Wimbledon men - Final - Men

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
SpainR Nadal676--
Czech RepublicT Berdych354--

Live Comments

  1. 4-6 - WHAT A SHOT TO WIN IT. Nadal is the Wimbledon champion once again as he fires a stunning forehand cross court passing shot away for a winner

  2. 40-A - Berdych sends an off-balance backhand long of the baseline. And Nadal extends it to 0-30 with a sublime forehand passing shot winner down the line after a great half-volley pick-up on the baseline. Berdych goes on to earn himself a game point but Nadal levels up at deuce by forcing the Czech player deep and firing away a forehand winner. And Berdych puts a nervy forehand well long of the baseline to hand Nadal a MATCH POINT ...

  3. 4-5 - Nadal holds to love, when Berdych sends a backhand return long of the baseline, and Berdych will have to serve to stay in this match after the change of ends

  4. 4-4 - A yell of frustration from Nadal on the first point of the game as he dumps a forehand into the net; clearly he wants to break now. And he levels up at 15-15 with a cross court forehand winner. But Berdych does go on to hold once again to 30 when Nadal sends a backhand return long of the baseline

  5. 3-4 - Nadal holds to move potentially just two games away from the Wimbledon title as he runs around the ball and fires an incredible inside out cross court forehand winner on his way to the hold

  6. 3-3 - Back-to-back aces from Berych help him to cruise towards a love service hold which is sealed when Nadal sends a forehand return long down the centre of the court

  7. 2-3 - Another comfortable service hold to 15 for Nadal as he continues his inexorable march towards a second Wimbledon title and eighth Grand Slam win overall

  8. 2-2 - Berdych slices a backhand right into the rough turf just in front of the baseline and Nadal can only send his reply back into the net. And he goes on to hold to 15 when Nadal sends a forehand wide down the line

  9. 1-2 - Berdych earns himself a break point with another volley winner but once again he is unable to take advantage of it when his backhand lands in the net. And Nadal goes on to hold once again and crush a little more of Berdych's spirit

  10. 1-1 - An important hold for Berdych at the start of this third set as Nadal hits into the net off a backhand return of serve. The point before saw Berdych come into the net and dink over a forehand volley winner across court. The players have been on court and hour and 39 minutes and have only come up with five volley winners between them

  11. 0-1 - Nadal earns himself a game point with a stunning backhand passing shot winner that is just flicked over the net in a squash shot style. And he goes on to hold for the opening game of this third set with a great first serve that Berdych can only return long

  12. 5-7 - SET! Berdych sends a forehand wide down the line befofe a low backhand volley wide down the line sees him staring at a 0-30 deficit. And a wild forehand slapped long from Berdych hands Nadal THREE SET POINTS. And sure enough the Spaniard does take it at the first attempt when Berdych once again sends an inside out forehand wide across court once again

  13. 5-6 - It is Nadal now who drops the first point on serve as Berdych comes up with a big forehand that the Spaniard can only return wide down the line. But he too bounces back to hold to 15 with an inside out forehand that beats Berdych for pace. And that ensures that at worst this set will end in a tie-break for Nadal

  14. 5-5 - This time around Berdych successfully holds to keep the set alive despite dropping the first point yet again. But an unreturnable serve sees him hold to 15 and stick with Nadal again in this set

  15. 4-5 - A love service game from Nadal finishes with a solid cross court backhand after a shorter, defensive ball from Berdych. And the Czech player will have to serve to stay in this second set after the change of ends

  16. 4-4 - Nadal guides a backhand winner down the line to once again take the first point against the Berdych serve. But the Czech player recovers, despite a forehand into the net, to hold to 15 once again with a backhand stop volley that he just dinks over the net

  17. 3-4 - Another cracking service game from Nadal that just doesn't give Berdych a look in and the serve appears to be fully back on track from the Spaniard as he comes up with a series of greatly placed first serves that Berdych struggles to get back over the net

  18. 3-3 - Berdych drops the first point of the game but quickly recovers with a forehand winner down the line before going on to hold to 15 and level up once again

  19. 2-3 - Berdych is playing a much more patient game in this second set as he gets the ball back deep and waits for the right ball to hit a winner off. If it comes that is! And it doesn't come often enough for Berdych in this game as Nadal holds to 30 with a heavy first forehand that Berdych can only return into the net

  20. 2-2 - Another love service game from Berdych ends with an ace, his sixth of the match, and Rafa's forehand is all over the place as the windy catches another couple of loopy balls and carries them wide

