Wimbledon men - Semifinal - Men

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
Czech RepublicT Berdych676--
N Djokovic363--

Live Comments

  1. 6-3 - Berdych quickly brings up three match points. He can't get the job done with his first chance, but a big booming serve is enough to complete the formalities. Berdych is through to his first Grand Slam final. Fully deserved win.

  2. 5-3 - A double fault brings up break point for Berdych at 30-40 and another double fault quickly follows it. Suddenly Berdych is serving for a place in the Wimbledon final. Can he finish the job. Looks like it is an open and shut case.

  3. 4-3 - Going for two hours and 11 minutes now. Berdych so close to the final after wrapping up that game. He leads 4-3 as games continue on serve. Djokovic actually looks a bit glum out there as he slumps on his chair with a towel over his head.

  4. 3-3 - Djokovic plays a poor drop shot at 40-30 ahead, but Berdych hammers a shot into the net as the Serbian player holds serve. The scores are even, despite the mood of the match being firmly in favour of the Czech player.

  5. 3-2 - A love service game by Berdych. He is clearly warming to his task. Djokovic seems to be hanging on by his fingertips out there, which is not exactly the situation you want to find yourself in during the semi-final of a Grand Slam.

  6. 2-2 - Djokovic saves another break point in that game. He really needed that one, but he gets out of that one holding serve. 2-2. Games on serve. Can he pressurise the Djokovic serve?

  7. 2-1 - Been on court just under two hours now. They are drinking copious amounts of water out there. Tough going on both men, but games on serves here. Djokovic serving a game down.

  8. 1-1 - A good hold by Djokovic. Dropped only one point on that service game. A solid response in the circumstances.

  9. 1-0 - The frustration is all too evident when studying Djokovic's expression. That was a tough one to take for the Serbian player. He fails to trouble Berdych on his opening service game.

  10. 7-6 - A double fault by Djokovic brings up four set points at 6-2. He saves two before Berdych chokes attempting another one of those forehand winners across court. A fabulous rally sees a Djokovic lob called out, but he wins the replayed point with a backhand winner down the line. Djokovic saves four set points before a mistake by Berdych gives Djokovic a set point. He saves it with a big serve before a double fault sees Berdych gets over the winning line at 11-9. He smashes his racket.

  11. 6-6 - A second chance for Djokovic to break back, but a weak backhand into the net sees that one disappear. Another chance comes his way after a terrific rally, but the Czech player closes the door with a thumping first serve. A double fault gives Djokovic his third break chance which he takes after a wonderful get on the forehand. Berdych empties a ball into the net and we are into the tiebreak.

  12. 6-5 - A double fault opens the door for Berdych. He crashes through it with a winner across court to bring up three break points. Djokovic saves one, but misses an overhead smash with a shot miss that flies long. That could be a defining break of the match in favour of Berdych. He is serving for a 2-0 lead.

  13. 5-5 - A fine service game by Berdych. Djokovic tries to mix it up during the rallies, but Berdych is quick to read his opponent. A volley enables him to move to 40-0 before a forehand completes the game. All square again.

  14. 4-5 - Djokovic makes a mess of an attempted drop shot. Wrong shot at the wrong time. Somehow he levels at 30-30, but he is looking a bit fed up out there. Berdych plays a poor drop shot into the net and that is a vital reprieve for Djokovic.

  15. 4-4 - Djokovic lets out an almighty roar at the end of the game. He misses two returns at 30-30 that seemed eminently makeable. Still looking for consistency in this second set.

  16. 3-4 - Going for 29 minutes in this set. This is Djokovic's seventh slam semi-final, but he looks twitchier than Berdych, who is making his seventh appearance at this tournament. A good hold by Djokovic.

  17. 3-3 - Djokovic can only claim one point on Berdych's service game. Reaching a key point of his match one imagines. Berdych continues to show patches of the form that overcame Roger Federer in the last eight.

  18. 2-3 - Djokovic has to save two break points. He is struggling, but also battling. That was an opportunity missed by Berdych. The Serbian continues to lead, but his advantage looks far from concrete.

  19. 2-2 - Djokovic challenges leading 30-0 on Berdych's serve, but a Berdych shot drops just in on Hawkeye. Was the difference between 0-40 and 15-30. Djokovic brings up his first break point at 30-40, but another booming Berdych forehand across court is too good. A tight game, but Berdych edges it. We remain on serve.

  20. 1-2 - Anything you can do, I can do better. That is more like it from the Serbian on serve. He is sweating, but keeps his cool on serve to hold to love. Just when he needed it.

  21. 1-1 - Berydch is immediately back on the case in his first service game of the second set. He holds serve to love. They are fairly racing through these games and we suddenly have decent numbers out on Centre Court enjoying this fare.

  22. 0-1 - Djokovic in a bit of a sticky situation in the opening game of the second set as the score moves to 30-30, but he holds his nerve to hold serve. He is fairly animated out there. The world number three is trying to pump himself up.

  23. - These players have only met twice, coming in the past two years. Djokovic won 7-5 6-1 in Miami in 2008 and 6-3 6-2 in Miami last year. Third time lucky for Berdych?

  24. 6-3 - Berdych quickly races to 40-0. His first double fault of the match sees the score move to 40-15, but a thumping forehand winner brings a generous round of applause and in 33 minutes he wraps up the set 6-3. A huge action on that forehand by Berdych.

  25. 5-3 - A bit better by Djokovic. He trails 5-3, but managed a couple of aces in that game. Berdych is serving for the first set.

  26. 5-2 - Berdych cements the break. Djokovic is tight out there, no doubt about that. Real pressure on him here to hold serve in this opening set. The game went to 30-30, but Djokovic continues to make errors at the vital moments.

  27. 4-2 - A few more groundstroke errors by Djokovic brings up two break points for Berdych. The Czech player does not need to do much, but keep the ball in play as the Serbian wallops the net with another forehand during another rally. Berdych leads 4-2. The first break of the match.

  28. 3-2 - The game goes to 30-30 with Berdych on a second serve. A rare flurry of strokes, but Djokovic is still tight as he thrashes a forehand into the net from the back of the court. A mistake on a mishit forehand by Berdych sees the game move to deuce, but he rescues the situation by throwing down an ace before a second ace sees him hold.

  29. 2-2 - The Centre Court crowd are a bit quiet at the moment. Not a full house in for this one, and not a break of serve in sight early on. Djokovic holds to love.

  30. 2-1 - Serve continues to dominate in these opening exchanges. Berdych moves 2-1 ahead. Games on serve.

  31. 1-1 - Djokovic returns the favour by holding serve without too much fuss in the second game. A nice ace in that game from the man who was said to be struggling with his serve before the tournament began.

  32. 1-0 - Nice opening service game by Berdych. Not much to trouble him in that opening game.

  33. 0-0 - Berdych to serve in the opening game of the set.

  34. 13.00 - Welcome to this afternoon's opening semi-final of the men's singles. The players are out on courting warming up.

Tomáš Berdych

Nationality CZE
Date of Birth 17/09/1985
Height 1.96 m
Weight 91 kg

Novak Djokovic

Nationality SRB
Date of Birth 22/05/1987
Height 1.88 m
Weight 80 kg

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