Wimbledon men - 1st Round - Men

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
Russian FederationN Davydenko36779
RSAK Anderson67657

Live Comments

  1. - - A standing ovation for both players after a brutal encounter. Anderson came so close, but four hours and thirteen minutes after this game started, Nikolay Davydenko will be delighted to have found the resilience to get through.

  2. 7-9 - Ferocious hitting from Anderson gives him the first point. A double fault follows, his 9th in 5 sets. Davydenko makes a telling return to get the advantage at 15-30. Anderson gets it back to 30-30, but Davydenko earns match point. And all of a sudden, Davydenko unleashes a fierce and unplayable return to take this one 7-9!

  3. 7-8 - Another service hold to love for Davydenko, and no time wasted there. As a break of serve becomes essential to win, it's starting to look more and more remote.

  4. 7-7 - Davydenko misses a great opportunity on the backhand, then another error gives Anderson 30-0. Two thumping serves later, and the scores are square.

  5. 6-7 - A confident hold from Davydenko, who doesn't drop a point en route to a 7-6 lead.

  6. 6-6 - Ace number 33 across Davydenko takes Anderson to a 30-15 lead, and then opts for a wise leave to get to game point. No problems with the next point, and we continue to the next game.

  7. - - 176 points to 175 in this match (in Davydenko's favour) if you enjoy those kinds of statistics...

  8. 5-6 - Anderson constructs a brilliant point to get back to 15-15, and Davydenko counters with a winner at the net. Davydenko holds off his challenger to take it to 6-5 - still no breaks in this final set.

  9. 5-5 - A superb start from Anderson who hammers unreturnable serves and looks impossibly fresh for a man who has played for nearly four hours. But his tiredness shows as he lets Davydenko sneak a couple of points back. He handles it well enough, and closes the game.

  10. 4-5 - Anderson tries to blast some return winners, but without great luck. Davydenko serves well, and holds to love.

  11. - - A note on the fifth set - there are no tiebreaks in the fifth set at Wimbledon - the winner will have to do get there by winning two clear games.

  12. 4-4 - Davydenko puts an attempted pass well long, but Anderson cannot punish him as he puts a shot down the line wide next. The scores are level at 30-30 when Anderson finds his 31st ace. He closes it out, and we're at 4-4.

  13. 4-3 - Anderson bounces into this game and takes the first two points, then having worked the angles plays a slice down the line... but it misses by a whisker. That lets Davydenko back in to tie it up at 30-30. Davydenko misses a gilt-edged chance to win the game at 40-30, but plays a tasty drop shot next time around that is out of Anderson's reach.

  14. 3-3 - The points are shared and the players go to deuce. It's unbelievably fraught - Anderson hitting big serves, and Davydenko hanging on by the skin of his teeth to him. Anderson saves a break point. Again they go to deuce, but at the third time of asking Anderson closes it out.

  15. 2-3 - Davydenko opplays a confident service game, hitting some excellent forehands and racing to a 40-15 lead. One strong serve later, and he's restored his narrow lead.

  16. 2-2 - Davydenko opens up with a slightly mishit floated return which just beats Anderson. Anderson responds with his 28th ace of this contest. Davydenko gets in front again, then Anderson aces again, and follows up with a drop volley for game point. Davydenko recovers to deuce, but a booming forehand restores Anderson's advantage and he finishes the game off in style.

  17. 1-2 - It's a close-fought game, but Davydenko finds a way through after deuce to seal the game.

  18. 1-1 - Anderson gets on the scoreboard in this set, holding to fifteen. Three hours in, and his serve is holding up well.

  19. 0-1 - Davydenko first to serve in this final set, but Anderson starts well, driving his groundstrokes deeper than his opponent and forcing mistakes. Davydenko gets his act together, and closes out the game.

  20. 5-7 - BREAK AND SET! Davydenko pushes Anderson all the way. A wonderful winner takes him back to 30-30, just before Anderson hammers another ace - not for the first time. The score moves to deuce. Davydenko fires a rasping crosscourt winner to force a set point. Anderson challenges the first serve, incorrectly, but serves a double fault, and Davydenko gets back to all square!

  21. 5-6 - Davydenko gets to 30-15, then hammers an ace across Anderson - his seventh. He closes the game out, and Anderson winning this next game will take us to a third successive tiebreak.

  22. 5-5 - Anderson has considerably less trouble on his serve, holding to love. Davydenko showed plenty of industry and chased every cause, but couldn't live with the South African's power.

  23. 4-5 - The first points are exchanged. Anderson hits a top slice backhand, then a forehand down the line which forces deuce. A wayward stroke gives Davydenko the advantage, but he cannot close it out. Anderson has a break point, but he cannot convert it, and back to deuce we go. Davydenko stays strong, and at the second time of asking wins the game.