  21. 1-2 - A nice bit of change up from Berdych as he first goes for a backhand drop shot, but just catches the top of the tape and fails to go over, before he tries a cross court drive backhand volley but sends it just wide. It's a nice idea to mix up the tactics but the execution is not quite there from Berdych and Nadal goes on to hold with a forehand winner down the line

  22. 1-1 - Credit to Berdych as he bounces back with a calm, love ove service hold that ends with an ace down the centre of the court to level up and stop the run of four games against him

  23. 0-1 - Nadal squanders a game point with another double fault (in fairness to him the wind has got up a little bit in the last minute or so) but earns himself another with an inside out forehand across court off a shorter ball. And this time Nadal does go on to hold when Berdych fires an inside out forehand just marginally wide across court

  24. 40-40 - Hello, hello! Berdych immediately puts the disappointment of that first set behind him with a solid defensive point, that ends when Nadal hits a forehand into the net, to set up his first break point. Nadal saves it with a first serve and cross court forehand winner but a double fault gives Berdych his second chance. A great second serve that Berdych can only return long saves this one but a forehand into the net and Berdych has a third chance. But he hits a forehand passing shot into the net

  25. 3-6 - SET! Berdych is playing into Nadal's hands right now as he plays well within the baseline, giving Nadal plenty of time to set up his shots. And as the Czech gets frustrated and slaps a forehand long, Nadal earns himself TWO SET POINTS. The first is saved by Berdych's 100th ace of the tournament. But the Spaniard takes the first set on the next point when Berdych sends a sliced forehand into the net after a heavy, spinning forehand from Nadal

  26. 3-5 - Nadal is beginning to impose his game now as he drills down ace number four before going on to hold to love with a cross court forehand winner to consolidate the break. And, as Nadal goes for his traditional racquet change for the second game after a ball change, Berdych cotemplates serving to stay in this opening set

  27. 3-4 - BREAK! Typical, just after saying that and Berdych finds himself 0-30 down on his serve after a couple of shots long. And Nadal earns himself three break points when he comes up with a running forehand passing shot down the line. Berdych saves the first by working his way into the net with a forehand approach that Nadal can only return into the net. But the Spaniard does break at the second attempt with a rasping backhand across court that Berdych can only return well wide down the line

  28. 3-3 - Nadal holds to 30 once again to leve up coming up with a big first serve that Berdych mis-times slightly and hits down into the ground before the ball trickles wide towards to net. Not even a sniff at a break point just yet although this is the last game before a change of balls

  29. 3-2 - Berdych is less successful this time around as he challenges another serve out wide. Hawkeye shows it dropped about two milimetres wide but the Czech quickly sorts himself out and goes on to hold. He came into the net three-times in that game and came out on top twice. On the third point, Nadal flashed a cross court forehand past his opponent to win his only point of the game

  30. 2-2 - Berdych clatters an inside out forehand across court that Nadal can only return long to level up at 30-30 before the Spaniard comes up with a couple of great serves to hold without the loss of another point. They weren't particularly fast serves, in fact the first was just 93 mph, but the placement was spot on and Berdych can only return into the net each time

  31. 2-1 - The first point goes against the serve as Berdych slaps an inside out forehand just wide across court. And also the first challenge of the match is called as the Czech challenges an out call on a serve out wide. Berdych is proven to be right as his ace caught the very outside of the line. And he goes on to hold on the next point as Nadal hits a backhand just short of the net

  32. 1-1 - Nadal also gets off to a brilliant start as he opens his service hold with an ace before finising it to love with another heavy serve down the centre of the court that Berdych can only return long

  33. 1-0 - A cracking start from Berdych as he holds to love when Nadal sends an inside out cross court backhand just long. The first rally was a fairly lengthy one and it was the Czech who came out on top forcing the error from Nadal. That should settle some nerves

  34. 0-0 - Ok, then here we go. The players are ready to get things underway and it will be Tomas Berdych to start after he won the toss and opted to serve first ...

