Wimbledon men - 2nd Round - Men

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
United StatesA Roddick4667-
FranceM Llodra6416-

Live Comments

  1. - - A terrific effort from Roddick - it was his first appearance on Centre Court since last year's final, and he met an opponent who came out all guns blazing. Llodra could never maintain the high standards he had set, and Roddick weathered the storm and played well. It should stand him in good stead for the challenges ahead.

  2. 6-7 - MATCH! Llodra serves first in the breaker and wins the opening point. Roddick's ace is challenged and shown to be fine. Roddick gets the minibreak at 3-2 with a shot that catches Llodra at full stretch off his guard, then thumps an unreturnable serve before the change of ends. Terrific play from Roddick breaks Llodra twice and that gives him a 6-2 lead and 4 match points. He only needs the first, scuttling in to stroke a forehand past the Frenchman!

  3. 6-6 - Llodra takes the first point and did everything right to win the second, going only narrowly wide. Roddick takes advantage of that moment and pulls out a great crosscourt recovery shot to get to 40-15, and forces the tiebreak.

  4. 6-5 - Llodra shows no nerves to get to 40-15, then makes sure of the next point to guarantee at least a tiebreak going into the next Roddick service game.

  5. 5-5 - Roddick biffs his 22nd ace down the line for a 40-15 lead, and Llodra cannot keep his next return in to hand the American the game.

  6. 5-4 - 30-0 to Llodra as he plays a series of delicate shots - then two strong serves later, he seals the game with ease.

  7. 4-4 - Llodra not far away from a 15-30 lead, but Roddick gets away with it and an error from the Frenchman gives him two game points. Roddick levels once more.

  8. 4-3 - 75 seconds was all that game took. Llodra has look much more assured on his serve this game. Mauresmo watching patiently from the box must be pleased with his spirit and performance in the fourth set so far.

  9. 3-3 - Great touch demonstrated at the net by both players, but Roddick emerges the victor to take a 40-15 lead. The scores are soon level once more.

  10. 3-2 - Llodra at full stretch holding the aggressive Roddick at bay, then delivering an ace of his own to move to 40-0. An unreturnable service to the body follows to secure the game.

  11. 2-2 - 30-0 in the blink of an eye, then 40-0 with another ace. Llodra produces a backhand lob from behind the baseline to win a point, but it's the only one he gets.

  12. 2-1 - A Llodra ace takes him to 40-0, and he gets his nose back in front with a volley and another hold.

  13. 1-1 - Roddick's backhand volley wins him the first point. He coasts to 40-0 before Llodra forces an error from Roddick on a forehand volley, then he makes a clumsy error with a backhand approach. It's of no consequence - he serves confidently to secure the game on the next point.

  14. 1-0 - Llodra starts more brightly in this game, and the touch on his volley appears to be back. He holds to fifteen, and perhaps that comfort break did him good.

  15. 1-6 - SET! That was a masterclass from Roddick. He holds with plenty to spare, and wins the third set at a canter. Llodra rushes off for a bathroom break, and he needs to regroup.

  16. 1-5 - BREAK! Two fierce returns take Roddick to 15-30. Two break points - Llodra saves the first and looks set to save the second until Roddick plays an inspired forehand that the Frenchman cannot contain.

  17. 1-4 - Llodra showed the first signs of being a little tetchy and frustrated there, but he responds on the Roddick serve to get to a break point at 30-40. Another fist pump from Roddick accompanies a successful forehand to take us to deuce. Another ace seals the game.

  18. 1-3 - BREAK! Llodra slips to 0-30 when his cautious volley is pounced upon by the American. He responds with a timely ace, but a thumped Roddick return gives him two break points. He only needs one - Llodra's volley to the Roddick forehand opens up the whole court, and he guides the winner past the stranded Frenchman.

  19. 1-2 - Llodra fighting away and hitting a brilliant return to get to 30-30. His flighted lob keeps him in the game against all expectations, but he scuffs his backhand pass when he has the opportunity. No matter - he plays a terrific point next to take us to deuce. Llodra finds his way to break point, but with a "C'mon!" Roddick saves it. Two points later, and he has the game.

  20. 1-1 - A good response from Llodra, who holds to fifteen as well, culminating in a drop shot which Roddick reaches but cannot steer over the net.

  21. 0-1 - Roddick picks up where he left off with a comfortable hold to fifteen. Llodra will have to work hard to summon the magic of the first set.

  22. 6-4 - BREAK AND SET! Llodra begins nervously, and a narrow service error leaves him 0-30 down. He misses a backhand volley which he's hit over and over again, and at the first attempt Roddick converts his break and set points!

  23. 5-4 - A comfortable hold from Roddick. Both players have looked good on their own service games of late - will Llodra stay cool as he serves to stay in the set?

  24. 4-4 - That backhand volley keeps working like clockwork for Llodra and he wins the first point, then hits an equally tasty forehand drop-volley. There's a slight pause in proceedings as the frame of Llodra's racquet cracks, but it doesn't stop him from winning the game.