  24. 4-4 - Uncompromising serves from Anderson - Davydenko meets them with his racquet, but cannot keep them in play. There is some respite for the Russian thanks to a double fault, but Anderson finishes up confidently.

  25. 3-4 - Davydenko's rhythm interrupted just a touch when he challenges his own serve and finds that it was out by a hair's breadth. Anderson gets himself to 15-30, but and the pair scrap their way to deuce. Anderson forces a break point, and is a net cord away from converting it. Anderson is denied once more and they go back to deuce, and Davydenko takes advantage of a moment of nerves from the otherwise nerveless Anderson.

  26. 3-3 - Classy serve and volleying from Anderson as he glides into a 40-0 lead. He booms his next serve well long and Davydenko starts the long road back into this game, before Anderson closes it out.

  27. 2-3 - Davydenko looking smooth and serves out his second love game in a row.

  28. 2-2 - Daydenko fires a crosscourt winner to leave his opponent flat-footed and take it to 15-30, but Anderson digs deep to win the next point. Anderson finds just enough to win the game, and level at 2-2.

  29. 1-2 - Strong hold from Davydenko too, over in an instant.

  30. 1-1 - New balls in play, and Anderson holds comfortably. It looks like it will take his serve to break down for Davydenko to have a chance, despite the Russian's resurgence.

  31. 0-1 - Davydenko is a man reborn, serving a confident first game of this fourth set and pressing home his momentum from the tiebreak.

  32. 6-7 - SET! Anderson claims the first point on serve. Davydenko holds his services, and then outlasts Anderson to claim the minibreak, and doubling it with a fierce return to a weaker Anderson serve. Davydenko takes a 5-1 lead to the change of ends, then hits a powerful winner down the line. The set at his mercy, he has to wait for Anderson's two serves to take his opportunity, but he closes it out 7-3.

  33. 6-6 - Davydenko hitting with power and conviction quickly opens up a 40-0 lead, and for once Anderson is short on answers and we go to another tiebreak.

  34. 6-5 - Davydenko hangs in there - clambering back to deuce with some good work on his backhand. Anderson finds a strong serve to get to advantage, and then conjures a fantastic half-volley to give him the game.

  35. 5-5 - Davydenko loses the first point, but Anderson trying to hit the ball too hard lets Davydenko back in to build a 40-15 lead. One convincing serve later, the scores are level.

  36. 5-4 - Davydenko has a great opportunity to win the first point but makes a mess of his shot down the line, sending it wide. Anderson capitalises, firing an ace and a near unreturnable serve, and he holds to love. Davydenko serves to stay in the tournament.

  37. 4-4 - And Davydenko levels things up on the scoresheet too. The Russian has had a second wind as his exit from the tournament loomed larger.

  38. 4-3 - BREAK BACK! First two points for Davydenko, who is doing some great scurrying work, but Anderson fires his seventeenth ace down the middle and in no time is back to parity. Davydenko holds his nerve, though, and cancels out the break in the third set.

  39. 4-2 - BREAK! Anderson holding firm, making Davydenko work and although he only narrowly misses with a long shot down the line it is 0-40 very quickly. Davydenko wins the first point, but he drills a backhand into the net and the South African has the break.

  40. 3-2 - Anderson makes another comfortable hold. He may be the world 95, but he's playing like the experienced player in this tie.

  41. 2-2 - Another correct challenge from Davydenko takes him to 30-0. Anderson cannot make any impression on this game, and the Russian ties things up in the third set.

  42. 2-1 - Anderson makes a couple of errors to give Davydenko a 15-30 lead. The ace down the middle, which is his fourteenth, levels the game. More power serving gives the South African the game.

  43. 1-1 - There's a hint of weariness in Davydenko's play at the moment, but fortunately for him Anderson is not firing in this game either. The Russian holds to 15, comfortably in the end.

  44. 1-0 - The Anderson serve continues to fire. He serves a double fault, but it's the only blemish as he holds to 15.

  45. 7-6 - Davydenko begins with a blistering crosscourt shot. Anderson gets a little stroke of fortune with a drop shot, and the players hold serve until 4-3. Davydenko cannot keep Anderson at bay any longer, though, and he takes the next two points for three set points. He only needs one invitation, and Davydenko has to win the next three sets to advance to the next round.

  46. 6-6 - Anderson finds a way through - important having seen his break chalked off by Davydenko. We have a tiebreak.

  47. 5-6 - Davydenko scoops all four points, taking the fourth after challenging the call of out on his service. Anderson stops for a word with the umpire at the change of ends.

