Wimbledon men - 2nd Round - Men

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
N Djokovic766--
United StatesT Dent614--

Live Comments

  1. - - Djokovic did a great job there - Dent asked lots of questions in the first set, but once the Serb took the tiebreak the resistance was largely broken, and a straight sets result is a fair reflection of the match.

  2. 6-4 - MATCH! Dent opens up with a huge stroke of luck - a backhand down the line which is going out until it hits the net cord and rolls over, in. Djokovic keeps plugging away, however, and earns two match points. When Dent blasts a backhand wide it's all over!

  3. 5-4 - That may be Dent's last service game, and it's an emphatic one - a hold to love.

  4. 5-3 - Whenever Djokovic and Dent trade in the rallies, the longer it goes the more certain the Serb will win. Dent responds with a flashing backhand down the line, and an error from Djokovic brings deuce. Is this the last chance for the American? Perhaps - and the Serb closes the door.

  5. 4-3 - Dent edges in front, but the tenacious Djokovic reels him back to deuce. The American takes the game.

  6. 4-2 - Djokovic holds without a great challenge, and inches closer to the match.

  7. 3-2 - Dent still whacking the serves as hard as he can - 140mph in this game - and he wins the game to thirty with an entertaining final point and a ripping forehand which catches the right line from halfcourt.

  8. 3-1 - Djokovic moves to 30-0 with an ace, and strikes another as he holds to love.

  9. 2-1 - Dent gets on the board in this game with a comfortable hold to fifteen.

  10. 2-0 - It's a hold to 15 for the third seed. Dent seemed to lose his way after that narrow defeat in the tiebreaker, but if he entertains any hopes of winning he'll have to turn it around and soon.

  11. 1-0 - BREAK! Dent winces, just sliding awkwardly on his ankle at the start of the third set. He regroups and moves into a 40-30 lead, but Djokovic sense weakness and his returns are spot on, and he earns a break point, which he converts.

  12. 6-1 - SET! Djokovic starts brightly, moving to 40-0. Dent reminds him of the danger he can pose with a forehand passing shot which the Serb cannot touch - but the set victory is inevitable.

  13. 5-1 - BREAK! It is hard to see the opponent serving from the far end of the court, but that means nothing when Dent opens with a double fault. Dent wins the next three points, but then hits his tenth double fault to keep Djokovic alive in the game, and the Serb shows terrific touch to play a winning half-volley at the net. Dent earns advantage, but cannot convert. Djokovic takes break point, and can. That's the set, surely?

  14. 4-1 - Djokovic holds to fifteen, outmuscling the American as the rallies wear on.

  15. 3-1 - When we get into longer rallies the conditioning of Djokovic really begins to tell, and he gets into a 15-30 lead, before scrambling to a drop volley and spanking a winner across the American for two break points. Dent gets to deuce, and makes an impressive hold.

  16. 3-0 - Effortless service game from the number 3 seed, who holds to love and has already gone halfway towards securing the second set.

  17. 2-0 - BREAK! Dent storms to a 40-15 lead before Djokovic hits an impossible crosscourt return winner - did he mean it? Well, no - he holds his hand up as an apology. But he uses it to his advantage and hits a genuine crosscourt winner en route to a break point, and converts it for the first break of the match.

  18. 1-0 - Djokovic pressuring at the net, and produces perhaps his most convincing service game of the match thus far, holding to love.

  19. 7-6 - Djokovic holds the next with a plucky display after a weak serve, and on set point Dent crumbles, giving the Serb the set at 7-6 (7-5)

  20. - Dent double faults, really overhitting his second serve, and giving Djokovic the early advantage. The Serb concedes that advantage immediately as he finds the net. There's half a chance for Dent at 3-2 on the Djokovic serve, but he cannot quite lift his shot to the far corner into the space. 3-3 at the change of ends. But Djokovic wrests the advantage again at 5-3. Dent wins the next, but Djokovic needs only to hold his next two serves - but he can't! Dent's chip and charge pays off - 5-5...

  21. 6-6 - Beginning with an ace, Djokovic cruises to 40-0. He can force a tiebreak with a straightforward forehand volley, but he finds the net instead. It's a minor delay, however, and we have a tiebreak.

  22. 5-6 - Dent hits a serve recorded at 148mph en route to a 6-5 lead. Djokovic facing another service game to stay in the set.

  23. 5-5 - Good work from Djokovic, who bludgeons his way to a 40-0 lead. His forehand approach is picked off on the Dent backhand, then a volleyed winner and he is back to deuce. Djokovic regroups and closes the game.

  24. 4-5 - Dent moves to 30-15 with his fifth ace. Djokovic fights back to earn a break point at 30-40, which Dent saves. Two deuces later and Dent comes through a tricky spot to keep this set on serve.

  25. 4-4 - Djokovic slows right down (even by his standards) at 30-30, bracing himself for a crucial point. It pays off as he works Dent around the court for the advantage at 40-30, but soon after Dent smashes his way back to deuce, and then earns advantage. Djokovic holds firm and gets a game point of his own, which he makes count.

  26. 3-4 - For all Dent's pace he's already served four double faults, and this gives Djokovic a chink of light to attack at 15-30. An unreturnable serve later and things are level. Dent closes it out and restores his narrow lead.

  27. 3-3 - Dent blasts a backhand return straight past Djokovic to take the score to 15-15. Djokovic takes the game from there, finishing with a trademark drop shot from deep which Dent scrambles to return, leaving the court wide open.

  28. 2-3 - Did the speed gun really just read 147mph? Dent serving venomously - but Djokovic keeps himself in the frame and gets to deuce. Dent comes through for another hold.

  29. 2-2 - Dent holds Djokovic to 30-30 with a magnificent backhand volley acutely hit across the court. Djokovic has enough to close out the game, however.

  30. 1-2 - Dent blasts a service which seems to go straight through Djokovic's racquet. Djokovic digs his claws in and keeps it to 40-30, but another unreturnable Dent serve seals the game.

  31. 1-1 - And at the other end, the Serb gets underway with a hold of his own - few chances for either man returning.

  32. 0-1 - Dent serves first, and he begins with a straightforward hold.

  33. - - The pair have never faced one another on the tour before. Much will depend on how well the Dent serve is firing, and and whether Djokovic can raise his game from Monday's showing.

  34. - - Djokovic, you may remember, was taken all the way (and through most of the evening) by diminutive Belgian Olivier Rochus, but found a way through. He may find the big-serving American Taylor Dent a bigger challenge still. The world number 97 is always a livewire on grass, and arrives into this game on the back of a four set victory over Juan Ignacio Chela.

  35. - - Hello and welcome to Eurosport Yahoo!s coverage of Centre Court, where Novak Djokovic meets Taylor Dent in the second round.

Novak Djokovic

Nationality SRB
Date of Birth 22/05/1987
Height 1.88 m
Weight 78 kg

Taylor Dent

Nationality USA
Date of Birth 24/04/1981
Height 1.88 m
Weight 88 kg

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