Wimbledon men - 1st Round - Men

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
United StatesA Roddick666--
United StatesR Ram322--

Live Comments

  1. - - Roddick looking sharp and through to the second round in 83 minutes. Ram couldn't live with him, and he was summarily dumped out.

  2. 2-6 - Roddick moves to 30-15 when Ram fails to challenge a suspiciously close baseline shot called out. He earns the next when he might well have called again, and Roddick needs no invitation to finish the game. He does so with an ace, and it's a comfortable afternoon's work for the American.

  3. 2-5 - Roddick looks to be wrapping up this game in double-quick time, moving to 15-40. Ram denies him on the first point, then saves the second despite Roddick's challenge. Roddick fashions another break point, and Ram guides his half-volley wide to the left, and that's the double-break.

  4. 2-4 - Roddick proceeds uncompromisingly to 40-15 before a loose forehand finds the net. Ram comes in to protect the net on the next point, but Roddick picks him off with a crosscourt pass.

  5. 2-3 - BREAK! Roddick moves to 0-30 with a delightful low passing shot, then earns three break points with a well-executed half volley. A longer rally on game point, but Ram eventually knocks it long and Roddick has the break.

  6. 2-2 - Comprehensive from Roddick as ever; he seals his service game with a hold to love.

  7. 1-2 - Nasty slip for Roddick to begin with, and he gets up to the oohs and aaahs of the crowd. It could have been worse, but Ram shows no sympathy and plays a classy volley to go to 30-0, then an ace to move to 40-0, before closing the game out.

  8. 1-1 - Ram shows some class with a forehand pass down the right hand side to start, then follows it up with a superb point - enduring Roddick's power before unleashing a crosscourt pass of his own. Roddick wrongfoots him with a disguised volley, then booms an ace down the middle. Half a sniff for Ram is sniffed out as last year's runner-up moves to game point and then game in an instant.

  9. 1-0 - Ram starts with a convincing serve down the middle, then serves and volleys his way to 40-15. Roddick plays a scintillating shot down the line as we reach the hour mark in this game, before narrowly missing and allowing his compatriot the game.

  10. 2-6 - SET! Another winner for Roddick, his 22nd, takes him to 30-0. Ram wins the next point but in no time Roddick has two set points and only needs one, hitting an ace to the far corner and stopping for a toilet break.

  11. 2-5 - No messing around from Ram, who has a hint of Sampras to his serve. It holds firm here, and he wins in double-quick time before calling the trainer and asking whether he has some kind of insole for his shoe.

  12. 1-5 - The punishing serving from Roddick continues, and when Ram does get the ball back, he produces a thumping winner from the baseline. Another extremely comfortable hold.

  13. 1-4 - Roddick opens up with a superb forehand from deep. Ram battles to 30-30 but Roddick forces a break point with a crisp backhand. Ram denies him and wins the next to get advantage, before Roddick brings him back to deuce. Ram holds on, and wins his first game of the set.

  14. 0-4 - Roddick marches to 40-0 with a 142mph ace, and a kick-serve the next point catches Ram off his guard and the set is slipping away from Ram.

  15. 0-3 - BREAK! Already under pressure at 15-30, Ram knocks a makeable forehand wide. He pulls one point back but Roddick produces a winner to give him a double break.

  16. 0-2 - Another strong service game from the number 5 seed, hitting a delicate volley to go to 40-15. Ram conjures a great winner though to pull a point back, then forces deuce. Roddick sees out the game, though.

  17. 0-1 - BREAK! All kinds of trouble for Ram - he begins the second set by dropping his serve, and stops to tie his shoelaces as they change ends. Roddick waits impatiently, a man on a mission.

  18. 3-6 - SET! Pressure for Roddick at 30-30 - but it's averted by two unreturnable serves to the far corner and Roddick grabs the first set in confident fashion.

  19. 3-5 - Ram begins with an ace to the corner, and then keeps up the pressure with some crisp serving to hold the game to fifteen.

  20. 2-5 - The first two points are shared. Roddick pulls away, though, and Ram hits another Roddick serve into the net.

  21. 2-4 - Ram is being made to work very hard for every point. Roddick slices and spins patiently until he gets to 30-30. It looks like he has break point, but Ram correctly challenges and moves to 40-30 with an ace. Roddick forces deuce, then denies Ram room to pass and earns break point. Ram stands firm, and closes the game out.

  22. 1-4 - Half a chance for Ram as Roddick glides a backhand wide and it goes to 15-30. His service gets him out of trouble as he claims the next three points to protect his break.

  23. 1-3 - A more confident service game from Ram as he goes to 40-0 with an ace down the middle. He's on the board and looks a little more settled.

  24. 0-3 - Brutal from Roddick, who breezes through his service and is halfway through this set already as he sits in his chair.

  25. 0-2 - BREAK! Ram comes under immediate pressure from his compatriot, struggling at 15-40. Roddick blasts his first opportunity long, but after a short rally finds a backhand crosscourt pass to secure the break.

  26. 0-1 - Roddick, who won the toss and serves, begins with a strong, confident hold to 15.

  27. - - If you've just joined us, a reminder - the weather is superb. Just a touch of cloud cover at the moment, but the sun has been out all day, and the weather is set fair for this match.

  28. - - Roddick, you might remember, made the final last year and took Federer to 16-14 in the fifth set. With Larry Stefanki as his coach he has undergone a resurgence, and he is a serious contender once more in this year's tournament. Ram, the world 92, has yet to win in a Grand Slam, and may struggle against his more experienced opponent. But it's not been a day for the underdog to lie down so far...

  29. - - The players are just warming up for what should be an interesting first round clash.

  30. - - Hello and welcome to Eurosport Yahoo!s coverage of Andy Roddick's first round game against Rajeev Ram on Court One. They might have expected to start earlier today, but the previous clash on court lasted more than four hours.

Rajeev Ram

Nationality USA
Date of Birth 18/03/1984
Height 1.93 m
Weight 82 kg

Andy Roddick

Nationality USA
Date of Birth 30/08/1982
Height 1.88 m
Weight 89 kg

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