  48. 5-5 - BREAK! Davydenko is back. Anderson started confidently, but wobbled as the second set opened up before him. The complexion of the game changes as Davydenko fights on.

  49. 5-4 - Davydenko coasts through to a 40-15 lead. Anderson fights back with a winner to take it to 40-30, but the Russian closes it out. But the biggest test is to follow.

  50. 5-3 - Anderson has only dropped five points on his first serve and it is showing here. A 137mph serve nearly takes out the official watching the centre line. Daydenko must serve to stay in the set.

  51. 4-3 - Good hold from Davydenko, who slips awkwardly at the end - but he gets up and walks back to his chair happily.

  52. 4-2 - Davydenko makes a promising start to get to 0-30 in this game, playing some deft cross court shots. Anderson hits a 125mph serve to win one point back. Daydenko gets to the break point, but Anderson snuffs out any chance.

  53. 3-2 - BREAK! Anderson opens up a 0-30 lead with one rather fortunate drop shot helping him along. He makes the first challenge of the match on Davydenko's next shot, but it lands squarely on the baseline and was in. He earns the break point next, though, and Davydenko crumbles to a double fault as Anderson opens up a big advantage here.

  54. 2-2 - Just as 15-30 gives Daydenko a chance Anderson smashes an ace down the line, and takes the next two points to bring the scores level.

  55. - - There's a quick pause in the interval as the physio reapplies Davydenko's wrist bandage. He's had that problem for most of the year and is only recently on the comeback trail. He might have hoped for an easier first round opponent.

  56. 2-1 - Davydenko is being made to work for every point. Anderson his hitting some fierce groundstrokes to go with his serves, but Davydenko closes it out to thirty.

  57. 1-1 - Davydenko gets a little lucky with a bounce of the net which flummoxes Anderson to bring the score back to 30-30. Anderson finds a magic forehand volley to get to game point, and then closes it out when Davydenko's looping backhand goes wide.

  58. 1-0 - Anderson blasting his away to get to 15-30, but Davydenko is resilient, and even finds an ace of his own as he holds in the first game.

  59. 6-3 - SET! A comfortable service game for Anderson, and he was much the better player this set. Trouble early for Davydenko.

  60. 5-3 - Anderson scoops the first point with a lob which catches the baseline. Daydenko clings on, and gets a bit of fortune when Anderson misses a glorious chance to get two break points. Davydenko finds a way to game point, and another error from Anderson lets the opportunity pass him by.

  61. 5-2 - Hold to love from Anderson - opening with two aces, and keeping Davydenko at bay.

  62. 4-2 - Much better from Djokovic. Anderson tries to blast winners on the return, without great success. When he keeps the ball in play Davydenko strokes it comfortably from one side of the court to the other.

  63. 4-1 - Anderson serving in the 130s. When Davydenko returns he constructs good points. When he doesn't, Anderson kills the game immediately with uncompromising hits. Davydenko takes it to deuce with a remarkable backhand when he looks like all is lost. But Anderson holds firm, and takes the game.

  64. 3-1 - Daydenko needs to get a foothold in this match. He does so with a hold to fifteen, playing a much more assured match.

  65. 3-0 - Double fault to start, followed up by an ace. Anderson plays a tricky volley well to get ahead, but Davydenko replies with a crosscourt backhand. Anderson has enough to get over the line, though.

  66. 2-0 - BREAK! Anderson plays smart tennis to get to 15-30, then Davydenko hands over a gift of a double fault to give Anderson break points. And he's in no mood to look a gift horse in the mouth, and takes an immediate break.

  67. 1-0 - Anderson begins with a 124mph serve, then capitalises at the net to stretch his lead. When Davydenko gets into the point he hits the ball cleanly, but the serve gives Anderson a comfortable hold to start.

  68. - - Anderson won the toss and has chosen to serve.

  69. - - The weather's fantastic, and set fair not just today, but for the next few days. It will never last.

  70. - - Davydenko is the seventh seed this year. He's the world number five, and his relatively low seeding reflects that he doesn't particularly enjoy Wimbledon - his best result here is reaching the fourth round in 2007. He's a tough competitor, but he's got a tricky draw here. The tall South African Kevin Anderson may be only 95 in the world, and he may never have won here, but on grass courts his 6'8" frame could make his serve a potent weapon. We're almost ready to go.

  71. - - Welcome to Eurosport Yahoo!'s live coverage of Nikolay Davydenko's first-round clash with Kevin Anderson. It's the first game on Court One this year, and you can follow it here.

Kevin Anderson

Nationality RSA
Date of Birth 18/05/1986
Height 2.03 m
Weight 88 kg

Nikolay Davydenko

Nationality RUS
Date of Birth 02/06/1981
Height 1.78 m
Weight 70 kg

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