner. Good to see that the Belgian has not let that break affect him too much. He has got to be playing one of the best matches of his career and it just remains to be seen whether Djokovic can stabilise his so-far erratic play

  22. 21:12 - The players are back out on court with the roof closed and the air-con at the right temperature. It only takes about 5 minutes to shut the roof itself but its getting the temperature right that apparently takes the time. Anyway, they've been off for 30 minutes so there'll be another warm-up before we can get things back underway

  23. - - PLAY SUSPENDED! The players have a chat with the umpire and the decision is taken for play to be suspended. But... we're on Centre Court, and there's a roof and floodlights to take advantage of. There's a 20-30 minute delay, and then the game restarts under the roof. We'll take a breather after an exciting first day, but hopefully you'll join us for the continuation of this encounter.

  24. 3-6 - BREAK AND SET! The players grunt and groan their way to 15-30 on Djokovic's serve. There have been very few cheap points, and Rochus has had to work hard. One confident pass down the line by the Belgian gives him two set points, and a double fault gives Rochus the set!

  25. 3-5 - BREAK! The first two points are shared. A service return winner keeps Djokovic in the hunt, but he blasts a return wide to give Rochus set point. No luck at the first attempt and Djokovic forces deuce. More pressure from the Serb makes Rochus send a backhand wide into the net. With advantage, Djokovic makes the fifth break of serve in this set and brings us back to 3-5.

  26. 2-5 - At 30-30 Djokovic double faults to allow Rochus a break point, and Rochus seizes the initiative in the rally at just the right moment to recover his double break! Are we heading for five sets? Will we finish tonight?

  27. 2-4 - Djokovic looks to have toyed with Rochus, but misses the passing shot which would have capped it off. He makes amends with some blistering low groundstrokes which eventually overpower Rochus, and gets ahead at 15-30 before Rochus plays a superb point to level things up. Djokovic earns a break point but Rochus plays perhaps the passing shot of the match thus far to deny him. Djokovic goes long to give Rochus the advantage and he takes it, restoring the 2 game gap.

  28. 2-3 - Djokovic slicing patiently, and this time it's Rochus making the mistakes as the Serb heads to 40-15. He closes it out, and gets to within a game of the Belgian.

  29. 1-3 - BREAK! Djokovic wins the first point but Rochus gets back in front at 30-15 with a well-constructed point and nonchalant drop shot out of the Serb's reach. Djokovic goes long to give Rochus game point, and the frustration shows. He recovers to deuce, then earns a break point. It's a long rally, but Djokovic's aggressive forehands are eventually too much for Rochus to contain, and that's one break of serve recovered.

  30. 0-3 - BREAK! Another break for Rochus! A curiously off the boil Djokovic capitulates in this service game, and the Belgian is halfway to the third set. Djokovic worked hard to get back into this match, but he's made 8 unforced errors in the third set already.

  31. 0-2 - These two are very evenly matched at the moment - Rochus has a chance to seal the game at 40-30 but Djokovic forces another deuce. Rochus gets the advantage once more, however, and this time makes no mistakes.

  32. 0-1 - BREAK! Djokovic serves at the start of this third set, and Rochus making the Serb work hard to get to a 40-30 lead. Djokovic mishits spectacularly to take us to deuce. Rochus conjures a break point and converts it for the early advantage!

  33. 6-2 - SET! Djokovic trudges to 0-30, having outlasted Rochus twice in two tense baseline rallies. He finds a classy winner crosscourt for three match points, and needs no second invitation to level things up at a set apiece.

  34. 5-2 - BREAK! Djokovic smashes his way to the first point, lobs his way to the second, then double faults to make it 30-15. Rochus gets Djokovic on the run to tie things up at 30-30, then the points are shared to take it to deuce. Djokovic drop shots his way to a break point but slices long. Rochus then earns a break with a confident putaway at the net, and converts it. One break back for the Belgian.

  35. 5-1 - Djokovic catches the line on his first shot, then Rochus goes long to concede 0-30 to the Serb. Rochus clambers back to 30-30, then plays an emphatic backhand crosscourt for game point. Djokovic nets the next return and Rochus is on the scoreboard in this set.

  36. 5-0 - Effortless hold to love for the Serb, and perhaps Rochus is already focusing on the next set.