  25. 3-4 - A much improved service game from Roddick, and he holds comfortably to fifteen.

  26. 3-3 - It's still proving tough for Roddick to read the Llodra serve and teh Frenchman gets to 30-0. A better return follows and he hits a fabulous backhand pass to win the next point. Llodra closes the game out, however, finishing with an ace that Roddick challenges, only to find it was spot on.

  27. 2-3 - Llodra's lob is just past a full stretch Roddick, but the American hits back to reach 15-15. The next two points are shared again, but a powerful Roddick serve out to the Llodra backhand gives him game point. Llodra cannot control the next serve either.

  28. 2-2 - Llodra finds the line with an ace to move to 30-15, then denies Roddick's good return with a crisp backhand volley. Roddick is fighting hard, but it's another good hold to thirty for the Frenchman.

  29. 1-2 - A far more convincing service game from Roddick, who holds to love, finishing with serve and volley. Roddick's won 5/6 of those points where he's played serve and volley, Llodra 11/13. It's almost like the nineties - almost...

  30. 1-1 - That's the difference in the match at the moment. Llodra seals his service game to love, with relentlessly accurate serving that the American cannot return effectively.

  31. 0-1 - Roddick looks bemused when Llodra lands yet another impeccable backhand volley to get to 15-15. And Llodra builds the pressure relentlessly to earn two break points. He has a chance to break with a backhand pass with Roddick at the net, but can't get it over. A fabulous rally could go either way, but Roddick holds on to force deuce. Roddick has game point and cannot take it, but holds with a precise and deft drop shot at the net.

  32. 6-4 - SET! Llodra enjoys a little fortune with the line cord to catch Roddick cold, and the American shakes his head at 15-0 down. Roddick recovers to 30-30 however, when a challenge proves that Llodra was a whisker wide. No matter for the Frenchman - two aces seal the set, and he thoroughly deserved it.

  33. 5-4 - Roddick in no mood to concede the set on his own serve. He backpedals for a terrific smash and hits another crushing ace to get to 40-15, then closes the game with a well-placed volley.

  34. 5-3 - Llodra gets to 40-0 with a delicate backhand volley sandwiched between two unreturnable serves. Another quality backhand gets Roddick on the run and it is another effortless hold.

  35. 4-3 - Llodra hits a crosscourt pass to win the first point, then keeps probing the backhand corner of the court until Roddick misses down the line. He hits the net with the court at his mercy to make it 15-30, and a little slip as he hits his backhand allows Roddick to level. Llodra misses narrowly with an outrageous angle, then misses again for a Roddick hold.

  36. 4-2 - Llodra holds comfortably to fifteen with an impressive display of serving, and Roddick has a mountain to climb if his French opponent can sustain such form.

  37. 3-2 - BREAK! Llodra seems to have tuned in to the Roddick serve. A bit of luck with a mishit return on the first point, but thereafter commanding strokes and winners to reach 0-40. He converts it at the first time of asking with a courageous advance to the net and a backhand volley. Terrific play from the Frenchman!

  38. 2-2 - Llodra shows great technique to swat away a forehand volley for 15-0, then follows up with an ace to the Roddick backhand. A double fault halts his progress, but it's only briefly - another far corner ace, followed by a second service ace, brings us level.

  39. 1-2 - Roddick's service is still blistering, but when Llodra gets into the rally he takes points and brings the score back to 30-30. Roddick seals the game by winning the next two points.

  40. 1-1 - Llodra has a decent serve of his own, moving to 30-0 with his first ace of the afternoon. Serve and volley gives him a comfortable third point, and though he concedes the next two he finds another sumptuous half-volley to close out the game.

  41. 0-1 - In case Llodra needed reminding, Roddick's serve is a serious weapon on grass. Llodra cannot return the first, sees an ace fly by on the second. Llodra wins a rally on the third as Roddick's forehand gose long. Normal service is resumed immediately after - two more unplayable serves and that's the game.

  42. - - Roddick won the toss, and he'll be serving.

  43. - - Llodra has turned to a former Wimbledon winner for his latest coach - Amelie Mauresmo, recently retired from the women's tour. And there's evidence that she's had a positive impact - Llodra was a winner at Eastbourne last week. He'll need to dig deep to reach the third round.

  44. - - We're expecting more glorious weather throughout the the day, and the sun is shining brightly.

  45. - - Roddick breezed through his first round game with Ram in 83 minutes, but Llodra should be a stiffer test. The left-hander beat Jesse Witten in four sets to get here, and the world number 37 has five titles to his name. They've met twice on the tour, once in 2008 and once in 2002 - Roddick has triumphed on both occasions on hard courts.

  46. - - Hello and welcome to Eurosport Yahoo!s coverage of Centre Court. First up is the match between Andy Roddick and Michael Llodra.

MichaŽl Llodra

Nationality FRA
Date of Birth 18/05/1980
Height 1.9 m
Weight 80 kg

Andy Roddick

Nationality USA
Date of Birth 30/08/1982
Height 1.88 m
Weight 89 kg

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