  35. 14:12 - A couple more predictions for you as Tim Henman and Boris Becker pick their winner. Both agree that if Berdych can take the first set then this match will be more open. But Becker reckons that if Nadal takes the first set then the Spaniard will win it in straight sets

  36. 14:08 - Berdych, on the other hand, has progressed like this: Golubev 7-6 6-2 6-2, Becker 7-5 6-3 6-4, Istomin 6-7 7-6 6-7 6-3 6-4, Brands 4-6 7-6 7-5 6-3, Federer 6-4 3-6 6-1 6-4 and Djokovic 6-3 7-6 6-3. So the world number two and three have already fallen to Berdych and if he were to win today he would be the first man in the Open era to take out the top three seeds back-to-back

  37. 14:05 - Nadal's route to the final looks like this: Nishikori 6-2 6-4 6-4, Haase 5-7 6-2 3-6 6-0 6-3, Petzschner 6-4 4-6 6-7 6-2 6-3, Mathieu 6-4 6-2 6-2, Soderling 3-6 6-3 7-6 6-1 and Murray 6-4 7-6 6-4. So two tough clashes in the second and third rounds although as they opponents have got more difficult so Rafa's form has got better

  38. 14:03 - There are just a few clouds around in the sky once again but is another warm day with temperatures currently around about 23 degrees. The main difference today is the breeze which is swirling around Centre Court and might well hinder Berdych slightly as he hits the flatter ball

  39. 14:00 - Bang on schedule Berdych leads the two players out on to court with Nadal bouncing around all over the place and the Czech man looking fairly calm considering the occasion for him

  40. 13:56 - Always on opposing sides of the net, it's not surprise that John MacEnroe and Bjorn Borg have gone in different directions with their predictions for today. MacEnroe belives it will be Nadal in four while Borg has opted for Berdych in four

  41. 13:50 - And that increase in mental strength in Berdych has been readily apparent in this tournament as he not only beating six-times champion Roger Federer, who is not in the final for the first time since 2002 at the All England Club, but also by backing that up with a very comfortable straight sets win over world number three Novak Djokovic

  42. 13:46 - But, of course, this is Tomas Berdych's first Grand Slam final at the age of 24. Much is being made of Berdych's likeness to Ivan Lendl. Not least because the are both Czech but also because Lendl was 24 when he won his Grand Slam title - the French Open in 1984. Lendl was also, obviously, prodigiously talented but slightly mentally suspect at the beginning of his career before becoming one of the legends of the game

  43. 13:44 - Expectation is high ahead of this clash with last year's final between Federer and Andy Roddick also proving to be an epic that eventually finished 16-14 in the fifth set in the Swiss players favour

  44. 13:42 - Nadal, of course, knows exactly what these moments are like, not just in general (after his seven Grand Slam titles) but more specifically he knows exactly what it is like at Wimbledon - having won in 2008 after THAT epic final with Roger Federer which will go down in history as one of, if not THE best Wimbledon final off all time

  45. 13:40 - There's just about 20 minutes to go now until Nadal and Berdych walk out on to Centre Court and so they will be going through their final preparations in the locker room

  46. 13:39 - Berdych has played down the incident in the past two days though, saying: "We never talk about that with each other. I would say there were quite a lot of emotions after the match from both of us. From him, from me. That's just what happens sometimes. I don't see it as any big problem. I mean, we are friends normally. Nothing like we'e not going to say 'hi' to each other or anything like that. It's just really nice. It's alright."

  47. 13:34 - These are two of the nicest people you could meet on the Tour and yet their clash at the Madrid Masters back in 2006 was marred by a spot of neddle. Berdych won and afterwards put his finger to his lips to try and silence the partisan home crowd. Fairly expectedly it didn't work and Nadal later went on to describe Berdych as a "bad person"

  48. 13:29 - Only one of those 10 meetings has been on the grass; Berdych running into Nadal at the quarter-final stage of these Championships back in 2007. And Nadal emerged triumphant on that occasion 7-6(1) 6-4 6-2

  49. 13:22 - Well, lets have a look at the stats. These two have met each other 10 times in the past five years with Nadal leading the head-to-heads by seven victories to three. Nadal won their first clash on the clay in the Bastad final, before Berdych won the next three, all on hard courts in Masters tournaments. Since then though Nadal has been dominant, romping to straight sets victories in their last six clashes

  50. 13:20 - So here we are then, two weeks of hard work and it all comes down the this. From 128 players at the start of the tournament, now only two are left. Which man will be crowned Wimbledon champion this afternoon?

  51. 13:08 - Hello and welcome to LIVE coverage of this the 2010 men's Wimbledon final between world number one Rafael Nadal and 12th seeded Czech Tomas Berdych

Tomáš Berdych

Nationality CZE
Date of Birth 17/09/1985
Height 1.96 m
Weight 91 kg

Rafael Nadal

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 03/06/1986
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg

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