  37. 4-0 - BREAK! Djokovic pauses briefly after landing awkwardly on his ankle, but it's he who is giving Rochus the runaround in this game, surging to a 15-40 lead. He hits one long to give the Belgian hope, but he smashes home his break to secure a double-break.

  38. 3-0 - Djokovic looking a little more assured now and he reaches 30-0 with a drop shot. There is no let up as the Serb holds the game to 15.

  39. 2-0 - BREAK! A steady start from Rochus, but a Djokovic fist pump signals a break point opportunity. Following an almost clay court-esque 19 stroke rally, Rochus keeps him at bay. Rochus is undone by a blistering Djokovic winner measured at 94mph. Just when it looks like Rochus cannot hold him any longer, his challenge shows that his groundstroke just caught the baseline. At the third attempt, and after nine minutes of this game, Djokovic breaks Rochus.

  40. 1-0 - Grinding service game, and Djokovic serving at his own, predictably 'steady' pace - but the Serb has enough to hold to thirty.

  41. 4-6 - SET! It looks like a confident service game from Rochus as he takes the first three points, and so it proves - he opens up space on the left hand side of the court and steers the ball into space to clinch the first set.

  42. 4-5 - Djokovic holds much more comfortably to fifteen this time, and Rochus will have 90 seconds to think about serving out for the set.

  43. 3-5 - Long, patient rallies are the story of the Rochus serve. He wins the first, but he loses the second when he goes long. Djokovic guides his return wide, then on the next point manages to bring things back to 30-30. At deuce, a wonderful forehand gives Djokovic break point, but his lob to win goes three inches long. Djokovic fashions and then misses another break opportunity. Rochus misses out on his own advantage, but he gets there in the end.

  44. 3-4 - BREAK! Djokovic undoes his hard work with a senseless drop shot to go 0-15 down. And it gets no better as Rochus gets three break points at 0-40. Djokovic hits a powerful serve across Rochus to save the first, then an irresistible forehand to save the second, but at the third time of asking he hits a groundstroke long, and Rochus has the break!

  45. 3-3 - Djokovic is asking Rochus all kinds of questions on his serve, but despite the long rallies, Rochus is holding on and moves to 40-0. Djokovic grinds his way back to deuce, and Rochus takes a puff of air before plotting his next serve. He earns advantage but Djokovic counters with a rasping backhand return winner. Rochus sends Djokovic from one side of the court to the other for the next point, then finds a way to seal the game.

  46. 3-2 - A tougher test from Rochus on the Djokovic serve, but he holds to fifteen and finishes with a well-struck ace down the middle.

  47. 2-2 - Djokovic earns a 0-30 position after winning an 18 stroke rally. Rochus is having to work extremely hard but he does enough to get back to 30-30. Rochus then wins a long exchange of sliced shots, then seals the game with an equally lengthy rally.

  48. 2-1 - Tasty drop shot from Djokovic helps him race into a 30-0 lead, before an ace and a couple of uncompromsing smashes close out the game.

  49. 1-1 - Rochus, a somewhat diminutive figure at 5'6", starts brightly on his serve and moves to 30-15. Djokovic answers with a booming forehand to level things, only for Rochus to move him around the court and get to game point. Djokovic wins the next to reach deuce, but then slices his shot narrowly down the line to hand Rochus advantage. When Djokovic goes long Rochus closes the game out.

  50. 1-0 - A no-nonsense hold to love for the Serb.

  51. - - A word on the weather - and we cannot say this enough - it's excellent. Set fair for the rest of the day, and if the forecasts are to be believed, for the next few days after that!

  52. - - Djokovic wins the toss and serves first against the world number 68.

  53. - - Djokovic is the world number 3 and surely the favourite for this encounter - but a word of caution - the pair have met four times, and Rochus has won three of them, including in Miami this year.

  54. - - Hello and welcome to Eurosport Yahoo!s coverage of Novak Djokovic's clash with Olivier Rochus on Centre Court in the first round of Wimbledon.

Novak Djokovic

Nationality SRB
Date of Birth 22/05/1987
Height 1.88 m
Weight 78 kg

Olivier Rochus

Nationality BEL
Date of Birth 18/01/1981
Height 1.68 m
Weight 65 kg

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